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I'd like to cancel both of my subscriptions.

I look forward to getting started.

I'm working on a bard, that I will post tomorrow afternoon.

Just got a 'backtracking to far' error when I went to preview the profile, so I have to redo the entire character from scratch.

I plan on going down the college of lore path.

I'm interested have wait till I get home tonight.

Aeosianna, are you still accepting players or is your party full?

Sounds like fun.

Vinsomner wrote:
CampinCarl9127 wrote:
It looks like you've accepted some applicants but there are still slots open. I love a good homebrew game and would like to submit a Barbarian (Wild Rager) to help bolster your front line. With that crazy archetype I'm sure I'll cook up a good backstory. I will be back today with a character!
I await your application!

Are you still accepting applications? Game looks interesting.

Iron Gods or Giantslayer.

I'm thinking about trying to run an ap, but not sure how exactly to be best prepared to for it.

I've read on here to try and read through the current volume 2 - 3 times (and the whole series at least once if possible), but aside from that I fear that I would still have to constantly stop and read the next little blurp of text, look up roll results, the details for npcs, and check results.

How do you handle all that information while keeping the session rolling? Any tips or techniques?

I've thought of putting some of the important information in something like MS OneNote, but even with that I'm not sure what to include and leave out.

I don't have Photoshop on any of my computers, but this Blow Up plugin from Alien Skin Software looks like it might at least be worth looking into. It would be cool if somebody could try it out using the free trial, and post the results.

If Paizo doesn't have any high-resolution maps, something like this is probably the best we could hope for. Not sure if GIMP would have any equivalent plugin or results.

I'm not well versed in editing images, I'm not sure if their comparison images are intentionally leaving out a step like softening the image or something compared to their product's results, so please excuse my ignorance if this point is mute.

harmor wrote:

That's an amazing build. But that's not what we're looking for. The cabinet is very large and we don't really want a touch surface.

We looked at projector builds and they seem to all require the lights to be turned off or dimmed.

We're looking for a semi-portable version of a flat mat. Something that we can hang on a wall after its done (even if it takes two people). And something that we can move to another venue (e.g. our main GM is out of down so we decide to do a pickup game elsewhere).

Every projector build that I've seen (maybe I'm not looking in the right place), is still very expensive (projector + bulbs that cost an arm/leg).

Have you thought about using a Wiimote to help create a white-board? Maybe, try using that combined with Maptools?

That is something I would like to try looking into myself.

Ice_Deep wrote:

There has been a Android Tablet with the NVidia Tegra 2 (Dual Core) processor for about 4 months and about 1/2 the price of most Ipads.

400 bucks, just search for Viewsonic G tab, there at Sears, and can be ordered from Amazon at a discount.

I own one and it's a great piece of hardware, and once it gets Android Honeycomb it will be about equal to the Xoom for 1/2 the price, and NO CONTRACT! :)

I don't do contracts on phones, why would I do them on a tablet?

You will hear the following negatives:

1. The Screen : While it's not as good as a Ipad's screen, it works well and to quote my friend upon seeing my tablet and telling him a lot of people said the screen was the worst part "I don't see what people are complaining about".

2. The Software (added on by Viewsonic) : While this is rather annoying when you first purchase the tablet because the released software add-on to the top of android sucks, looks like a childs toy and slowed down the tablet. But Viewsonic listening to there customers updated the software and allowed users to go to a more standard android look. Also there is custom roms (very standard for phones/tablets/etc, and I have been putting custom roms on my phones/tablets for good part of a decade) which make the tablet a man among boys when it comes to ANY tablet out right now for android.

So anyone looking for a tablet right now that works great for PDF's, surfing the web off WIFI (pfsrd!) and with a good power/price ratio should check it out.

This is atleast 1/3rd the price of the Xoom, and shares 80% or more of the same hardware (meaning updates will be easy at least for custom roms), doesn't need a contract or cellphone service and unlike the Xoom comes easily "unlockable" which is the same as "jailbreaking". The Xoom will be locked and will be hard to "break" for months most likely as Motorola has all ready said they don't care if customers want a open product, they will keep locking theirs down.

edit: Forgot to add the viewsonic has a USB port which lets you plug...

Could you please post a video of your G-Tablet going through the Core Rulebook or similarly graphic intensive pdf?

Are the pages viewable, without having to zoom in on each individual page?

How well does the G-Tablet perform under game session like circumstances? I.E. scanning for specific passages, or as a reference document?

What about when you have multiple books open, like say the Core, APG, Bestiary, and AP?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.