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No AoO's through the bars. I'll allow people to stick an arm through to try and do something (or tail), but the bars are effectively a type of soft cover (+4 AC, no change to saves).

I'm wondering why nobody else tried anything though. Even if you don't want to get into melee with the doctor, the guy on the table is close to escaping from his bonds. Etc, etc.

Andulian attempts to grab the keys from the doctor, but the shifting creature's thrashing and rolling prevents the paladin from successfully getting the keyring.

Nobody else?

As the half-mad dwarf approaches, Zavier leaps forward and gets her into a restraining hold. The stench is nearly enough to overwhelm everyone within 20 feet of her, and it's clear she has not bothered to provide even the most basic care for herself.

She begin screaming maniacally, spitting and cursing at Katrezra, cursing all orc-kind to the Abyss for crimes against her family.

Despite her best efforts, she is unable to break free of Zavier's grapple.

She has a hand axe sheathed against the small of her back, and a small pouch. Since she is grappled, these items may be taken from her and examined if desired.


1d20 ⇒ 3
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 15

The dwarf spins around, searching for the noise. She rises, but crouches, and kind of shuffles towards you carrying a silver war axe. Her hair is matted and tangled, and her clothes are filthy. It also appears that she has not bathed in at least a week, possibly longer.

In a hoarse voice, she calls out while gesturing with the axe, "Umlo?! Is that you? Is that you, Umlo? Who are these people with you? Did you come find me? Where's the witch? Come out, Umlo, let me see you!!"

Sense Motive DC 15:
The dwarf is definitely suffering from some kind of mental impairment.

Sense Motive DC 25:
Whatever is affecting her is definitely magical in nature, this is not a natural affliction.

Petr: Mage hand was a good idea, just didn't work in this case. Points for trying something.

And thanks for reminder about occult spells. First time actually running them, so please keep me in line if I mess anything up! :)

Darin: I think what you attempted was fine. The doctor failed, which caused him (it?) to fail his check to tighten the restraint, which allowed the attack, etc..

Okay, a couple of things are going to happen...

The doctor begins adjusting a strap on the man's leg as Davin's spell erupts out of the cell. The doctor spins around, anger clear on his shifting face. He bunches his fist together and screams, "I'll teach you to be quiet.."

As he yells, the man on the table takes advantage of the doctor's distraction and pulls his leg free of the restraint. Summoning some last reserve of strength, he kicks out at the doctor, sending the torturer stumbling toward your cell. The doctor hits the cell bars and tumbles to the ground.

As the doctor hits the ground, his whole body changes and shifts, revealing a gray-skinned humanoid creature with thin limbs and large black eyes. He raises his head and shrieks at the man on the table, momentarily forgetting all about you...

Now that you see the creature's true form, you know it is a doppleganger.

The "doctor" is prone adjacent to the bars of your cell. Let me know what you want to do, but please limit yourself to no more than a full action.

GM Stuff:

1d20 ⇒ 11
1d20 ⇒ 7
1d20 ⇒ 4
1d20 ⇒ 7

In general, when a character gets a spoiler, unless he explicitly tells /shows/informs the other PCs, they do not get it.

In this case, I would have lowered the DC by 5 for others to attempt the Perception check since Andulian pointed something out, but was not specific. (I would also allow characters another chance if they had already tried and failed the check).

All good questions. And if needed, please use "[ooc]" in the IC thread to help explain actions, intent, etc.

As Petr's voice rises in casting his spell, the doctor slowly turns toward you. In a voice that could scrape paint off a fence, he says, "Peace, friends. You will have your turn soon enough."

Petr's spell finishes, and the keyring lifts slightly revealing the leather fob holding them in place. The keyring gently lowers back down in place as the spell fails to retrieve them.

The doctor pokes and prods the man on the table, muttering to himself as he reaches forward gingerly with a jagged piece of twisted metal about six inches long. Right as he touches the man with the metal, the doctor jerks it back shaking his head. This continues a few times until Darin's stern voice echoes off the stones.

The doctor spins faster this time and takes a step toward the cell. "I said be at peace! Are you all imbeciles, or do you want my first blessing to be the removal of your tongues?! Now be quiet!" He turns back toward the table and continues his "examination" of the man.

All of you notice that while he was agitated, his face began to ripple and waver, almost as if it was made of liquid.

Knowledge (local) DC 15:
This doctor appears to be some kind of shapechanger!

Unfortunately, the keyring is not "unattended" for the mage hand spell. Good idea though!

The doctor does not notice Andulian's gestures. In fact, it appears as if the doctor is completely unaware of your presence.

The doctor is not close enough at present. If he comes closer, you could certainly attempt it (with a stealth check).

