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Actually, some kind of official help on the subject of how to calculate the price on this would be extremely helpful :-) ::crosses fingers::

Christopher Vrysen wrote:

Actually, saw in another thread, official word that Shield Master only adds the base shield bonus (+1 or +2) to attack and damage, not the enhanced (+7), unless that was all weapon enchant on your MW / +5 shield.

So if I understand, if that was a +1 bashing / +3 heavy shield, it would have: +3 shield bonus to AC not counting any focus feats, and +3 weapon enhancement bonus (the +1 from bashing wouldn't stack), with an extra non-magic +2 to atk and damage from Shield Master, doing 1d8 base damage.

If it was a +3 spiked +1 bashing shield then the argument is whether that would be 2d6 or still just 1d8 base damage. I know that spells that increase size don't stack, but don't see anything that says effects that increase weapon damage as if size were increased stack or not.

And I just can't keep from flip-flopping on whether it would cost 4k+18k=22k or 6k+18k=24k. The simplest reading I guess would be 22k, since that doesn't require flipping over to the more detailed item creation rules, but I don't know if requiring to be enchanted separately is an official exception to the otherwise clear penalty on multiple enchants on the same item.

How does magically enhancing your shield for defense enhancements & weapon enhancements work?

1. Would it be two seperate chains of enchantment i.e.

+2 (Defense Enhancement)4,000
+2 (Weapon Enhancement) 8,000
= 12,000

2. or a cumulative enhancment i.e.

+2 (Defense Enhancement) 4,000
+2 (Weapon Enhancement) +24,000 (the difference between +2 and +4)
= 28,000

My DM ruled #2 because it made the most sense to him, but also because the rules don't really cover this, but rather simply mention that you "can" enchant it as a weapon (pg 152 & pg 462). It doesn't actually describe how it works.

Was this ever resolved? I have similiar questions...

Rusty Ironpants wrote:
neceros wrote:
Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Neat, and well-balanced. I am impressed.

I'm sorry, balanced? I don't think having a shield and a weapon should do more damage than having two weapons. But that's just me.

These feats need some heavy re-balancing.

I don't think it is the feats. I think it is the bashing special ability. I think it should be clarified if it stacks with shield spikes and if it does it should be reduced to a one size catagory increase. Without the bashing ability you are only doing a max of 1d6 (medium, hvy spiked shield) damage with a shield bash.

Since Lunge allows you to "increase the reach of your melee attacks by 5 feet" does this mean you can use a Longsword to attack two squares diagnally? Since attacking one diagnal is 5ft and the second diagnal is 5ft from that square. How would this work?

Is there any "official" errata dated since 8/13/09? The only errata I can find is from that date and only contains a couple of pages of minor changes. I was hoping for something that had more rewording of some areas that have sparked controversy.


Maybe James or someone else of Authority can answer this: Would a Paladin's Special Mount gain the Advanced Creature Template? Under Paladin it states that "This mount is usually a heavy horse." It foes on to say that it functions as a Druid animal companion (which has different horse stats than the horse stats in the bestiary for some reason), but does not seem to account for it being a heavy horse. Any offical word on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.


Bestiary Preview, pg. 19 wrote:
Heavy Horse: A heavy horse gains the advanced simple template.


Bestiary Preview, pg. 2 wrote:

Advanced Creature (CR +1)

Creatures with the advanced template are fiercer and more powerful than their ordinary cousins.
Quick Rules: +2 on all rolls (including damage rolls) and special ability DCs; +4 to AC and CMD; +2 hp/HD.
Rebuild Rules: AC increase natural armor by +2; Ability Scores +4 to all ability scores.
The rebuild rules mean that Heavy Horses have Int 6. I don't want my horse to be smarter than my character.

This is a good point; it's probably a good idea to not increase the horse's Intelligence score to 6. But even if you do, the horse doesn't suddenly get the ability to speak or understand languages; he'd need to take ranks in Linguistics to do that, and even then would lack the ability to speak.

In any case, I'll speak with Jason about making sure this bit of clarification gets added to the FAQ or whatever we end up doing for the Bestiary. Of course, if you just use the quick rules for the advanced template (which is the whole point of the advanced template, to make it easy to use), this isn't a problem anyway.

This is interesting though. So if a PC is at -4 and bleeding out and the wizard rushes over and hits them with false life for 13, they'd now be up and fighting with 9 HP but still bleeding 1/rd until "cured"?

I would say it would work similiar to a ring of jumping or the jump spell that only adds the bonus to acrobatics checks while jumping.


So, under Paladin it says they can get a mount "usually a heavy horse". And it states that it "functions as a druid's animal companion" Looking at the bestiary preview the "heavy horse" has very different stats than the "horse" under the druid animal companion sample animals. My question is: Does the paladin simply use the basic "horse" stats under the druid sample animal companions and build from there using table 3-8 or would they get to use the "heavy horse" stats from the bestiary and add the bonuses from table 3-8 on pg 52 as they advance in level?