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"Who do I think I am that I should make such a declaration in my view of the Traditions? Why bless your heart; I am Eudora LaCassette of Clan Malkavian, Prince of Perle Perdu. I have faced Katrina's twin daughters of flood and flame when others ran or were overwhelmed. I have held back the black hand's bloody gauntlet while wearing lace. I have cut puppets free with a glance at their strings, and strung puppets of my own with a flutter of my lashes. I have waltzed with foes to the edge of oblivion and come back dancing alone time and time again. I do not just rule this city, sir. I am she, and she is I. You can't hear her whispers, you don't know her sorrows and rages, but I most surely do. Now, you have thirty seconds to apologize, or I shall show you the beauty of my city's dawn and have your ashes added to the collection of those who have wronged her in the past. You'd look lovely in brass." -Prince Eudora LaCasssette to a former rival.

(Pardon the repeat from elsewhere but it keeps things out in the open on its own thread)
The Camarilla, that greatest and most venerable of sects. It claims under its umbrella, all Kindred as its charges. Claims aside, most who know it, know better. Seven great clans (Six if you believe that the Gangrel Egress is going anywhere) make up the power structure and majority of their membership. Other Clans are either Independent or have, mostly, allied with the Sabbat! Mere Bloodlines struggle for acceptance, notice, and sometimes even permission to claim a haven in a city.

You ought to know, you're one of the atypical ones. Your blood is different from the 'Big Seven'. To paraphrase an old saying, you had to work twice as hard to get half as much. So much for the "Camarillan Dream".

And then, it happened, a Camarilla City, had not only its kine population depleted by flood and fire, but also faced the loss of over fifty percent of its kindred! Out of the wet ashes, a Malkavian Prince rose to power, and now, a decade later, the humans are back in the numbers they were before. Where there are humans, Kindred may feed and thrive!

Only the Prince has decided to embrace (no pun intended) what she calls "Cainite Diversity"! She has denied members of the seven Clans the right to settle in her domain directing them elsewhere! She has refused to let those few in the city sire. Instead, she has put out word that bloodlines and children of the rarer bloodlines will be not only tolerated but welcome and encouraged to thrive!

Of course, she's out of her damned mind! She's got to be making enemies right and left! But then, this is your chance. Whether you simply hope for a home, wish to try to gain influence in some aspect of the city before some Ventrue or Toreador can claim it instead, or hope to earn an embrace and increase your bloodline; this is likely your best bet. For once, your rarity helps get your foot in the door.
You are a Bloody Snowflake…

As you can tell, I'm embracing the weird for this one. It may turn out to be more of a world of shadow than flat out darkness. The Fictional City means I get to wing it a bit more, and frankly steal from any players who want to contribute what this setting has. Think New Orleans' less loved cousin and we work from there.

The PCs would start as Neonates in current times in the Fictional City of Perle Perdu, Louisiana. Most likely as new arrivals, but I might allow one or two to have always been there but now showing themselves.
Clans & Bloodlines allowed: the whole 'gimmick' is you get to play something odd, or at least rare, a non cam clan in a Camarilla setting. Here is what is allowed

Blood lines and Clan offshoots allowed: Daughters of Cacophony (Who can be male as well), Gargoyle, Kiasyd, Lasombra Antitribu, Assamite (Yes, they're trying to join the Cam as is a setting option) Vizier or Sorcerer, Old Clan Tzimsce (Who have Animalism, Auspex, and Dominate), Salubri, Samedi, True Brujah
Starting Generation 13th
Attributes - 7/5/3
Abilities - 13/9/5
Backgrounds – 6*
Virtues - 7
Disciplines - 4 (Rare out of Clan disciplines will need a reason)
Freebies - 21
Merits & Flaws - 7 & 7 max
*- Obviously some Backgrounds won't make sense if you arrive in a new city, but you can sort of 'pre purchase' and have things kind of fall in your lap in play, within reason. You probably won't have more than one dot in Influence at the start period.

I'll be trying to use the V20 rules. I don't have the new bloodlines book, but I'm open to merits or flaws from it if if you give me the details on game effect.

