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Trying to find out what Animal Companions from Ultimate Wilderness is legal for society play



any other offers for races


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(I will trade both for one if need be! Just PM me!)

I have Grippli for the Aasimar


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have: vishkanya

want: best offer, would like a dhampir, but will look at other offers.

I have a Grippli

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Since Charm Person only makes some act as if you were good friends, I would not say it is an Evil act. Most people don't sleep with their friends, so charming them wouldn't be enough to make someone who wasn't already interested in you go to bed with you.

Dominate Person/Monster, on the other hand, would be rape, and Evil.

As far as Ive ever know with the spell Charm Person or other type of compulsion magic. You can not make the person commit an act that he or she would not do or if you do they are entittled to another saving throw with a modification depending on the act being forced apon them.

Ive been playing with the same D&D group for over 30 years now and have been though every edition of the game since the box sets. Pathfinder is a great game with alot of pretential for a campaine setting but my problem is my players.
Over the years they have gotten into the habbit of playing powerful charcters with high stats and lots of magic, not to mention the mosterous races and they are use to playing with lots of the older game rules. I would like to start a game based in the Pathfinder world or at least a world of my own ussing thier rules set, but my plaers will excpect to be able to roll up the mass stats and play races like minotaurs at lv 1.
How can I have them set up characters at lv 1 with maybe a 20 or 25 pnt stat block with normal game races and lower magic game with out loosing thier intrest and make it fun for all?

Ratfolk who come out at night from below to loot/rob/scavange

children who steel from a party member and if the party catches them after a good chase scene. Can lead into a party quest.

A corrupt politian hires the party and later finds out they was used.

Ive played SW since it was a d6 system and always enjoyed it as both a DM and a player. The Star Wars Saga game is exellent even though its no longer being published at the moment and may not. There are still plenty of books to run and play a good game.

My Battle Herald went Bard/1, Cavalier/4, Battle Herald/10 and after 15 I continued with Cavalier class. It makes a great Tank/Buffer and the bonuse of +5 and the other abilities I give the party is truely awesome. Id go Human for the extra feat and skills you gain to help you build.

That what I thought too and one of my players pointed it out to me, so I wanted to be sure that it is still the way it is done. Thnx

Under the old write up of Command spell it stated the person you had to effect must understand you. Now the spell does not specify wheather or not you need to understand the person casting the spell or is this a auto ability in the spell not mentioned?

If it goes beyond this

I found that pic while going though a group of pics under Halfling Females pics

The Halfling Guardian first appeared in a Dragon Magazine years ago and later appeared as a 5 level prestige class. I re-wrote it as a 20 level class.
They are the law and protectors of Halfling society with the ability to keep protected by combat, detect and warn of dangers, and even some spells 1st thu 4th levels (Including some spells only for this class). It would make for a good all around class for anyone who wishes to play one and have fun like i have in the past

That the pic and I will read thought that template it might work well for what I need. @ mplindustries look at the pic its not attacking her its more a pet of some kind \

how do i add a pic to this?

Wow that goes back Dwaves as a class. That back when I started playing D&D. Yah they was back in the day along with the other basic classes.

Just got on these messagebords

I found a pic of a female Halfling with some sort of snake made of shadow wraped around her. I found the picture interesting but have no ideal how to do the familiar. Also was wondering what kind of Mage or Witch she might be. Any suggestions?

I wanted to make a Halfling charater based on the old class Halfling Guardian but was not happy with the Orical (Gaurdian) listed in the Ulitmate Races book. The old Halfling Gaurdian was kinda a combination of the Ranger and Paladin classes with unique spells and abilities. What if i used the Order of the paw and Paladin classe using some of the of the old spells they got for the old class in combination. Any thoughts?

Ok thier use to be an ability either though a shape change ability or feat that use to allow you to have that shape change ability in 3.5. It wasent important just wondered if they kept that any place in rules

@Elias, besides magicial gear you can also use Permancy on your animal companion.

@john Templeton, that true the use of magical spell with permacy is possible to use, but doeset that get rather expensive?

How would one create a Druid with a Draconic shape change ability?