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Guess it's not an easy question. :/

Good day,

I have a question that for the life of me I can't answer.

Imagine a 10th level druid wild shaping into a Arsinoitherium (Rhino with two horns).
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/animals/megafauna/megafau na-arsinoitherium

This druid has Improved Overrun and Greater Overrun

The Arsinoblabla has Trample. Trample rules say this:
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/rules-for-monsters/universal-monster-rules #TOC-Trample-Ex-

Important is the bit that says the overrun roll is negated. But how then would enemies be tripped and provoke AOO's from the Overrun feat chain? Or does the Overrun feat chain not work with Trample, even though Trample uses the Overrun rules?

I managed to get a sky temple inside a cloud (perpetual fog). Unfortunately I can't take humanoid servants, and my minions need to be alignment fitting (so nothing evil, really). So I ended up with some decent beefy critters, got the early warning covered and got some intelligent minions that won't just bash their heads against the hunters until they keel over. So I think I'm good. Thanks all! :D

That, and frlying while projecting a widened antimagic aura, I think. Most hunters don't have natural flight. :)

One of the weaknesses I see is that a dragon has a very low touch AC. Any way to boost that to the levels of my normal AC?

That's not how Spellbane interacts with Antimagic field, Randomroll. :)

New developments;

1: I can pick 90 HD worth of monsters to protect my lair (although it has to be cleared with the DM first, so no tarrasque I think).

2: I know there's at least 2 Zen archers among the opposition that will try to hunt me. Any tips on how to counter those?

There are actually a few silver dragons in the game (and a few other metallic dragons) so cooperation is far from impossible, although since all are great wyrms there's probably a lot of ego involved.

Already considered Leadership, checking with the DM to see if he's ok with it.

Really loving the widened Antimagic field idea. It hurts the dragon hunters more then it hurts you I think, since dragons aren't gear dependant.

Eltacolibre wrote:
Probably easiest way would be to make it a trap but you could just cast it when you know that they are coming. Cast the spell alarm at the entrance of your dungeon, so you get a mental alert that they crossed inside. Prepare the antimagic field. after all antimagic field last 10 min/cl which means 190 min at cl 19.

... but it's centered on myself.

Great advice guys, keep it coming!

How do I stick an antimagic field somewhere permanently?

haruhiko88 wrote:
Oh yeah, sorry bout that. My group has a house rule that antimagic field extends 10 ft from the caster, a lot of groups have similar rules as well so ask your gm. If not you can have the widen spell metamagic feat for a 20ft radius to make it 10ft from you. You said 30hd, great wyrm silver dragons only have 29hd, do you get 1 level of a class because that brings in a whole bag of fun or just an additional hit die?

Hmmm, it would definately make it worth it. It would mean my damage resistance works and in a Magicless melee I'll kick the behind of anything getting close, I would think.

randomroll wrote:

Polymorph Any Object.

Polymorph something in your lair to look exactly like you, so that the inevitable first round nova hits the mouse you had around looking like you since last morning.

Precious. :)

Eltacolibre wrote:

alright here's what I would do if I am solo:

9th- Time Stop, Shapechange (Keep a scroll of wish around when you get money), shapechange will cover a lot of basic and help you keep alive rather easily, time stop is just a beast.

8th - Greater spell Immunity, Prismatic Wall, Polymorph Any Object, [choose whatever spell you want]
7th- Spell Turning, Greater Teleport (you need to go places] , 2 other spells you can choose
6th - Heal (best healing spell ever), Contingency , choose rest of spells.

Why shapechange exactly? All the others I agree with except greater teleport. Normal Teleport would suffice I think, and with quicken spell a great escape trick.

Eltacolibre wrote:

Heh nothing special really, you have 30 HD, so like what 15 feats? and as a great wyrm you have sorcerer spells known as CL 19, which by the way for a silver dragon you get to cherry pick from the cleric and sorcerer/wizard spell lists as arcane spells. But something to keep in mind, since you start with no gold/treasure some spells are terribly useless to you at the moment.

like you would be tempted to take gate or wish as spell known but without money, these 9th level spells are terribly useless. Not sure how long your party plan to have you without money.

Also as a silver dragon, you can take advantage of change shape to walk around as any kind of humanoid, yeah don't show up as a dragon catch them by surprise.

Oh I'll get money in time, and there is no party, just me solo.

haruhiko88 wrote:
Antimagic field. Cast it first and go for the guys who rely on gear aka the fighters. If the antimagic field stops cast feeblemind on the arcane casters and watch them bug out when their int and cha drop to 1.

Antimagic field is too small.

So, I've gotten in a wonky game where some of us play Great Wyrm dragons (30HD), and other players play dragon hunters (lvl 15-20). I've elected to be one of the dragons, and selected silver as my species. Now, since I am an average player where it comes to Pathfinder, and because I expect the hunters to be cheesed out, I'd love some advice on how to survive encounters with these hunters once they inevitably find my lair. For purposes of 'balance' (hahah, how precious), I start without money (my hoard just got stolen). Other then that, we're free game. I need some build advice (feats, spells) and some information on what to expect of these cheesed out dragon hunters and some tactics on how to counter them. I was hoping you lovely folk here could help me with that.

Oh, and no 3.5. It's banned. Pure pathfinder.

I also submitted a character concept by PM. I hope to hear from you! :)