While some of you maybe off on 'solo moments' quite often, it's my hope that the 'we freaks are in this together ' factor will encourage a coterie or sorts… or at least reduce the chances war between PCs .
I'm going for a post rate of one every 3 days for me, and you guys responding within a day or two after that if possible. In solo moments it may matter less.

In addition to the stats, I would like to know the following things.
1) How old is your character and when was he/she embraced?
2) Why is your character in Perle Perdu? Obviously for a home, but did his or her sire send her, is her bloodline encouraging him her to establish room for growth for them all? Etc. Are they on a diplomatic mission, or on the run etc?
3) Related: What are your character's long term goals and dreams?
4) Does your character have mortal friends or family in the setting? Do they know of you even if (hopefully) they don't know you are a vampire?

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I may never have the confidence to try running Kingmaker myself, yet sometimes the urge strikes me. And with that urge comes ideas.

One thing I've noticed is that when you're building a kingdom, PCs often seem more willing to consider legacies and the like. I've seen some great ideas for noble brides, but it occurred to me that a young nation might have a demand for brides of all sorts.

So, as much to get the idea out on paper already as anything else, I made a few concepts and thought I'd share them.

My thought is, if I ever ran this, I'd have, sometime after the first town starts going, a demand for eligible women crop up. Ones that might be good for just flavor even if bound for NPCs instead of PCS, and each with a plot hook of one sort or another (Even if it's only a chance to show kindness). One day, a wagon would pull up, and out would step the ladies who've come here to gather husbands in a new land where they can make new lives.

Estrild Burrel- Estrild is a stocky lass in her early twenties, causing some to mistake her for fat. She's fairly strong as well, and not afraid of hard work. She keeps her brunette hair cut about shoulder length, and often puts it up when working in a kitchen or outside on a hot day chopping wood. Shes a fair cook, but will admit she's not as good with a needle if that's what a fellow is looking for in a wife. She also does hard labor as well as any man, and with no complaint, so she'll farm, lift heavy things, and get the job done. She's looking for a husband who is as unafraid of hard work as she is, and is rather no nonsense about her approach to marriage, or at least that's how she'd like folks to think of her. In truth, Estrild finds she has a weakness for flattery if she thinks its sincere. A fellow who works hard will earn her hand. A fellow who works hard, and then whispers how wonderful she is in her ear may win her heart and cause her to gush in a fashion she will blush about.

Gundred Capellarius- A tiefling woman who tries her best to hide the horns that curl on the side of her head with mixed results, Gundred is the embarrasment of the Capellarius noble family. This is an exile for her, but she's been raised all her life to believe its nothing less than she deserves. The flaxen haired woman is slender and studious by nature, finding a refuge in books that society rarely offers. Thus, this normally shy creature is most alive when discussing academic matters with someone as interested in them as she is. Gundred has been told she's probably going to end up with some country barbarian for a husband, and probably a drunk one if he can look past her tainted heritage. When she arrives, Gundred is probably in agreement that is the best she can hope for. Her self esteem, as you may have guessed, is shot. While not the best cook, she's got some skill with the needle. Her real talent is all that book learning, she's actually quite versed in more subjects than one, and multilingual to boot. A man who has education, intelligence, and a kind heart is most likely to win her over and help her see her own worth.

Isolda Capron- A gorgeous woman, Isolda Capron is shapely with lustrous raven hair and blue eyes that threaten to ensnare a man with a glance and she is aware of her charms. She knows how to sing, and dances quite well be it to a hearty jig or a more stately dance at a more formal ceremony. Alas, the young woman fears, however, she'll find no husband despite her advantages for she is barren. When her former husband discovered she could bear no child, he abandoned her. While a priest of Erastil could not restore her fertility, he did release her from her vows after a year and a day sans husband had passed, and suggest that perhaps, in these stolen lands, she might find a miracle. Isolda is not convinced her worth is bound to her womb, despite what many believe, but she knows that for some men, it is a deal breaker, and should a suitor present himself, she will be candid about her situation. She would like children, but barring that miracle spoke of, she'd likely settle for adoption. She is aware that, that flaw aside, she's a hell of a catch. Her cooking, sewing and cleaning skills are quite fine, but she's a bit fond of spices on the first, so her prospective husband better have a strong stomach for heat.