Please put speech in bold. That's pretty much it. :)

Aklo is fine to know now.

Your eyes open, and you are no longer in the Asylum. You are now outside under a blood red sky, standing in the narrow space between to buildings that both seem to lean toward each other high overhead. Others are with you, but time does not permit introductions

All around is a wall of sickly yellow fog, tumbling through the alley’s canyon of crumbling, gray brick walls like some jaundiced flash flood. Ahead, the unfamiliar alley splits, curving to the left and right. Behind, from the silent swell of mist, emanates the sound of footsteps—slow, but somehow keeping pace with the careening, hungry wave. As one, you all turn and run, sprinting as fast as you can away from the mist and whatever dwells inside. As you run, the first wispy tendrils of yellow mist begin appearing beside you.

The alley walls sag, battered brick slumping over the path, nearly blotting out the bruised twilight sky. Again the grimy cobblestone path splits. This time one route curves uphill, while the other recklessly descends. Behind, the yellow fog and the relentless sound of pursuit grow closer. Choosing the higher ground, the four of you press onward, struggling against your screaming muscles. But still the mist gets closer, rolling along the broken cobblestones.

The wall of mist parts, now mere steps behind. A mask of gray rags emerges, strips of something fleshier than fabric worming and constricting across a body that’s almost humanlike — but too lean, and far too flexible. Gauzy gray ribbons reach out like tendrils, each grasping for less doubtful flesh to claim.

Despite your best efforts, the tendrils lash about and grab each of you. More and more appear from the mist, stretching your bodies out with arms and legs held wide apart. The emotionless mask of gray rags watches impassively as the tendrils holding you begin constricting and pulling - literally tearing you apart.

As the pain begins to become unbearable, pops and cracks echo along the alleyway as bones and joints are destroyed. Muffled screams echo along the cracked brick, broken only by the sound of grossnwet slurping from somewhere nearby.

Somewhere, from beyond the mist, a single voice calls out, "Wake up! Wake up, damn you!"

With that, the pain instantly vanishes, and you open your eyes again. Groggy and unsteady, you glance around - this time, you find yourself in the familiar surroundings of the asylum. Or to be more precise, inside a cell, inside the asylum. There are four people here, all of whom you recognize from the dream you just shared. But despite how friendly and familiar these strangers appear to be, you don't have any idea who they are.

Beyond the wall of bars, you see a man lying on a table with heavy rope bound across his arms and legs. "Thank the Gods you're awake, please, you have to help me - the doctor has gone mad!"

Fresh wounds cover his body, and his bloody mouth is missing more than a few teeth.

You also see another figure, extremely thin and a
blood-smeared doctor’s coat, circling the table at a casual pace. The figure stops, leans over to examine one of the man's wounds, then continues to walk around.

The figure stops beside a wide table and lifts something off of it. To your surprise, it appears to be a piece of broken glass. With a swift motion, the doctor brings the glass down across the man's chest, eliciting a tortured wail.

The man screams and looks at you, "Please, I can't take much more!"

With an oddly gentle gesture, the doctor puts his finger to his lips, "Shhh." he says very quietly.

Perception DC 15:
You see a keyring hanging off the doctor's belt

The four of you are inside a locked cell, with iron bars preventing escape. Let me know how to proceed.

Anybody who rolls a Perception skill check and makes DC 15 can open the spoiler.

Paladin discussion:
In retrospect, I should not have used the "ends justify the means" analogy. Agreed that would be closer to LN than LG. But I'm glad we had the discussion, I think we're all pretty much on the same page.

Comprehensive Education:
Works as explained by Shawn Dukes. Agreed that the wording is poor. :)

Sounds fine by me. Excited to see the background unfold.


Getting IC thread started and first post up now.

As you move north from the riverbank marker, Ghostlight Marsh reveals itself to be comprised of slow-moving streams, pools of stagnant water, and scattered hummocks of mud and waterlogged reeds. On average, the water is 4 feet deep with a thick mud covering the bottom that tugs at your boots as you wade through.

On a slightly higher hill about 50 feet ahead of you, a small fire comes into view. A small creature hunches over the fire, rapidly rocking back and forth.

Perception DC 20:
The creature appears to be a dwarf.

Congrats to your wife!

I'm going to post next update tomorrow evening. Give people another day to respond.

Hi guys, looking good so far!

Andulian: I do not think you need to change anything. I can certainly see a Tortured Crusader (paladin of Damerrich!) being an "ends justify the means" type of character who is fine with shades of gray around him.

I also agree that he should probably only have problems if the group begins acting evil. Using undead to fight against bad guys, no problem. Using undead to burn down the town and kill all the women and children, definitely a problem.

