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I have two available that are 2nd level and the others jump to 5th or higher Since we already have a sorcerer, I can rebuild the second one as a healer type since we seem to be missing it. (was an unchained summoner but has not had any other adventures since he made 2nd level (in 2017))

When you said homebrew, I was thinking it was more along the lines of Gestalt, changes in skills from Pathfinder Unchained (section 2), changes to the races, things like that. Not a rewrite of the rules.

Looking over the rules for full casters and having a preference for generalist casters, I would be losing half of my schools (not sure how universalist fits in). Also, if you fail, do you lose the HP/Spell slot?

How does it work with divine casters? Do domain spells work all the time?

I would like to give it a shot. Maybe a Rogue follower of Milani (going for Rose Warden).

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I see that you are getting a Confirmation run going. If there is room, I have a Suli that has never gotten a chance to play after collecting the required boons.

Not sure if there is still room.

Option A
Player: Ed Birnbryer
Character: Ghukar
Faction: Dark Archive
PFS: 66136-17
Class: Alchemist (Grenadier) 9
Track: normal

Option B (More diplomatic)
Player: Ed Birnbryer
Character: Senator Lorian Therian, called the Peacemaker
Faction: Sovereign Court
PFS: 66136-13
Class: Vigilante (Avenger)-2/Bard (Arcane Duelist)-1, Cavalier-1, Ranger (Guildbreaker)-1, Battle herald -4.
Track: normal

Option C (Heavy hitter and has no problem playing up)
Player: Ed Birnbryer
Character: Khugron
Faction: Liberty's Edge
PFS: 66136-8
Class: Bloodrager-4, Brawler-2, Fighter (High Guardian)-1
Track: normal

Sending in my Vishkaya Swashbuckler (5)

I am partial towards High tier but have option for both.

Plenty of 1st levels
2nd: Kitsune Sorcerer (Razmiran Priest), Dhmphir Witch, 1 to rebuild
5th: Wayang Hunter w/Roc mount, Vishkaya Swashbuckler

Interesting pregen characters. The Ambitious looks like it will be a fun one to play, I will go with that one

One more to add to the list!

Many options in the 1-5 range.


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Got it. Thank you for the information. Panic mode OFF


Been a while since the changes with PFS2 and Covid have occurred. I am looking to get back into GMing but I notice that my little old 1 star is no longer there. I have a copy of my membership card with the star but the new one no longer shows it. Is it a system issue or did things get changed? Thanks

(it shows the 12 sessions that I have ran in the past)

I am very sorry to hear of Eric's passing. Please pass along our condolences to the family and local gaming community where he lived.

I have a few in the 5-9 range. Two are wrapping up games currently and should be available. Shaman 5, Alchemist 9, Bloodrager 4/Brawler 2, and a Battleherald 2

I can play a pregen as my only CORE characters that are not already in a game are 1st levels. (also depends on what you are looking to run)

I can change that. I was looking at taking a martial level before going into rogue.

Shi kept an eye on the group, not making any hostile motions.

Still open? I have a few in the 5-9 range.

The only down side with my casting cleric spells is that it takes a while so it is better doing those out of combat (1 full round per spell level).

As other options,I have
Shi no kage (Wayang Hunter 4, flying Archer (Roc AC), Exchange)
Khugron (Nagaji Bloodrager 2, Brawler 1, Liberty's Edge)
Tinker Boneshaker (Kitsune Investigator 3, Dark Archive)

I figured to get into the adventure as so far this is the only one I have seen (without digging through 9 seasons) set in Rasmirian. It could be that there are factions in the faith and I am looking to wreck the plans of a rival.

Tossing my hat in the ring.
1. Ed Birnbryer
2. No
3. The character I would like to play in the adventure is a Kitsune Sorcerer with the Rasmirian priest archetype from Inner Sea Magic.
4. Menjiago uses his ability to change his appearance in order to gather information or to act as a double for those that can not be at two places at once. An actor, he serves the Sovereign Court in the field.
5. I try to post but work can sometimes disrupt those plans since I do not have access to the site from work.
6. No
7. Yes, that is fine.
8. Yes

I have plenty of options in the 1-5 range.