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Sweet story.


So I thought this scenario was great. Super cool story and fun stuff going on. But there was something that kinda really bugged me.

In one part the only way to succeed is with a SUPER high trained only skill DC and have no alternatives and have it cause a loss of gold. That's just really upsetting. It's so high that people that are good at the skill have a large chance of failing.

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Good but one major problem


So I liked this scenario well enough, but it brought in a mechanic that's been in at least one other scenario that I've had a big problem with, Favor points.
I have no issue with the concept, BUT I've had 3 GM's who ran either this or the other one and completely missed the little box that says you start with 10 favor points. Thus all 3 of them thought that the table only had gained 9 favor points and thus had to suffer the consequences for not having 10 or more.
My big question is why start off at 10? Why not start at 0 and say if they have less than 0 points they have the bad consequence? That or really make it clear and in like 3 places that the party starts off with 10. Like maybe when it says, if the party has 10 or more (they started with 10) ...
That's been my biggest issue, try really hard to be a good pathfinder, and feel punished cause you weren't good enough to later find out that you should have been super in the clear.

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Broke scenario?


So we ended up killing the flying thing the first time we saw it, so the GM said we broke the scenario cause it couldn't lead us away like it was supposed to, so he made something up to help us get to the cave.

The swarms are killer, GM said that the torches were to help us fight the swarms, but that didn't work since you couldn't attack the swarms with them, and he didn't know how the torches were supposed to help us, so he just made something up, since we had very little we could do against them, hence why we focused the other guy and dropped him fast.

We didn't have anyone that could use the speak with plants so we just had the scroll and we used it on the tree that wouldn't talk with us. It's annoying that it says to follow the rules and not sneak out or carry weapons but the GM said the scenario expected us to get our weapons back and to sneak out at night.

Also we were supper lucky that one guy had a decent knowledge check at a +8, otherwise we'd have known absolutely nothing and not had any way to find anything out.