Petr: As a general guideline, undead will not be readily accepted by NPCs you encounter. Too much history with undead wars, liches, etc. I've got not problem with your PC raising them, just want to be clear up front about the typical reaction he'll face if NPCs see them.

As for phantom memories, your choice. Or both. Whatever seems appropriate. I'm easy.

Darin: No worries on background, feel free to pull two from that. Or choose two new - like I told Petr, I'm pretty easy about this.

Questionable morality shouldn't be a problem. After all, this is a Cthulhu adventure. That said, I should also mention that I kind of look at the whole "good, neutral, evil" thing as a guideline for game mechanics rather than a restriction on how you guys should play your characters. If I think the PCs are going down an "evil" path, I'll warn you OOC and we can discuss. I certainly won't be a DM who declares "Hah, that totally minor insignificant act was 100% evil, so Andulian has to attack you until one of you is dead, now roll Initiative!!!!"

I'm being a little silly, but I hope everyone gets the idea. I'm a reasonably laid-back DM, and I'm really stoked to run this game. As long as we're having fun, I'm good.

All that said, I'm aiming for the first game post on Monday night. Hopefully that will give everyone time to get their info finished and into their profile.

Let me know if there are any other questions, or if you need clarification on something.

As far as what you guys plan to play, based on what I'm reading, I suggest you choose something that fits the theme rather than a race/class combo to fill a party role (or ensure role balance).

Regardless of what we end up with, I'll balance the adventure around the group.

Congrats! Thats great news. We'll keep Z going until your return.

Hi guys, happy to do it. I'm a Cthulhu fan myself, so I'm excited to be running it for you.

Character creation is up, let me know if you have any questions.

Separate avatars for PCs are recommended, but not required.

Here are the character creation guidelines (reference

Races: Any Core or Featured Races
Classes: Any from Paizo sources.
Alignment: Must play nice with others.
Abilities: 20 point buy
Traits: Characters start with two traits. One must be a campaign trait from the Player's Guide. You may take a drawback for a third trait.
Hit Points: Maximum hit points for 1st level. Half+1 each additional level.
Alternate rules used: Background Skills, Occult Rules

Character Background: Everyone starts with amnesia, so you may create your history now, or wait for it to evolve with the game. I'm fine either way.

For now, please pick two memories that your character has started to recall. Make them relatively general - for example, a character may remember getting married, but not what the spouse looks like, how long ago it was, where it happened, etc.

My rule tweaks:

I don't think there is anything too crazy in here, but if anybody has a problem with something, or wants a clarification, etc, let me know. These are my default house rules for Pathfinder PbP, but I'm pretty laid back about them. These are the main ones that I've found come up from time to time (especially Detect Magic).


"Presenting" a holy symbol

The cleric need not hold and purposefully display a holy symbol of their religion in one of their hands when casting spells, channeling, or using other abilities. They must, however, prominently display a holy symbol somewhere on their person; this display may be a large pendant, a device on a shield or tunic, or even a tattoo on their head or arm.


Detect Magic

Casting Time: 1 standard action
Component: V, S

Range: 60 ft.
Area: cone-shaped emanation
Duration: concentration, up to 1 min./level (D)
Saving Throw: none; Spell Resistance: no

You detect magical auras. The amount of information revealed depends on the results of a Knowledge (arcana) skill check. When using this spell, you may make an untrained Knowledge (arcana) check.

Know (arcana) DC: Information Gained
Know (arcana) 10: Number of auras in spell's area of effect
Know (arcana) 15: Strength of auras, active vs. lingering
Know (arcana) 20: Location of each aura, school(s) of magic causing each aura
Know (arcana) 20 + Spell Level*: Effect or spell used to create each aura

*If a character attempts to identify a spell that is not on their list, add +5 to the DC.


Channel Energy

Characters with this ability may channel this energy in one of two ways: a 30-foot burst centered on the character or a ray of energy affecting a single target.

Area: 30-ft. burst (centered on cleric)
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will half; Spell Resistance: yes

Everything within a 30 foot radius of the cleric is affected by the channel energy ability. See below for damage/healing information.

Range: close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect: one ray
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw: none; Spell Resistance: yes

A single ray shoots at a single target. It requires a ranged touch attack to hit. See below for healing/damage information.

The amount of damage dealt or healed is equal to 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every two cleric levels beyond 1st (2d6 at 3rd, 3d6 at 5th, and so on). Creatures that take damage from channeled energy receive a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the cleric's level + the cleric's Charisma modifier. Creatures healed by channel energy cannot exceed their maximum hit point total—all excess healing is lost.

A cleric may channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. This is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. A cleric can choose whether or not to include herself in this effect.

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Starting the OOC thread for the Strange Aeons adventure path.

I'll have character generation rules up tonight.

