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In extremely cold emotionless circumstances, one way to make people have empathy and feel your pain is to literally force them to SHARE your pain: eg. In a closed room with few exits, you could tell the other characters your tale of woe with tears in your eyes and just as you say "I feel so low that I want to end it all" you take out an explosive device and blow everybody up including yourself! That will have impact and make people think.

QUOTE: The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose - James A. Baldwin

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1. THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING: A charismatic peasant leader claiming to be Aroden Reborn has begun using his (lawful) cult to infiltrate the courts of Taldor in order to route out corruption and bring back the glory days of the Taldan Empire. The PCS are sent to find him and discover his true motives and how he is able to influence so many or whether he is simply another false prophet.

2. THE SECRET SIX aka TAKEN IN TALDOR: To weaken its old enemy, Qadira has sent SIX Master assassins to kill key members of Taldan society.
Each part of the Adventure Path is the hunt for a particular Qadiran assassin and each assassin has...
a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over very long careers.
Skills that make them a nightmare for Taldans like you!

3. THE EMPIRE AWAKENS: A group of gnomish Taldan rogues have uncovered a buried "Time Gate" and went far back in time to steal valuable treasures from the ancient past when Taldor was at the height of its power,
but they have uncovered more than they bargained for...The Time Gate was a weapon of war, used during the Shining Crusade to combat the necromancer Tar-Baphon and this lost artifact has begun to resurrect a massive Taldan army of the past to enforce their “Imperial Crusade” on the present.