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I'm a bit of a completist when I really get into something, so I started off with Valeros, Merisiel, Ezra, and Kyra. I played through a few adventure paths, got the character add on and decided to start up Sajan and Lini. Now I play each scenario twice in two groups of 3 characters. After each scenario is won my character "meet" with the other characters and swap boons. I plan on playing through the whole game this way, then go back and play through it again with the 5 remaining characters I didn't use.

I feel like this is a really fun way to play as it adds the dynamic of choosing different parties each time you play a scenario. Sometimes the mix works well and sometimes it's more difficult.

Thanks for the heads up, guys! I think I'll try returning this set to the lgs and order straight from the website. It would be nice to sleeve them, but that's a lot of sleeves to go through and they wouldn't fit in the box anyways.


The link above is a couple of photos I took of the 4th adventure path (Fortress of the Stone Giants) for Rise of the Runelords. I bought the expansion today at my lgs. Straight from the start I noticed that the package was different; opening up from the top of the box instead of from the side.

When I mixed the cards together with the rest of the box I noticed a VERY distinctive change in color. The 4th set is much darker. I didn't think that was too huge of a deal as some of the other expansions had some slight color change from the box set cards. It hasn't affected too much of my game play as some of the darker colors were from the character add-on expansion, which has a bit of duplicates to the box set and I was able to trick my mind enough to not know what set the card might be from when I encountered them.

Then I realized that the cards are noticeably taller than all the other cards. It's become impossible for me to not notice when a new card is being placed into a location. It's also very difficult to shuffle now, since my hands slip through all the old cards to reach the taller new ones.

I'm wondering if I purchased a different edition since the package opens up differently. Either way, if that's the case, then there's no way that I could have known ahead of time that the cards would not match.

Is there something I can do about this? I'm pretty new to this game but have become absolutely addicted to it. I really love the mechanics and who doesn't love chucking a bunch of dice?! This new development gnaws at me, though. If I can easily predict that the next encounter will be harder than the other cards it kind of takes some of the random magic out of the game.

I hope you folks can help me so I can get back to beating up monsters and acquiring those oh-so-precious boons.

I'm on RotR adventure 3 right now. I'm obviously way behind in terms of what's out there, but I think there is PLENTY of game play for me. I'm playing 6 characters solo, doing each scenario mixing and matching my characters in 3 person teams. After playingeach scenario twice with different characters I have the opportunity to trade among all 6 characters. I feel like I'm getting the maximum amount of play for this game.

So after considering all that I still have five other characters that I have not played with. One box gives me such a plethora of replay value that I don't think I would want any of my characters transferring to the next box set. And that's before you consider the multiple different roles you can choose. Then there's these class decks that I haven't even looked into yet. I almost feel like it will be quite a long time until I get around to S&S and WotR.

I know I'm about a year late to the thread, but I just wanted to clarify some things. I was not aware that cure could be played at any time, even on another players turn, unless you are in the middle of an encounter.

Does this rule apply even after the reset step? So could I reset, draw a cure, and then use it immediately?

If so then that changes a lot of things drastically for me. It means that characters will stay fresh more often, I can use cure before I move, and I can cure during someone else's turn, healing any cards that may have been discarded to a recent encounter.

Am I correct in my understanding?

Are you supposed to take damage when you fail an encounter with Iesha Foxglove? I feel like you should since it's a monster, but the check is not combat based. The siren monster says what happens if you can't defeat her, but Iesha has no such text. I've been playing it as though a failed check just meant she was banished and I did not get the bonus of searching for The Skinsaw Man.