If you haven't already downloaded the Player's Guide, you can find it here (it's free).

Silvermane nods and gestures to the lamp. "Insert a will-o-wisp into the lantern. The light will show you the way toward the Den of Thorns."

"When you sail up the River Esk, look for a small stone by the shore. The mark of Erastil lies upon it. Head north from that marker nearly a day and you should find the Ring of Stones. The light of the lantern must fall there to reveal the door."

Without much more to discuss, the Council bids you farewell.


The trail north from Trunau is wide and easy to follow. Nearly half a day of riding ends with you at the long cargo docks on the Kestrel River. Moored at the docks is one of the most ungainly vessels you have ever seen – the Chelish Devil. A single mast rises high above banks of oars. The fore- and aftcastles hang precariously over the sides of the ship. You also find it odd that neither of the structures seem to match with the rest of the ship – the wood is different, the construction styles are different, and they appear to be attached simply through a massive quantity of screws and nails.

Despite your misgivings, the captain – Raag Bloodtusk – quickly welcomes you aboard and hustles you into a wide room full of hammocks. A former gladiator, the half-orc is covered in old scars, but it’s clear he still retains much of his vitality and strength. Indeed, the fact that he possesses water rights in Lastwall AND Belkzen speaks to his toughness.

Raag explains that the trip upriver will be relatively easy, taking you all the way to the city of Vigil for a short stop for supplies and trade. After finishing his business there, Raag will take the ship back upstream to Ghostlight Marsh. Once there, he will anchor and wait for a week before pulling out. Based on the distances Silvermane described, a week should be plenty of time to find the Den of Thorns and recover the weapons.

Skreed is placed in shackles and moved to the ship’s brig. He is disappointed to learn that the cell next to his is inhabited by a particularly fragrant girallon. After leaving Skreed in his new lodgings, Raag confides to you that in addition to its naturally offensive odor, the drugs used to keep the girallon docile unfortunately cause it to suffer from unbelievably bad gas.

It takes several days to reach Vigil, and before you know it, the ship is once again on the water headed north toward Ghostlight Marsh. Travel is slow going against the current, but the crew of the Chelish Devil manage to make steady progress toward your destination. Three days after leaving the city, one of the lookouts calls down to Raag – he has spotted the sigil rock that marks your point of entry into the swamp. Raag brings the barge close to shore and orders his crew to anchor her in for an extended stay. He promises to watch after Skreed while you’re gone, then reminds you to say a prayer to Gorum should you find yourself in battle.

Learning more about Ghostlight Marsh
Knowledge (local, geography, nature):

DC 10::
Ghostlight Marsh is a vast tract of swampland along the shores of the River Esk. The current border between the Hold of Belkzen and Lastwall runs through the swamp. Both orcs and humans avoid the marsh due to countless tales of strange, floating lights.

DC 15::
Lastwall’s northern border with Belkzen has been pushed back multiple times over the centuries. When the second of these borders, Harchist’s Blockade, was overrun by the orcs, some stood resolute, seeing themselves as protectors of the land. The Council of Thorns, a militant druid circle who despised the orcs’ defilement of the land the creatures conquered, attempted to stand their ground.

DC 20::
The will-o’-wisps of Ghostlight Marsh are actually the reincarnated druids of the Council of Thorns, who still remember their former lives.

Let me know how you want to proceed.

Go ahead and spend it - let me know if you have any questions. Or did you want to roleplay shop encounters?

Will wait until tonight for IC next update.

Possibly interested as GM for Strange Aeons. I try to average 2-3 posts per week; would that work?

Halgra nods in thanks as you all agree to pursue Grenseldek and her tribe, but when Racket speaks, a curious change overcomes her. She actually chuckles while shaking her head. ”No, Racket, we are not fools, and we are not ungrateful to those who saved our town. Silvermane?”

An ancient elf to Halgra’s right stands up from the table. His white hair and beard denote his advanced age, and his eyes are covered by a piece of white cloth. Despite his age, he seems to be in good health, standing straight with broad shoulders, skin tanned from the sun. Showing no signs of blindness, he turns to face your group, and speaks in a slow voice, ”Long ago, I was a member of The Circle of Thorns, a sect of druids who lived in a lush forest north of the River Esk called Greybark Woods. In those days, it was a feral land, full of wildlife and hazardous foliage, but also rich in natural resources such as old timber and rare herbs. It was far enough away from cities that we felt compelled to protect it, hoping it might thrive without outside interference. In time, we were assaulted by a horde of orcs and giants. They were not related to the group that attacked Trunau, but their goal was the same – destruction and subjugation.”