Margeria Drape- A halfling With light freckles and red hair (even on her feet), Margeria Drape stands out. This twenty five year old lass presents herself as 'the girl next door type' and is an excellent cook, able to make a man reluctant to ever pass on seconds. Indeed, she might be the best cook of the lot. She was warned there might not be many, if any, halfling men waiting for her, but claimed she wanted a chance anyway. The truth is, however, she doesn't expect to find a husband. She is using this as a cover to set up a station for the Bellflower network in this new land. She plans to 'seek a husband' fail, and just set up shop, probably serving food. The new place would become a half way house for escaped halfling slaves fleeing persecution in other lands and heading towards the River Kingdoms! Margeria shares the River Kingdom hatred of slavery, and hopes to do her part to help all those shackled. What she isn't counting on is that there might just be a handsome halfling fellow there after all who just doesn't fit in her plans, but she can't help but find rather enticing. Should he prove to hate slavery as much as she, she may just find herself falling... darn it, that's not how this is supposed to go!

Reynilda Lynge- A pretty if not gorgeous caramel haired woman of about nineteen, Reynelda Lynge is quick to praise any man of station, or wealth. Indeed, the more coin a man seems to have, the more the buxom girl hints what a fine wife she'd make to him. Though she tries to be subtle enough not to seem crude, the truth is, she is not that good at it and can come across as either too obviously brazen or only after a man for one thing. Yes, Reynilda Lynge isn't looking for a good man, or a handsome man, she's looking for a wealthy one and hopes to find one in this new frontier where entrepreneurs may abound. Any man who does marry her, and keeps her well funded, will find she spends precious little of the allowance she's offered on herself. You see, Reynilda is making payments to keep her mother and younger sister alive in Brevoy. Her mother is quite sickly, and the family was never rich even before father (Whose gambling debts put them in arears) died. Reynilda hopes to earn enough coin to send to her mother not just to make payments on their small home, but to eventually pay for a cleric's healing. She tells herself she's offering herself up as a wife, not a prostitute, but more and more she's wondering how much she's just lying to herself. She's become jaded about men, and would be startled to find one who offered to help just out of kindness sake and not for lust or greed of his own.

Xibyl Pannarius- To call Xibyl exotic would be to put it mildly. She's far from Taldor, and is of half Kelishite heritage giving her a rare complexion for the River Lands to be sure. Her nose is a bit pronounced (Something she's a touch sensitive about) but her eyes are dark with gold flecks and her lips curve easily into a smile. Xibyl is looking for a husband, but plans to take her time about it. She would prefer to marry for love, and is quite serious when she says that. She skipped out of an arranged marriage in Taldor, and left a rather rude note for both her father and would be husband that she was not a cow to be traded and milked at their convenience. She hopped on a series of ships and wagons, and just kept going west. She's really not sure how she got this far, but she's fairly sure she's finally beyond a vengeful groom's reach*. While she looks for love, she'll also be earning coin on the side, for she comes from a long line of silversmiths and is getting pretty good at it. She can be fiery and temperamental when her pride is pricked, but truly does want a man who she can love as an equal.

* Of course, she underestimates her scorned groom's pettiness. An assassin is on his way to kill her. Meaning she is (Unknown to her) a damsel in distress. When she finds this out (assuming she lives) she'll be furious

Ysabella Van Horten- This Auburn haired warrioress was once a member of a city guard. She lost her right (and dominant) arm in duty, and found the guard didn't have a need for a one armed woman as a member. Feeling useless and sorry for herself for a few weeks, a relation of hers pointed out that she was still a handsome woman and if she couldn't be a warrior, no doubt she could marry one and maybe help him out in some way. She did want to get married some day anyway right? Figuring there might be fighting men in the wilds who wouldn't mind a woman with similar interests (Even if she could no longer fight by his side regularly), the twenty three year old has her eyes out for a fellow who won't feel threatened by a woman who gives advice or at least talks shop on fighting styles and the like. Anything less, and she fears she'd go mad with boredom. She's trying to get in touch with her 'feminine side' but in truth, she'd rather drink a few pints and laugh at a tavern, or arm wrestle good naturedly than more traditional wifely duties. And she fears that'll be a strike against her. She's a terrible cook who could find a way to burn water.

