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Full Name

Edon Merr


| HP: 9/9 | AC: 12 T: 12 F: 10 | CMB: -2 CMD: 10 | F: +2 R: +2 W: +2 | Init: +13 | Perc: +3 SM: +2


| Speed 30’ | Prescience: 5/7 | Spells: 1st 2+1/2+1 | Active conditions: None.

Spell Known:


Male CG Taldan Forsight Wizard 1

Strength 7
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 10
Charisma 7

About Edon Merr

Bot Me:

Edon Merr is a low level wizard so he will take a tactical position within the party that ensures that he isn't attacked. Then he will miss with his light crossbow of shame.

[poiler=All Knowledge]
[dice=Knowledge Arcana]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Knowledge Dungeoneering]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Knowledge Nature]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Knowledge Planes]1d20+8[/dice]


Edon Merr
Human diviner (foresight) 1
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +13; Senses Perception +3 (+1 when further than 10 feet from a fallen ally)
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 9 (1d6+3)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged light crossbow +2 (1d8/19-20)
Diviner Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +5)
1st: grease, mage armor, true strike
Cantrips: detect magic, mage hand, prestidigitation
Opposition Schools Evocation, Necromancy
Str 7, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 7
Base Atk +0; CMB -2; CMD 10
Feats Alertness, Ambuscading Spell, Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (transmutation)
Traits clever wordplay, extremely fashionable, reactionary
Acrobatics +2
Appraise +4
Bluff -2
Climb -2
Diplomacy +8
Disguise -2
Escape Artist +2
Fly +2
Heal +0
Intimidate -2
Knowledge (arcana) +8
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +8
Knowledge (nature) +8
Knowledge (planes) +8
Perception +3
Ride +2
Sense Motive +2
Spellcraft +8
Stealth +2
Survival +0
Swim -2
Languages Common, Draconic, Gnoll, Goblin, Orc
SQ arcane bond (Arcane Familiar, rhamphorhynchus), forewarned, overprotective, prescience (7/day)
Other Gear crossbow bolts (20), light crossbow, ioun torch ioun stone[APG], backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, ink, inkpen, mess kit[UE], pot, soap, spell component pouch, torch (10), trail rations (5), waterskin, wizard starting spellbook, wrist sheath, spring loaded, wrist sheath, spring loaded, 7 gp
Special Abilities
Ambuscading Spell Surprised foes that haven't acted take -2 penalty or half if they've acted to saves vs your spells.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Evocation You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Evocation school.
Familiar Bonus: +4 bonus on initiative checks You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
Foresight Associated School: Divination
Forewarned 1 (Su) Can always act in surprise rounds.
Necromancy You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Necromancy school.
Overprotective -2 to attacks and skill checks when further than 10 feet from a fallen ally.
Prescience (7/day) (Su) Roll a d20 at the beginning of the round, and use that result as the result of any other d20 roll before the next turn.
Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.
Spell Focus (Transmutation) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.