”While we had experience dealing with small groups of marauders, the numbers in this army had us at a disadvantage. As part of our strategy, we created a redoubt where we could safely retreat, heal our wounded, and continue the war against the invaders. We called this place the Den of Thorns. It proved to be a valuable asset in our fight, but its existence was eventually discovered. Several of us were tasked to create a distraction while the rest of the Circle sacrificed themselves to protect the Den and its secrets. The army was defeated, but the Circle was shattered, and those of us who survived drifted away to search for new lands to call home.”

”Since then, the Esk has risen to its current height, flooding most of the forest. The area formerly called Greybark is now known as Ghostlight Marsh. Much of the area is underwater, with small islands breaking up the stagnant marsh. Much of the wildlife has fled, and the resources that once grew there have all but disappeared through centuries of rot and decay. The Circle I knew no longer exists, and the only sentient creatures who live there are those who are unwilling, or unfit, to exist within normal society.”

”But despite those changes, I know the Den of Thorns still exists. When we created it, we placed it outside this plane of existence. It exists somewhere between this world and the next, a realm of perpetual sunlight where plants and animals live in harmony. Somewhere in the swamp, there is a collection of monoliths. In the center of these monoliths is a door that no weather can erode, and that animal or plant can touch. This door leads to many places, but for those who have the key…”

He raises his hand and sets a small silver lantern on the table. ”… the doorway can be opened to the Den of Thorns. You see, the Den was not only our castle, it was the center of our power. While we rested from battle, we also had member creating new weapons we could use against our enemies. Based on what I knew when I left, and what I know today, I believe some of those weapons may still be found within the Den of Thorns. Weapons, I emphasize, designed specifically to kill orcs and giants. Although maps would be useless after so much time, I can place your feet upon the path.”

Halgra speaks up with a wide smile, ”So Racket, you get a barge… and a secret hoard of magical weapons. Sound better?”

Questions for either Halgra or Silvermane?

Zavier Vitoly wrote:
Hrm, maybe we should add another player to fill our gaps? Grok seems to be a trudge forward and swing type, Racket seems like a backstabber, Zavier's a run forward and grappler, while Katreaza isn't martial at all. Adding ranged to any of those would be kinda hard. We don't have any arcane either so I'm actually a bit worried about how we'd target the weak spots of giant types (low touch AC and bad Reflex saves basically, bad Will Saves on some of them also.)

You don't need to add another character just from my 'ranged' comment. I was honestly only suggesting that you all get some ability to attack if you're not in melee. Your PC doesn't even have to be very good at it, just need to make sure enemies can't simply stay back and kill you with 100x hits that deal 1 hp of damage each.

And while I'm happy to add another character if you guys all want one, I don't think you need it.

Sorry for being quiet. Really hectic at work and home and I got backed up.

Already writen post for tonight, will go up later. I'm planning to fast-travel you guys to the swamp, so go ahead and make purchases from Vigil. Essentially anything you can find in a Paizo book is available up to 4,000 gp value. Anything above that, please run it past me first. (I also use the pay-for-advance rules, so for example, if you have a +1 item, you can make it +2 by paying the gp difference).

As far as treasure goes, assume everyone receives 3,200 gp from Trunau and selling items.

No problem changing the armor's type.

Two final thoughts:

1. Please have some way to attack foes at range.

2. I think we should consider adding a Catch Your Breath style rule. Once a day, you can regain half your hit points by taking a full round action. This also grants you Total Defense until your next turn.

Another way would be to let everyone have hit dice for self-healing similar to 5e. You can heal yourself with hit dice (roll your hit dice and get back the results). They reset once/day and you can use as many as you want at a time. In combat requires a full action, and may only be used once/fight.

Willing to consider other options as well. Thoughts?


The adventure actually assumes you take treasure from all the orcs you kill, but they got their treasure from raiding the town. So the PCs would actually be claiming stolen treasure for themselves.

The adv resolves this by having the town take the stolen treasure back, but gives you a reward instead. I just skipped all the nonsense and will have them reward you instead of detailing out all the mundane stuff you found but don't get to keep.

I'll post something tonight to reconcile all the treasure you've found, and what happened to it (if i can find out).

Anything else on the IC thread or are you guys ready to move on?

Are you guys waiting on something from me?

Sorry, missed this last night.

Sure, he can use the hammer as a medium or large version.

I'm fine with retraining every time a character levels. Let's use the magic GM poof method.

After Skreed's surrender, the days blur together in a chaotic blend of meetings, feasts, and celebrations. The feasts and celebrations are all held in your honor - at each one, tales are told of your heroism and willingness to put the welfare of Trunau and its people ahead of your own.

The meetings, however, are another story. Many of them are more akin to formal debriefings where guards go through notes and information with you, trying to tie up loose ends, or discover new connections.

