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'Lance Sergeant/Scout' Corellon "Cor" Anders - 6C97A6 | Second Officer/Astrogation | Gram (Spinward Marches 1223)


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About Corellon "Cor" Anders

'Lance Sergeant/Scout' Corellon "Cor" Anders - 6C97A6
Exploratory Scout, Serving as Second Officer of the Merchant Cruiser Skander
Species: Human
Age: 38
Homeworld: Gram (Spinward Marches 1223)

STR: 6 (+0)
DEX: 12 (+2)
END: 9 (+1)
INT: 7 (+0)
EDU: 10 (+1)
SOC: 6 (+0)

SKILLS: Astrogation 2, Athletics 0, Admin 1, Carouse 1, Deception 1, Electronics (Sensors) 1, Engineer (M-Drive) 1, Drive 0, Flyer 0, Gun Combat (Energy) 2, Heavy Weapons 0, Investigate 1, Leadership 1, Mechanic 0, Melee 0, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Recon 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Science (Planetology) 1, Tactics (Military) 1, Vacc Suit 1

ARMOR: Cloth +8 / TL10 / 3kg / Chameleon, IR [TL12] (DM -4 to detect with sensors); Self-Sealing [TL 11]; Magnetic Grapples [TL 8]
ARMOR: Vacc Suit +8 / TL 10 / 60 RAD / 12kg / Extended Life Support [TL 10] (18 hours of life support); Medikit [TL 10] (automatic first aid if reduced to END 0 as Medic 3); Self-Sealing [TL 11]; Magnetic Grapples [TL 8]

WEAPON: Laser Pistol / TL 11 / 30m / 3D+3 / 1kg / 100mag / Zero-G
WEAPON: Laser Carbine / TL 11 / 200m / 4D+3 / 2kg / 50mag / Scope (TL 7), Zero-G
WEAPON: Blade / TL 2 / melee / 2D / 1kg


Mobile Comm / TL 10 (Computer/1)
Portable Computer / TL 12 / Computer/3 / 0.5kg / Comms included
Software - Interface [TL 7], Intelligent Interface 1 [TL 11], Expert 1 [TL 11] (Engineer, Electronics, Science, Astrogation), Translator 1 [TL 10]
Radio Transceiver / TL 12 (Computer/0) / 10,000km / 1kg
Binoculars / TL 12 / 1kg
PRIS observes the EM-spectrum, from infrared to gamma rays
Geiger Counter / TL 10
Light Intensifier Goggles / TL 9
Can see normally in anything less than total darkness as well as heat-emitting sources in the dark
Artificial Gill / TL 8 / 4kg
Breather Mask / TL 10
Includes filter and respirator, fits into the nose
Climbing Kit / TL 8 / 2kg
DM +2 to climb rock surfaces
Tent / TL 7 / 5kg
Toolkit (Scientific - Planetology) / TL 5 / 8kg

ALLIES, CONTACTS, ENEMIES & RIVALS: 1 Enemy (Former Scout Axel Guthvaal), 1 Rival (Professor Jacob Gunnarsson)

DEBT: None
LIVING COST: Cr1,200/mo.

Training in Skill: Melee (Blades) [Currently at 0]
Weeks: N/A
Study Periods Complete: N/A
Bonuses: N/A

First Term: University / Drive 0, Flyer 0, Mechanic 0, Science (Planetology) 0, Astrogation 1, EDU +1 / Gained Enemy / Washed Out

Second Term: Army (Cavalry) / (Basic Training) Vacc Suit 0, Athletics 0, Gun Combat 0, Recon 0, Melee 0, Heavy Weapons 0, Gun Combat 0; (Advanced Education) Electronics (Sensors) 1 / Survived / Event - Assigned to urbanized planet torn by war; Gun Combat (Energy) 1, Stealth 1 / Officer Commission denied / Advanced in Career to Rank 1 (Lance Corporal) Recon 1; (Advanced Education) Tactics (Military) 1

Third Term: Army (Cavalry) / (Advanced Education) Survival 1 / Survived / Event - Performed heroically in battle, gained an automatic promotion to Rank 2 (Corporal) / Advanced in Career to Rank 3 (Lance Sergeant) Leadership 1; (Advanced Education) Engineer (M-Drive) 1 / Mustered Out (4 rolls - 2 terms, 2 bonus for Rank 3)

Fourth Term: Scout (Explorer) / (Personal Development) Pilot (Spacecraft) 1 / Survived / Event - Surveyed an alient world; Science (Planetology) 1 / Advanced in Career to Rank 1 (Scout) Vacc Suit 1; (Service Skills) Astrogation +1

Fifth Term: Scout (Explorer) / (Service Skills) EDU +1 / Survived / Event - Life Event (Betrayed!) / Gained Rival / Advanced in Career to Rank 2; (Service Skills) END +1 / Mustered Out (3 rolls - 2 terms, 1 bonus for Rank 2)

