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Has anyone here, who is possibly local, tried going to the physical company address? Anything there? P.O. Box? Maybe I should start a gofundme or kickstarter to send me there to find answers hehe.

In all seriousness, this is kinda sad. My DM ran WotW and we had a blast while we played it. It was fun and very diffrent.

I've played D&D and Pathfinder for over the last decade, but for the first time DM'ing I got a group of friends/coworkers together and seeing ToN I picked it up excited to take my first time DM'ing with something new and diffrent from standard fare. My group all love the adventure and its been a lot of fun all around. For my experience and first time players, and for me for my first experience DMing.

Shame on me for not doing my reading up first and discovering the problems that were already beginning to pop up at the time of my purchase, and buying the product based on my excitment and joy from playing WotW.

I'm at a loss now as to buying or not buying book two and contiuing on with it, espcially since the group is loving the adventure. So much so I've found myself singing up here on Paizo finally looking for answers and to add my own 2 cents to the frustation that everyone here is experience. :-(

I regained that hope this summer when I saw his updates on KS, the new art and a promise of SOON(tm). But again, silence for months on end and really a project that looks like it's dead in the water, beyond the occasinal tease and bait promise. Like the steam's early access came to tabletop, buy it and hope it finishes or at least isn't a money sink and flop.

I really feel for all of you who backed this KS. Had I been introduced to this a littler earlier than I was, I know I would be in with you guys giving money to this project. Infact it was one of the things that first let me to finding out the problems, becuase I wanted to see if I could still donate to them and get in on the fun and goodies that the backers would receive.

Anyways I'll [/end lamentations] here.

Is their a chance anyone could help me with a little of that googling for the Azathyr map?