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Killed giants. Met peasants. Discussed bears.

Rocks fall, everyone dies.

New one will be competitive?

Since my group does not play well against each other, looks like we might be skipping that one . . .

Platypus wrote:
My Alahazra runs with all three Cure spells (I don't use the expansion pack because I feel the extra Cure spells make the game too easy). She has a few attack spells (can't adventure without an attack ready) and also runs a few Find Traps because they're awesome.

Interesting. I only need one cure spell because we have a bard and Damiel too with heals. Also Alahazra can cycle through her deck so fast that you will have cure in hand by turn 3 at the latest, then can cast, discard to discard pile and recover using hero power at the end of the turn, so one seems plenty.

We usually have Alahazra start and use all her scouting powers, then depending on what is reavealed and what is left in her hand, she can usually do something (encounter a boon etc).

Then at the end of her turn her hand will reset and I try not to blow them all on scouting until more scouting is needed/desired etc. depending on what the party/scenario needs/current player needs are so that I still have some semblance of a hand by the time the turn comes back to me. Then have turn and blow any extras on scouting and reset hand, rinse and repeat.

If you have emptied your hand of cards (or mostly of cards) there is no real downside to having a free swing at something as you take no (or little) damage.

I generally run with only 1 (or at most 2) attack spells as I generally don't bother attacking anyway and you can get it back from your discard pile once used. One of the ones that can last the whole round on display is great.

Other than that, lots of utility spells, find traps, cure, buoyancy (was coupled with dolphins early on), aid . . .

Also if a card has multiple checks to defeat/acquire, the character whose turn it is must do one of the checks, but the other checks can be done by other characters at the location.

In S&S there are often benefits to being with the ship in the group (being able to encounter ships for plunder, move with the ship, and items such as Besmaran Tricorn which buff characters on a ship).

But there are also cards and situations that punish characters sticking together (ship taking hull damage every turn, facing monsters at the start of a turn, traps/tasks affecting everyone at a location etc.) so along with character power considerations there are also other issues to consider.

Ok, so the bit I was arguing about was right (that I can use my +2 knowledge, that was the controversial but) but none of us had realised the bit about only using the dice from the appropriate stat, so glad I mentioned it!

I have something to check on this too :)

I have intelligence dice of d6, knowledge skill of +2 (under int) and am to make an intelligence or knowledge check.

I elect to make a "knowledge roll" and use my Ruby of Charisma to change to my charisma skill which is d12+2. Does this become d12+4 because I have the knowledge skill? I thought it would, there was some argument from my fellow table mates, but I talked them around.

This is a great spell, my Alahazra fell to her knees and wept when she got one ;)

Didn't realise you could play it out of turn, but that makes it superb. There are many tasks etc that cause you to have to fight and if it's a combat check this will be very useful, allowing multiple attacks right through to the end of your turn. And if you need a bit of extra oomph discard for the extra damage.

Because it is the flaming sphere kinda thing, I was imagining that you cast it, then you are concentrating to redirect it to a new target, so it makes sense to me that a redirection counts as "using" the spell and no other spell cast with that check?

I know I am enjoying S&S more than ROTRL mainly because I have played half of the S&S RPG campaign and the game makes more sense and has more depth when you know more of the backstory. Not only does the scenario make more sense, but you can see why the scenario design is done the way it is and interpret it. For example the first scenario where you start off with one card and build up as you defeat henchmen, which mimics being pressganged with nothing then slowly building up your strength and equipment on the ship. This is not explicitly stated as the story reason for why the scenario is written the way it is and I am sure many people would not have considered the "why" of the story and just accepted the mechanics at face value. I did this is ROTRL.

Sadly we are playing through the ACG at a much faster rate than the RPG, so I am about to run out of plot :)

Thanks everyone, good to know :)

Agna's agressor line includes the following skill(s):

At the (□ start or) end of your turn, you may examine the top (□ or bottom) card of your location deck.

I thought this meant (when you tick the first box) that it would allow you to examine the top card of your location deck at the start of your turn and the end of your turn. Someone else argued that it would say "and/or" in that case. I would have found that totally convincing except for the two events being temporally distinct. It is obvious that the second check box would need "and/or" to allow the top and bottom card to be examined together for a counter example as they relate to a single potential action.

Any thoughts?

I have now managed to download the intro scenario, which has made things a lot less confusing. Before I would click on the links and just get a blank page, leaving me totally in the dark as to what if anything I was doing wrong.

Perhaps a page saying something like "Scenario not yet available, please check back on xx/xx/xxxx (estimated date of release)" would be helpful.

Having done this kind of thing for LG back in the day, I have managed to muddle my way through, but if I was completely new to this kind of thing I would probably just have given up long ago.

I guess things will be easier and clearer once it is all fully up and running.

After trawling through about 50 names we finally settled on:

The Pointy End

(although we use the Unfinished Business when peacefully acting like traders, and the Black Stiletto when . . . um . . . not sure, but we have a Gnome with a shoe fetish who designed the flipping 3 sided name plate)

Also we were keen on Plunderstruck, as the boarding song writes itself thanks to ACDC.