What you do know is this:
The orc shaman you released kept his word. Soon after the final assault on Trunau (the diversion for Skreed to break into the tomb), more than half of the orcs retreated toward the north. This left the remaining orcs in the midst of an assault against the walls of Trunau without any backup or relief force. The defenders were able to hold the walls, causing the orcs to flee in all directions. The attackers, almost literally, scattered to the winds.

The guards and the council were not happy with the deal between you and Skreed, but they have agreed to honor it.


Three days after you defeated Skreed, you get an invitation to a meeting of the Trunau Council. Upon arrival, you are ushered inside and seated at the far end of a massive table. You recognize many of those seated around you, the leaders of Trunau.

Halgra, the current Mayor of Trunau, rises. "Greetings heroes, please allow me to formally thank you all for the services you have provided to our fair city. I think honesty demands that we note without your efforts, Trunau would most likely be a burnt out ruin, with her citizens either enslaved or dead."

"We have invited you here today to offer our support in your upcoming journey. We understand it is your intent to take the fight to this hill giant queen, and we want to help. To that end, we have commissioned a river barge who can deliver you to the castle in a week. Overland, the same journey would take two or three weeks."

"We have also commissioned an introduction letter. It is to be delivered to a woman in Vigil. She maintains a large inventory of weapons and equipment, and you may be able to find something useful there.

"What do you say, do you accept our offer of assistance?"

Cool, I would have updated last night but spent 3 hrs at the ER with my wife. We got one of those Misen cook's knives off Kickstarter, and those suckers are SHARP. :)

Anyway, here is a summation of the treasure you recovered from the Tomb of Uskroth (the giant skeleton dude with the geode in his eye socket).

3,800 gp
Masterwork breastplate
Masterwork splint mail
Masterwork orc double axe
Adamantine crossbow bolts x13

+1 human-bane arrows x4
Heavyload belt
Scroll of phantasmal killer
Scroll of tongues
Wand of inflict moderate wounds (7 chg)
Spartoi Seeds x3

Armor of Red Iron
+1 half-plate
This armor is seemingly forged from iron tinged with bright red streaks. The cause of this discoloration is unknown, but these veins sometimes seem to throb with barely contained unknown power.

(This item will gain additional abilities as the character gains levels. For now, the Armor of Red Iron functions as +1 half-plate.)

Agrimmosh, the Hammer of Unmaking
+2 warhammer/earth breaker
This weapon is a crude hammer with a head carved from solid stone. A small relief is barely visible on the top of the head, but it is too faint to make out.

This hammer will resize itself as either a one-handed or two-handed weapon for creatures of medium, large, or huge size. One-handed weapon stats as warhammer, two-handed stats as earth breaker.

(This item will gain additional abilities as the character gains levels. For now, Agrimmosh functions as a +2 weapon.)


I need to know what you're keeping and what you plan to sell. The group will have a chance to visit a small city early in the next adventure to do some shopping.

Next IC post later tonight or tomorrow.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Congratulations, you have finished the first Giantslayer adventure!

I'll be posting several updates in the next day or so here and in IC. In the meantime, everyone has gained a level!

The next adventure basically starts with you exiting the tomb, so that's where I plan to begin as well.

He's actually a half-orc

Skreed gives a hollow laugh, "What does it matter now? I'll either die now, or die later. But my death won't stop what's coming. You'll have more orcs. And more giants. Trunau will burn, and everyone inside its walls will have their heads smashed open and their limbs torn off. Unless..."

He looks around at all of you, "Grenseldek is mad, but it won't take her long to learn of my failure. Next time, she won't try to use subtlety, she'll just raise the tribe and send it's full force against Trunau. The city will be razed to the ground, and the people... the lucky ones will become slaves. And if I somehow survive long enough to see that..." he shudders involuntarily.

"I've seen what she does to those who displease her. Being eaten alive does not seem like a pleasant experience." he shakes his head.

"So how about this? You let me live, take me prisoner or whatever you want to call it. I'll lead you to the abandoned fort where her tribe is based - I know a way in, a secret way I discovered. Kept it to myself in case I needed to get out in a hurry. But I'll show you, take you there myself. I'll get you close enough that you can take her out. If she dies, her tribe will tear itself apart, and Trunau is safe for another generation. But mark my words, Grenseldek's death is the only way to prevent Trunau's destruction."

"What do you say?

Just for discussion purposes, if you turn Skreed into the Trunau authorities, he will be tortured for information before being executed. His body will then be prominently displayed near the front gates as a warning to others who might try to attack the town. Just wanted you to know in case it comes up.

"The queen is called Grenseldek. She is an unusually smart and vicious hill giant from the mountains to the north. And why do you think she gathers the tribe? She wants to use them to conquer more land, enslave those not of her tribe, and gather more monsters to her side."

