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In my case both those encounters did end up involving the entire party. With the boar hunt, they all went along (and had a brief-driveby with the Sandpoint Devil on the way). And the role play with the "target" PC and Aldern was entertaining for all. With the Shopkeeper's daughter, the target PC went off on his own and the next thing the party knew, he didn't come back (he was knocked out and dumped in the alley behind the basement). They found the other daughter running the shop and tried to intimidate her (she ran out the back door) which didn't help matters. In the end, it all ended up in the Sheriff's office and the shopkeeper settled down a bit once the cathedral cleric cast a zone of truth on Shaylist and she admitted she had set the PC up. Lots of fun for everybody.

W/re to scaling, we have a party of 6 too. I've been just running the AP as written in most cases, but when granting XP I divide it by 4 and hand out a 4th to each character so that advancement progresses as expected. In some combats I increase the HP on the bosses and add a couple of extra "adds" to the fights to keep things challenging. It's worked out OK most of the time. Although often the fights I think are going to be too hard end up being a cakewalk, and the ones I thought were easy end up being really challenging. I guess as long as you have a little of both, you're good.

None yet. I'm planning for a few weeks out. We've had to cancel a couple of weeks so it will be a bit longer.

My group is still dealing with the Sevens' Sawmill and Justice Ironbriar.

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Wow! Fun is right! I want you to be my game master. :-)

Lots of great ideas here. I really appreciate everyone's help!

I would think a charm would work since the charmed character would just get up in the middle of the night and go out to meet the dwarves in the street? I suppose the party might hear her leave her room, but might not think anything of it if she has to go to the privy. Would the others be able to spot that she was charmed if the dwarves charm her while she's drinking with them (she is a dwarf and the others are not so it might seem reasonable for her to be drinking with them alone)? Or am I missing something?

I'm generally inclined to agree with Dave Justus and I usually don't do this kind of thing. However, in this case the player character will be temporarily an NPC (with me and the player sharing the GMing role). So, as long as I don't mess with the rest of the party, I don't see a problem. That's why I'm now thinking having the dwarves charm her (and predetermine her saving throw since her player is in cahoots with me on it) or put something in her drink would work. Then it's up to the party whether they notice anything is amiss or make preparations that would change the outcome, etc.


I suppose I could just have the dwarves charm her (since I can basically cheat on her saving throw). Then she might just leave with them on her own without a ruckus. Is there a way a non-spell caster can charm? A magic item perhaps?

I'm setting up a scenario (in cooperation with one of my players) to kidnap her character - probably overnight while the others are sleeping at an inn or when they are camping out and it is her turn to stand watch. Four dwarven fighters will recognize her at an inn and follow the party because they want to kidnap her to take her back for a bounty that is on her head.

They need to be able to quietly disable her and tie her up and cart her off, all without waking the rest of the party. I thought about giving them some kind of magic item to do this, but I'm kind of stumped on what that would be. If even so much as one party member hears or sees them, the whole thing will fall apart.

My plan is for them to take her but have the party wake up and follow their tracks and overtake them (they have the means to do that since the dwarves will be on foot). Then have a big fight and rescue her, interrogate any survivors of the dwarves and learn her backstory, etc.

I'm not sure how to do this convincingly. I'm willing to fudge saves and such to make this happen (and the player is as well) but I want what happens to be believable. They party is level 6. I'm open to suggestions/ideas!


Have you thought about laying a good sized monitor or flat screen TV on it's back on the table and using Roll20 or a paint program to display the map? Then you can put the figures on the glass of the screen. You can get the Rise of the Runelords maps without annotations from Paizo as PDFs.

What do I do in the unlikely situation where there has already been an opposed acrobatics vs CMD check for a given monster to avoid an AoO, but now the player is tumbling into his square? I presume I have to remember his roll and compare it to CMD+5? or make the player reroll for moving into the enemy's square at the higher DC? or ? I kinda like the first option best myself.