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Kara Kramer-Rapp wrote:
Where are you guys located? Here in Sacramento we have a pretty decent group.

Boston North.

I'm a little disappointed. I found a meetup .com group close to my home that plays Pathfinder at a local game shop. However, when I contacted them, they told me that no one plays Pathfinder anymore and they have like 12 people that show up every week to play D&D.

So, is it like that everywhere? No one plays Pathfinder but they do play D&D? I already bought the rule book and the bestiary, and 2 sets of dice for me and my wife. We're looking for groups who want to play with ne players. But now, I just wonder if I'm wasting our time.

Would people rather play D&D than Pathfinder?

I have always wanted to play D&D, but I have never known anyone who was interested in playing. Pathfinder sounds like a game I would love to play, and I am really very interested, but still I know no one who is interested in playing. I was wondering if Pathfinder could be played effectively remotely using skype or teamspeak or other such voice communication. I have never played any tabletop RPG before so I really don't know how it would work. If this is a viable way to play a Tabletop RPG, I think I could find people to play who live very far away - plus there's the whole security factor with meeting strangers. Has anyone ever tried it? Is there anything about the game that would require players (and GM) to be physically in a room together?

I just want to add, when I say 2 players, I mean 2 players total. There's just me and my wife, no "GM" (is that like a "DM" in D&D?)

Hi, extreme newbie here. I'm doing some research into Pathfinder. I'd love to play it, but I don't know anyone who likes these kinds of games. The Beginner Box says for 2 players, but I don't want that, I want the core rule book and the bestiary 1 book. Can this game be played by only 2 players if I don't get the beginner box?