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Dancing Wind wrote:

Paizo staff does not respond to individual financial issues on the public forums.

Did you get an automatic acknowledgement that your email had been recieved? If so, you're in the queue and you'll just need to be patient until they reach you.

I emailed them through an initial customer service email they responded to. I’ll try shooting a new one, maybe that’ll put me back in queue. Thanks for the quick response.

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I just received my package a few days ago with all the books I bought, and have had a blast reading through them in preparation for Session 0 at my local library. However, I received duplicates of certain products I didn’t order, and I am missing Lost Omens: Mwangi Expanse. I tried emailing customer support about this, but they’ve been Radio-silent for a few days so I figured I’d try my luck here, see if I’d get a quicker response.

On an unrelated but equally burning in my mind note: what’s the best third party supplement for ancestries involving Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Satyrs/Faun, Dragonborn, and Bugbears? Or is there already P2E equivalents to those races? I remember reading somewhere that I could simply convert something from the bestiary into a ancestry, but I forgot what book and which page told me how. I don’t have a lot of spending money left after my initial Paizo buying spree, so I’d prefer something cheap and balanced if it’s available.