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That is amazing Tom! I still have a long time before my group gets to this so I'm taking my time to build. Just got the Proxxon a couple of weeks ago and I've been playing around with that and having a lot of fun. I have a different group playing Skull & Shackles and I wanted to have some ship minis for the ship to ship battles. Was going to have someone 3D print them, but decided to play around with foam core to see if I could make my own. So I've been making a bunch of ships for now. Really want to work on the Eye of Avarice, but I'm worried I'll have it all built and need to store it somewhere for 6 months before my group gets to that point.

That's funny that I just randomly came back to this thread tonight to see two different people talking about building the final battle structure out of foam. As I said I use a TV for maps, but just decided this week after watching some Black Magic Craft videos to build the Eye of Avarice. I've never done anything like that before so I got some materials to practice different techniques and such. Going to get a Proxxon and some large sheets of XPS soon from Home Depot to start building this. My group will probably finish up chapter 3 in a couple of sessions so I have a long time to work on it, and make several mistakes I'm sure. Would love to see more pics as you guys progress with it more.

Kazzy wrote:

Also, there are some beautiful maps for the encounters but how would I print them out to the right size for battle maps?

something like this for example

How do people run their encounters?

I lay a 32" TV down on the table with a piece of plexiglass on it and use Power Point from my laptop for all the maps. I add various shapes to the slides for fog of war and I can hide those shapes as my players progress. It's also nice since I'm hooked up to the TV with an HDMI cable I can play Spotify and/or Syrinscape and it comes out of the TV speakers. Sometimes getting the size of the map just right for on the TV is tricky. I get it close when I'm just working on the maps at my desk and then next time I have the TV out I mess with the image size until the squares are one inch. For maps like the one you linked since there is no grid on it I import them into a program I got off Steam called Dungeon Painter Studio which inserts the grid automatically.