Aging Crisis: None

From Connections: Investigation 1 (Zaeta); Carouse 1 (Freyjason)

From Skill Package: Admin 1, Deception 1

Tarondor Bonus: Gun Combat (Energy) +1

Mustering Out Benefits: Army (Armor (value of Cr10,000 & TL 12 max); Weapon (value of Cr3,000 & TL 12 max); Cr5,000, Cr10,000); Scout (Cr30,000; +1 INT; Ship Share (N/A, Cr20,000 instead)

Background: Corellon Anders grew up on the heavily industrialized world of Gram, helping his family make ends meet by assisting his father at the spaceport garage where he worked on vehicles of all kinds. Being the oldest of four siblings, Corellon was well aware of the burden he was placing on his parents, and he dreamed of one day flying one of those starships he saw at the spaceport out among the stars, exploring new worlds of fantastic beauty and exotic life forms. When he was old enough, he enrolled at a local university and was amazed when his scores allowed him to enroll. Unfortunately, he fell in with the wrong sorts - for Cor wasn't the type to have a lot of friends anyway, being a bit of a loner during his childhood. In any case, a prank he and his 'friends' perpetrated against Professor Jacob Gunnersson (a rather stuck up instructor of Galactic History) went terribly wrong after Corellon sabotaged his speeder to spin around in circles. Dr. Gunnersson was badly hurt, and it was only through the efforts of the kind agent assigned his case, a young lady named Zaeta, that he was absolved of his crime for lack of evidence. Little did he know she would soon pay a price for her efforts...

But the incident haunted Corellon for the rest of his term at the University, and he eventually washed out of the program. With very few prospects, Cor enrolled in the Army, hoping to see the new worlds he'd dreamed of in his youth. He saw them alright, along with years of intense training and terrifying battles on those distant planets. Still, he acquitted himself admirably in the end, receiving a Medal of Valor for rescuing a crewmate of the gunship to which he'd been assigned as an engineer. Besides the medal and promotion, he was given a month of R&R to recover from his wounds, where he met a very fine doctor named Freyjason - who he learned also saved the life of the gunner he had carried past enemy lines. Corellon's two terms in the Army also taught him a great many skills that he hoped would serve him well in future years, for Cor still longed to join the scout service and survey alien worlds that nobody had ever seen. He would soon get that chance.

After mustering out of the Army, Corellon qualified for the scout service, and spent eight years exploring the alien worlds he'd always wanted to visit. For almost a decade, he was truly living out his dream, piloting a scout ship among the stars and utilizing the skills he'd learned in the Army to survive sometimes brutal conditions in unforgiving environments while collecting important scientific data on alien planets that might one day be colonized. But his happiness was not meant to last, for he was betrayed by a good friend that he had met in the service, a man named Axel Guthvaal - who had been a mentor to the young scout since his arrival. Axel stole years' worth of work that Cor had done on a particularly interesting and promising planet and called it his own. Outraged and hurt by the betrayal, Corellon left the scout service - though it meant abandoning his dreams. Starting over at his age was not going to be easy, but Corellon Anders was still very healthy and fit, even as he approached forty years of age, and he had collected a great deal of knowledge and equipment over his years in the Army and Scout service. He would find a way to continue visiting worlds he'd never before seen, and it wasn't long before he got that chance. He hired on with the merchant cruiser Skander - a trading vessel that would ply the spaceways beyond the Sword Worlds Confederation - voyaging through the Darrian and Five Sisters subsectors and finally into District 238 before returning home. At the very least the voyage would take his mind off his recent troubles, and maybe even offer him new opportunities. Though not interested in pursuing a trading lifestyle, his skills were judged to be of use with the Skander's secondary goal of information gathering they would be engaging in, along with her primary mission of trading goods for profit. And besides, what was the worst that could happen on a simple trading voyage?

Botting: In social situations, Cor tends to let others do the speaking - unless it's a topic on which he happens to be knowledgeable (his 1 skills), in which case he is eager to share his inights and experiences to either assist or take the lead in solving a problem. He isn't exactly an outgoing personality, but he's not an introvert either, and when in a situation where there is fun to be had he is happy drinking his beer and both listening to others tell their stories or in telling his own. He has a dry sense of humor that not everyone 'gets', but is unapologetic for that trait as well, which might rub some the wrong way. When acting in a professional capacity, he is all business and respectful of both his peers and his commanders. However, his recent experience with a betrayal at the hands of a superior has made him much less willing to share his work outside of official channels, ensuring that he gets the proper credit. This can perhaps make him seen as either very straight-laced at best, or maybe stand-offish and pompous at worst when he is working. On the battlefield though, Cor is selfless and willing to take great personal risks to help others. However, he isn't stupidly blind to threats and generally will not throw himself into a fight without first looking for some kind of advantage. He will have the tendency to look for cover or high ground to launch a surprise attack when needed, or better yet utilize his natural talent for getting around unnoticed to sneak past dangerous situations when possible.