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| SP 34/34 HP 34/34| RP 5/5 | EAC 17; KAC 18 | Fort +2; Ref +9; Will +5 | Init: +5 | Perc: +9, SM: +9+d6+1


| Speed 30ft | Active conditions: None.


Male NG Human Icon Envoy 5

Strength 10
Dexterity 20
Constitution 11
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Conrad Castamir Kerbouchard

SFS # 1824-701
Slotted Faction Wayfinders
Wealth Per sheet

Reputation and Fame:

Reputation xx Fame, 8 Global Reputation
Reputation with Acquisitives:
Reputation with Dataphiles: 1/1
Reputation with Exoguardians:
Reputation with Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo): 1/1
Reputation with Second Seekers (Jadnura): 1/1
Reputation with Wayfinders: 24/27


Conrad "Castamir" Kerbouchard
Envoy (Icon) 5
N Medium humanoid (Human)

EAC 17, KAC 18 V.CM 26 (Graphite Carbon Skin)
SP 34 HP 34 RP 5
Fort +2, Ref +9, Will +5

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Tactical Dueling Sword +3 (1d6 S)
Ranged Azimuth Laser Pistol +8 (1d4+1 F/ 1d4 Burn) or Frag Grenade (x2) +3
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Envoy Improvisations:

  • Get'em: As a move action, you can choose one enemy within 60 feet. Until the start of your next turn, you and your allies gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls made against that enemy.
  • Inspiring Boost: As a standard action, you can signal an ally within 30 feet who has taken damage from any attack made by a significant enemy at any point after your last turn ended. That ally regains 8 Stamina points. Levelx2+CHA mod.
  • Clever Feint" Standard action bluff. If passed, the enemy is FF versus all allies until the END of Conrad's next turn. If the bluff fails, it's still FF, but only to Conrad.


    Acrobatics: +12
    Athletics: +5
    Bluff: +13+1d6+1
    Computers: +8
    Culture: +12
    Diplomacy: +16+d6+1
    Disguise: +9
    Engineering: +7
    Intimidate: +9
    Life Science: +4
    Medicine: +8
    Mysticism: -
    Perception: +9
    Physical Science: -
    Piloting: +10
    Profession (Bartender): +12
    Sense Motive: +9+1d6+1
    Sleight of Hand: +9
    Stealth: +12
    Survival: +2

    Toughness Level 1
    Skill Focus (Diplomacy) Human
    Weapon Focus (Small Arms) Level 3
    Weapon Specialization (Small Arms) Class, level 3
    Mobility level 5

    Languages Castrovelian, Common, Akitonian, Elven, Eoxian, Vesk

    Other Abilities
    Starfinder Society Implant
    Infrared Sensors (Darkvision 60')

    Combat Gear Graphite Carbon Skin (L1 Infrared Sensors)
    Other Gear

  • Healing Serum Mk 1
  • Healing Serum Mk 1
  • Healing Serum Mk 1
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Basic Med Kit
  • Person Upgrade MK +2 (Dex)
  • Ring of Resistance MK 1

    Special Abilities
    Expertise: Add +1d6+1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive Checks
    Additional Expertise: +1d6 to Diplomacy
    Improvisations: Get'em (Lvl 1), Inspiring Boost (Lvl 2)

    Boons Slotted this Adventure
    Ally: Gun Runner
    Faction: Improved Wayfinder Champion
    Social: Faction's Friend
    Starship: Solar Powered Weapons System
    Slotless: Various (see Character Sheet)

    All My Boons:

    Envar’s Attention: (#5) Use Per Scenario
    Gun Runner: (#7) While slotted grenades have a 10% discount, or cross off for a single weapon purchase 20% off.
    Iteration-177’s Attention (Sanguine): (#8) Use per Scenario
    Spirits of a Doomed People: (#11) Uses:①② . If reduced to 0 HP immediately gain 1 HP and 2d8 temporary HP.
    Improved Wayfinder Champion: (#0) Earn Reputation and Fame within the Faction. 1/Scenario regain 1 Resolve after a Diplomacy or Survival check
    Factions Friend: (#3) (Limited Use) Gain missing Reputation if mission failed.
    AbadarCorp: (#4) AbadarCorp Respect. Use per scenario
    Athaeum Insight: (#8) Always trained in Culture. 1/Scenario reroll any check to recall knowledge.
    Victory over Authority: (#
    Savior of the Scoured Stars: (#2) 1/Session reroll a skill check to portray the Starfinder Society in a positive light.
    Hero of the Stars: (#2) (Limited Use) If starship is reduced to 0 HP, regain Tier x 5 (max 30) HP
    Solar Powered Weapons System: (#5) Give a “laser” weapon a +1 to damage, spend a resolve to make it +4 for 1 round.
    Automated Defenses: (#6) 1/Combat reduce speed of tracking weapon by 50% for 1 round. Science officer can spend a resolve to reactivate.
    Tattoo of the Starfinder: (#0) Single Use. Immediate action after taking 15 points of damage to gain 10 temporary HP for 1 minute.
    Claimant to Salvation: (#1) Special rewards when exploring Salvation’s End. Universal to all 1824 Agents
    Society Contract: (#1) Gain a reroll any time playing a pre-gen. Universal to all 1824 Agents
    Starfinder Insignia: (#2) Pin that is really a tier 1 datapad. DC 20 Perception or Sense Motive to notice it.
    Marked Field Agent: (#3) Society subdermal graft. Can increase light by 1 level within 5’
    Star Sugar Heartlove!!!: (#3) (Limited Use) Hold on to item for future use.
    True Savior of Tasch: (#4) (Limited Use) forgo Day Job to earn UPBs (See Chronicle 4)
    Friend of the Ghibrani: (#6) (Husk Ghibrani) TBD
    Ghibrani Linguist: (#6) Ghibran available to learn. Universal to all 1824 Agents
    Mobile Translator: (#6) Gain Tetrad Certified Translator
    Worldwide Explorer: (#6) Gain an extra Fame and Reputation if the game is played in a region other than the NE.
    Kadrical Rises: (#12) All Agents 1824 have access to Kadrical as a patron deity.
    Overcome the Past: (#12) Gain 4 fame.
    Journey to the Scoured Stars: Segment 2: (#8) TBD
    Morlamaw Admittance: (#9) Legal character to play.
    Morlamaw Linguist: (#9) Legal Language. All agents
    Journey to the Scoured Stars: Segment 6: (#10) TBD

    Bot Me!:

    Conrad is a team player and leader first and foremost. His goal is to make everyone shine and keep them alive.

    In ship combat, Conrad will typically taunt first, targeting the ship that poses the greatest threat. After that, he'll encourage the gunner.