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Full Name

Doctor Devon McBride


Literacy 16, Medicine 6 Orienteering 6 Surveying/Mapmaking 18 Veterinarian 13 Rifle 2


Male Scot | STR 16 COO 18 OBS 17 STA 6 LUC 10 | Linguistics 8 (Spanish, French, Chinese, Latin),

About Doctor Devon McBride

Strength 16
Coordination 18
Observation 17
Stature 6
Luck 10

Skills (6)
Linguistics - 8 Spanish, French, Chinese, Latin
Literacy - 16
Medicine - 7
Orienteering - 6
Surveying/Mapmaking - 18
Veterinarian - 13
Rifle - 2

Good hat $5
Shirt (2) $4
Vest $1
Trousers (2) $4
Boots $10
Black Bag 25

Deringer, double barrel $15
Lever Action Rifle (15 shot) $50 (Henry)
500 rounds $10
Rifle Sheath $4

Spent: $128
Coin: $22

Devon worked as a surveyor for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1854 at the age of 14. At night he taught himself veterinary skills from books that he picked up here and there. In 1857 he attended Escuela Nacional de Agricultura y Veterinaria where he earned a veterinary degree. In the fall of 1859 he returned to the B&O but now in charge of their horse teams on the westward expansion. With the outbreak of the civil war, Devon was pressed into service for the Union to manage the horses of one of the field hospitals.
Late in the war he often found himself working in the field hospitals doing amputations. After the war he went to University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and acquired a basic certificate as a medical doctor, mostly in light of his veterinary experience along with several respected recommendations from surgeons in the field hospital.

Having heard of the many opportunities out West, Devon outfitted himself with a new Henry Rifle and his black bag.

20171010 - 170 earned, -100 medicine to 7.