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This is a huge stab in the dark but if there are any RPG gamers in this isolated town let me know. Looking to get a pathfinder game off the ground. I'm open to any other game as well.

I have been running my homebrew of Morvia since 1987 and have run a huge amount of adventures, both published and homemade. With my current group I started off with a story that had a pretty clear goal, a well defined bad guy and some good adventures to act as stepping stones along the way, not unlike the APs. However the group decided to take an unforeseen left turn and the adventure has adopted a more sandbox feel, and I must admit, it has rejuvenated my desire to GM even more.

I have been scouring the internet for good encounter ideas, however wherever I go, all I find are simple lists of monster encounters arranged by CR and location type. However when I say I'm looking for encounter ideas, what I mean are short side treks or mini adventures that may involve a short dungeon crawl, or perhaps a request for help from a local NPC. Also, I don't want them to be within a specific CR range. Although my group is currently CR 6, I want a good collection of mini adventures that can be randomly rolled. It doesn't matter if the quest I roll is CR 1 or CR 20. It will be up to the PCs to decided if they want to pursue the adventure.

Does anyone know if such a database exists? If not, does anyone want to contribute to some ideas? Perhaps a short line or two? I'm not looking for any long term quests or multi-level adventures. It also doesn't have to be a monster encounter. Things as simple as a fallen tree in the road could suffice as well. Thanks

Hey CS,

During the Canadian postal strike you shipped out order 1707462 to me but I have yet to receive it. I checked with Canada Post and they informed me that they have worked through their backlog of mail that had accumulated during the strike. Wondering if you could check things out on your end and get back to me with a solution. That would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hey all,

Not sure where to post this question but here it goes. I will be running the new Pathfinder RPG at the Central Canada Comic Con in Winnipeg Manitoba this October 31-Nov 1 of this year and was wondering where I could get my hands on promotional items like cardboard cutouts, posters, or anything I could post at the table to promote the game as much as possible. I'm hoping that this post reaches Lisa Stevens. I would really appreciate the help.


Hey all,

I have been asked by the organizers of the Central Canada Comic Con to run an RPG game during the event. The Con is in Winnipeg Manitoba, and was wondering a couple of things...

1. Which adventure should I run?
2. Anyone on these boards who live in the area interested in attending?

I have run games at conventions before so I have alot of experience. The Con is in October.

Thanks for any help.

So as we all know we have our 5 senses. Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. The idea of a sixth sense is usually in the realm of the supernatural (esp, third eye...) however I offer the idea that we do have a sixth sense. Our sense of balance. Seeing that our senses provide us information about our environment, I believe that balance should be listed as the official sixth sense. Balance tells us our position in a three dimensional space. It can be cut off like any other sense resulting in vertigo. My question is am I on the right track with this idea? Could it be possible? Is there anyone qualified on these boards to answer this question?

I was just wondering, does anyone on this board have a website dedicated to their game world? If so, post your address in this thread, I would like to see what's out there. Mine is still in a rough format but a lot of information appears in it. I also just added an unmarked map to the site.

Mine is

So what's your favorite spell, or spell combination? I personally love Finger of Death because it's so cruel. One save and if you fail it....oh well!!

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Okay, I'm really getting into the background of my campaign world (things like customs, beliefs, superstitions, etc...) and one thing that has been in the back of my mind for some time is raising the dead. Religion is a big deal (as I'm sure it is in most campaign worlds) but what I'm trying to emulate is the power that the Catholic Church revelled in during the times like the crusades or the Spanish Inquisition.

I started to think that since this is a polytheistic world with many gods representing different spheres of influence, what would the feelings of all these beliefs have on raising the dead. I know that in game terms, one can cast a spell (Raise the Dead, Resurrection, True Resurrection, etc) and ask the departed soul to return to his/her former life, however, I wanted this to have more of an impact in the world besides the resurrected character being penalized 1 level. So I have listed possible consequences of raising a person back to life that I would like an opinion on. Do any make sense? Is it too restrictive? Does it effect the balance of gameplay or the rules? If you have any suggestions to add, please feel free.

1. A cleric can only raise a dead character if that character is of the same faith. Doing so otherwise, would cause the cleric to be stripped of their rank, lose their parish (or equivalent), and would no longer gain levels as a cleric. Also, they could no longer cast divine spells as a cleric.

2. A Character can be raised only by a Wish or Miracle Spell. All other spells that raise the dead do not exist.

3. Raising the dead requires an XP cost by the cleric. This would force the church to require a sizable payment to be made (either in a standard tithe or some other means such as land, an artifact).

4. The friends, families, companions, of the dead character are themselves sent to the plane of existence to seek out the character themselves and convince him/her to come back with them to the material plane.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Again, let me know what you think of each of these ideas, and if you have any to add, feel free.

Mr. James Jacobs,

I just wanted to thank you for this great adventure. I'm in the middle of running this one and it has been a great test of the characters in my group. I loved watching the blood drain from the player's faces when they realized they were up against a Death Slaad in the Trophy Room. Pandemonium ensued with cries of despair no less. Also, the location and set up was easily modified and dropped smoothly into Morvia, my campaign world, so much so that it now has me thinking of using that Slaad as an on-going villain.

Thanks again!!

PS. Has anyone else run this adventure? If you did how did you like it?