Somewhere in Cheliax, a halfling is getting kicked in the side just for casting a shadow on one of his 'betters'. Somewhere in that devil corrupted heap of a nation that has lost its way, a slave half the size of those who hold her against her will, is watching her children being sold and traded right in front of her eyes. In every town of this cursed country, the word 'slip' is spat with hate, or delivered with a casual unthinking presumption of a status of non-person upon another sapient being. Lashes crack on all too small backs, and chains maybe used to bind the ankles of furry feet so freedom is that much harder to run to.

Let's face it, it sucks to be a halfling in Cheliax. But they're not, by any means, passively accepting of their fate. The Bellflower network grows its gardens of passage to get as many halflings smuggled to Andoran and other safe nations as possible. Halfling clerics hold secret prayer groups to help keep their flocks from losing all hope, and covertly risk spreading word that not all gods are dark ones, and not all favor human injustice over halfling freedom. Rogues and sneaks take the slurs cast about them and turn them into points of pride as they pick the "good Cheliaxian citizens" clean in order to help their own. And who knows? Perhaps the seemingly faithful servants who prepare the food of Cheliaxian nobles, or even offer expert shaves, perhaps some of them are merely waiting for the time when they can put something more in the soup, or cut more than facial hair.

I'm really hoping the AP has a strong Halfling element in at least one of the parts of it. I'd love to see at least one NPC with the Bellflower network who either asks the PCs for aid, offers it, or both. I'd like to see the PCs make choices on whether their rebellion is to include halflings as well as humans despite it possible costing them the support of those Cheliaxians who believe in human superiority, or if they'll pay the cost of pretending all those small folk don't exist in order to placate hatred in the now for some political advantage.

If one of the Powers That Be wants to chime in and hint about how much or little attention the halflings as part of the non-citizen citizenry will get in this Adventure Path, I'd love it!

But whether they do or not, are any Gamemaster types going to be bringing up this element for their own take on it? Do you have any suggestions on what the Bellflower Network, the few free halflings, and halfling slaves as well might do when suddenly a rebellion starts up in one Chelaxian city?

How would you make them a factor, if you are going to at all, that is?

Chapter Zero: It will never be home

Skeerwick is home to many beings, but there is no doubt it is a human city. The largest of the districts, the common district, is full of narrow streets with ramshackle buildings that would fall over if they weren't so tightly packed against each other for support. When it is time for work, for those of the poor who have work, the poverty wracked section of the city's population move like cattle to the better districts where the jobs are. When the evening breaks, they'll have to turn back... for the better classes are happy for their sweat, but do not want to look upon them. For those with no employment, the district becomes something of a ghost town. The sick who can afford neither cleric nor apothecary cough and hack as they wander aimlessly through the common district hoping their illness offers at least meager protection from pickpockets and thugs. Children run, often shoeless, like feral animals in the street. Beggars find spots here and there to beg for their needs, no small amount of them feigning injury, the shame of their lies long burned away by hunger.

You do not live in this district.

The Craft District is almost tucked away behind the Merchant district. Both are where the jobs lay, and one could not exist without the other, but the craft district focuses on making the goods, and so cares less that the unwashed residents of the common district can be seen toiling openly, mostly as porters and unskilled laborers. By law, only a limited number of non humans can be employed as part of a 'humans first' policy set by the Lord Mayor, and those of your race who come here are given worried looks by the lowly who fear you come to take their jobs, and resentful glares by human craftsmen who fear their goods will be overshadowed by dwarven quality. That latter is less and less a fear, for many dwarves of the youngest generation have neglected the skills that served their sires' sires so well.

You do not live in this district.

The Merchants district is the "face" of the craft district as well as the center of all trade. It is here the coin exchanges hands, and the well dressed merchants make sure that any employees they have are either acceptable enough not to disturb a customer's delicate sensibilities or are out of sight entirely. The merchants of Skeerwick like to boast they sell anything and everything with a smile, but they cringe if one of your people should come in. The dwarven gift for appraisal and shrewdness means their boasting claims are too oft revealed as being as fake as their substandard goods. That doesn't cause many from trying to sell human knock offs as elven or even dwaren make. Some dwarves may live here, but the prices on the stalls and shops are outrageous as the "Humans First" policy extends even to the real estate taxes. Most dwarves who tried soon learned better and left again.

