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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... been waiting for this one.

I placed this order on November 15 and it seems there has been no movement on it in that time. Could you please give me some idea on when I can expect it to be shipped? Thank you for you efforts.

Apologies if this has already been asked, but I can't find the specific thread for it:

The bloodrager gets a bloodline power at 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th, for a total of six.

Yet, under each sorcery bloodline, there are only five bloodline powers listed. Did I miss something, or is there a discrepancy there?

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Interesting article about whether the flail actually existed

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In one of my gaming groups, a discussion about wands has repeatedly led to disagreement, and I'd like to get some more eyes on the subject to at least help me get it straight for my own piece of mind, because it seems that I'm not going to change any minds in the group.

RAW states that wands require a minimum spellcaster level of 5 to create them, but you also must be high enough in level to cast the spell into the wand. Now based upon this, I would think that, typically, you would find no magic wand with a caster level of less than 5. This idea is being disputed.

RAW also states that a wand creator can create a wand at a caster level less than what creator actually is, but why would you want to? It was suggested to me that this reduces cost of creation, but I could find nothing in CRB that specifically told me that.

So for example, a wand of cure light wounds is found. Said wand should cure no less than 1d8+5, based on what I've just outlined, since the creator of the wand had to be at least 5th level.

Am I missing something here?

The title speaks for itself. I can find reference to it in monster advancement, but is there a standard that I am missing?

In other words, and for example, how many hit dice would I add to a mimic (which starts at 7d8 and Medium size) before said mimic advances to being of Large size?

Would I add the same number of hit dice again to advance it from Large size to Huge size?

Is this left entirely to GM discretion?

I am so looking forward to reading the piece on Aroden. I'm hoping that Erik afforded us many interesting and surprising insights.

So, I'm reading the Giantslayer AP, and I had a thought: When giants are defeated and potions are found amongst the treasure, and these potions were manufactured by the giants, are these "giant potions"? Do they have multiple doses? Depending upon the size of the giant and the dose, do you have to carry it around in a barrel instead of a flask? Am I being too literal or trying too hard to apply reality to this concept?

I had sent a package of minis to be evaluated for store credit which arrived at Paizo about three weeks ago (01/26). If someone could track it down and get the process moving, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much.

After all of the neat things that they've managed to come up with over the years for Star Wars, Marvel and DC superheroes, and Lord of the Rings, I can't wait to see what they come up with for this!

Relevant news link.

Halloo there,

I'm looking to sell some minis for store credit. I've sent an email to buyer@paizo.com a little over a month ago and haven't heard anything back. I have no doubt that you guys are busy this time of year, but if somebody could check in on the "buyer" emails it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

If a lich casts a touch spell, does the lich's normal touch attack damage apply on top of the effect of the touch spell upon a successful hit? Or does the damage only apply if the lich is making a touch attack alone?

I don't want to give the lich unfair advantage, but I don't want to limit its capabilities either.

I'm intrigued, and my birthday's coming up. Oh wifey...

On February 18th, I shipped a package via USPS carrying minis that I intended to exchange for store credit. The package was received on February 20th, according to tracking. I have yet to receive notice that the package was received or that I have received store credit for the contents. Some help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.