Hearing Zavier's question, Skreed's face betrays his thoughts - he stares upward as Racket pulls the stone from the skeleton's eye socket. The dark husk of the stone turns over in Racket's hands to reveal an intricate geode of violet and emerald crystals. Skreed slowly shakes his head, a small rueful smile breaks on his face as he closes his eyes.

Knowledge (geography, local) DC 20:
The crystals appear to be an exact topographical map of the Mindspin Mountains.

Racket, other other then generic treasure, you notice the hammer and the armor are both in excellent condition. They must be special to have survived inside this musty tomb without any evidence of rust or deterioration.

I don't think I gave you the room description, so here it is:
Ledges and stairs are carved into the stone walls of this wide-open, high-ceilinged natural cavern. Embedded in a fifteen-foot-tall spire of centuries-old bones stands the skeleton of a massive armored warrior. Though its flesh has long since rotted off its frame, the skeleton still stands proud and regal amid the trappings of battle and mounds of gleaming treasure. The skeleton’s battered halfplate and scarred helmet hint at its many battles, and the warlord’s hands are clenched around a massive stone hammer. Beneath the helmet, a thick, round rock has been embedded in one of the skeleton’s otherwise empty eye sockets.

Note found on Skreed:
Get me Uskroth's hammer and rock. I want everything else too, but I have to have the hammer and the rock. I think it looks like the one I already have and showed you. I have to have both rocks to know the way to the giantkiller's tomb, so make sure you get the right one. Bring everything back to the fort.

-Grenseldek, Glorious Queen of the Twisted Hearts

Skreed watches you with sullen disgust. But Racket's mention of swamp water, and Zavier's forceful interrogation cause a slow change to creep across his face. His shoulders slump and he lets out a low breath before speaking.

"I might as well tell you. I'm working for a giant chieftan, calls herself a queen. She sent me down here to gather the treasure from this tomb and bring it back to her."

He nods toward the giant skeleton standing in the center of the room.

"See that bloke? That was Uskroth, something of a legend among the giants. Led a band of orcs and giants called the Twisted Hearts. Well, another giant has decided to create another Twisted Hearts tribe, and she wants this treasure to help get more orcs, ogres, giants, and whoever else she can bribe."

"The hammer is up there." he says gesturing toward the skeleton again.

"I was looking for the rock, some kind of geode or something. That's what she had at the fort."

I'm compiling treasure for you and will post details in the OOC thread. One unusual item you noticed was a locket around Skreed's neck. It has a lock of brown hair inside.


1d20 ⇒ 7

Grok and Racket fall into a familiar pattern, luring the female orc into a flanked position. Almost simultaneously, they both launch a deadly attack against their foe. With a strangled cry, she drops the warhammer and slumps to the ground. Orc dead

Katrezra limps forward as he watches the battle continue to unfold. The half-orc smiles and gloats as he swings the falchion around in an ostentatious display over and around his head, but his attention is drawn away by the cry of his companion. Zavier's hands shoot out like coiled serpents, taking a firm hold of the arrogant half-orc. The half-orc struggles, but he cannot free himself from Zavier's iron-like grasp!

DM: So, everything is dead except for Skreed, and he's in a bad spot since he needs to roll REALLY well to escape. I'm willing to call it here. Let me know what you want to do with Skreed - kill him, knock him unconscious, keep him awake, etc. (I assume you restrain him and take away weapons, bombs, etc). How do you want to proceed with him? Feel free to ask questions, try intimidate checks, etc.


1d20 ⇒ 16

Zavier Vitoly wrote:

Current Status

9/31 HP
3/4 Flex
Dodge Flex Active
AC 17

Zavier roars in pain and then tries to subdue the orc.


Lol, yeah, a 32 succeeds. :)

I'm slightly nervous, but I'm not worried yet. If the orc had hit with the warhammer, or if the half-orc had done more damage (or crit), then I would be much more concerned.

Seeing Zavier get hit with the bomb, Katrezra pulls out a wand and touches the burly human, healing his wounds. 7 points healing to Zavier

Racket and Zavier rush forward to support Grok, who remains in melee with the female orc.

The orc glances at Racket, giving Grok a momentary advantage. In a blur, his sword snaps forward, biting deep into the neck of his foe. She screams in pain, clutching at her neck with one hand and dropping to one knee. Cursing in orcish, she quickly swings her warhammer upward with her other hand, narrowly missing Grok's jaw.

The half-orc smiles maliciously as Zavier moves forward. He takes a step to the side, then with a feral cry, he leaps forward with an overhand swing of his falchion, slicing into Zavier's left shoulder. 5 points damage

* I ran Katrezra this round to get the update in.
* New map can be found here.
* The female orc is seriously hurt, but she's still above 0 hp
* Your turn - things are starting to get tense, let's see if you can finish them off! :)


1d8 ⇒ 6
1d20 ⇒ 14
1d20 ⇒ 12
2d4 ⇒ (3, 1) = 4

Thanks for the info.

Internet/browser issues seem to have been resolved, but I came down with something over the weekend that kicked my backside for a few days. Been passing out around 7pm the past few nights which is really early for me. Feeling much better now. :)

Racket leaps upon the dire wolf and stabs it between its shoulders. The beast cries out and tries to throw the wayang, giving Zavier and Katrezra openings to finish it off. Dire Wolf dead! Katrezra snuck in at the last moment and vultured the kill! :)

Grok moves forward and raises his sword at the female orc. She takes a tentative step back as if afraid, then spins and moves forward with a snarl, bringing her warhammer around to smash into Grok's chest! 8 points of damage

The half-orc throws another bomb at Zavier, striking him in the leg. 10 points damage to Zavier, Racket and Katrezra each take 5 points of damage.

After throwing his bomb, the half-orc retreats back toward the giant skeleton in the center of the room while pulling out a wicked looking falchion!

* Second dire wolf down, but the orc and half-orc are still alive and kicking - updated map can be found here.
* Your turn!

1d20 ⇒ 19
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 14
1d20 ⇒ 4
1d8 ⇒ 6
2d6 ⇒ (6, 1) = 7

Oh, another request - what deities do the characters worship?

All the best, Racket.


Zavier and Grok, I messed up in the first round of combat. When the half-orc threw the bomb, it was supposed to hit Grok - but I made Zavier roll the reflex to not catch on fire.

I want to make sure you both didn't take the "hit" damage - so here is what was supposed to happen:

Grok takes 14 damage
Grok must make save to not catch on fire (made it)

Zavier takes 5 damage
No need for a saving throw

Can you both please confirm (and/or update your HP) to make sure that's what happened? Apologies for the confusion.

Racket's rapier flashes again, but his attack misses the snarling dire wolf. Grok's strike, however, separates the monster's head from its body, killing the creature.

Katrezra pulls his long spear and stabs at the wolf, opening a minor wound along its flank. Zavier takes advantage of Katrezra's attack and strikes a severe blow along the wolf's other side.

The orc woman fires another bolt which cuts a ragged line as skims along Grok's arm 1 point of damage. She then drops her crossbow and rushes forward drawing a warhammer.

The half-orc lobs another bomb at Zavier, but his aim is off and it lands at Racket's feet! Racket and Katrezra take 5 points

New map located here.
One wolf dead, remaining one is seriously injured. The orc female is pushing forward while the half-orc seems content to continue and hurl bombs from a distance.
Your turn!


1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 5 + 1 = 9
1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

1d20 ⇒ 14
1d20 ⇒ 20
1d20 ⇒ 11
1d20 ⇒ 3
1d8 ⇒ 1
1d8 ⇒ 5
2d6 ⇒ (5, 3) = 8

Zavier attempts to punch the huge wolf in front of him, missing with his first attack, but connecting with the second!

Racket tries to climb on top of the other wolf, but the monster shakes and twists, resisting the attempt. Racket uses the commotion to sink his rapier deep into the shoulder of the creature eliciting a painful howl.

Grok pulls his greatsword and brings it down across the dire wolf's back, opening a large wound that nearly severs the canine's spine.

Katrezra prays and calls forth blessings upon his comrades! Bless

The dire wolf facing Zavier bites him in the leg 8 points dmg and tries to trip him, but Zavier stands firm.

The other dire wolf attacks Grok, but it is unable to get through the oread's defenses.

The female orc launches a crossbow bolt at Zavier but it sails over his head.

The scarred half-orc moves up along the wall, pulls a small spherical object out of a pouch, and lobs it at Grok. The object sails over the dire wolf and strikes Grok in the chest, exploding in a spray of fire and shrapnel that hits all of the heroes. 14 points dmg to Grok; 5 points dmg to Racket, Zavier, Katrezra

Bless was down, so I had Katrezra recast it.
Zavier, the flames from the explosion have started to burn your clothes and equipment! Please make a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid catching on fire.
Their turn is over, the dire wolf on Zavier is lightly injured, while the one near Grok and Racket is seriously injured.
New map can be found here.
Your turn!


1d20 ⇒ 18
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 8
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 4
1d20 ⇒ 18
1d8 ⇒ 1
1d8 ⇒ 1
2d6 ⇒ (5, 6) = 11

Updating now, have had very hard time accessing site since Sunday. Think my PC is starting to die (problems with internet not the only issues I'm having...). :(

Giving other two another day, will update Sunday.

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