You do not live in this district.

The Golden District is where the wealthy live, and if it is any comfort, almost everyone who is not wealthy is snubbed, regardless of race. The government lays here also, each politician of the city doing quite well for himself at the ironically named House of Right Honorables. Some dwarf nobles were allowed to settle here when the refugees came. Grand manor houses were built by dwarves for them... and then years later, laws were passed, forcing those same proud dwarves out. Their magnificent lairs were immediately seized by envious human plutarchs. Some dwarves, a very few, are employed as a novelty, and the dwarves have a right to send one representative to a monthly town council, but said representative's voice is often ignored or drowned out by a majority who could care less for him or any complaints his people may have.

You do not live in this district.

Somewhere between the stink and misery of the Common District, and the upraised wall of the backside of the Craft district, there is another district. The oldest houses here are of fine stone, and the finest of those (prudentially built with the best part of them under the surface so not to inspire too much envy) are truly manors in their own right. The newer houses show the influence of the common district's poverty, more wore down, less stable.

The Dwarven language can be heard here, but the words now mix with human ones, and more and more of the younger, particularly the poorer dwarves, low clans, and clanless, abandon the language of their forefathers all together. Many of them emulate humans, some even going as far as to shave off beards to try to fit in with a city that seems determined to NEVER let them fit in. Yet there are still those who hold pride in their heart, even if they stave off bitter resentment against their 'human hosts' for the choices their government makes. Well, some stave it off. Some remind themselves that not all humans are like that, and many dwarves are truly indebted to this or that kind human or at least his ancestor for the help that was given out of kindness. But it is a hard truth to hold onto when crime rises, traditions are lost, and your race is mocked and sidelined.

This is Dwarf Town. If you live in Skeerwick at all, you live here. But it will never be home.


An Elder Moot has been called, the first in quite awhile. Each High Clan will send one of their own honored elders to gather here in the half underground fort/palace known as Deephall. This might be only of mild interest to some dwarves, and an excuse to celebrate for others (For the people are in sore need of it), but for you, it is quite important. For you have each received summons, some by letter, some by direct commands, to present yourselves to the Moot and face the council of Elders themselves.

For they would have words with you.

But they're not ready for you, not yet. Any coming early to Deephall's doors are politely told that the elders have set the meeting hours from now. Find someway to pass your time.

And even in the slow decay that plagues Dwarf Town, there are ways to pass the time.

The Lost Pick Tavern appears to bustle as always. Dwarves enter in to drink their sorrows away, or warm themselves with tales of better days. Music can be heard and drifts out pleasantly, as does the smell of ale.

On another corner, a dwarven woman with little jewelry but garments made of fine and strong material calls out and gives a speech. Should you wish to listen, one has only to approach.

The hammering of a smith, a DWARVEN smith (And that means quality) comes from a local weapon shop.

And, not so far, one half crumbled stone dwelling, has dwarven women garishly dressed in a human style that bespeaks decadence and desperation both, faces painted but eyes vacant until one looks at them. Then they smile and their eyes light up as they promise any male who looks upon them delights and "A good time".

The choice of where to linger, and who to linger with, is yours.

And that's your cue to RP and find your 'voice'. I hope I've given you some options to get a feel for the place, though in truth, you won't be in Skeerwick and its Dwarf Town long :)

This is the discussion thread for our Throne of Night PbP.

For those wanting details on the Adventure's background and premise

Adventure Background:

Two hundred years ago, the greatest dwarven city in the world detonated without warning. For three days, eye-witnesses watched in horror as Dammerhall burned with black flame. All six of the great bridges that connected the mountain stronghold to the outside collapsed. The great gates were shut. No one escaped. Not a single survivor emerged from the doomed city.

Ever since that fateful day, the dwarves have tried to retake Dammerhall time and time again with no success. Most expeditions failed to find entry. A few perhaps managed and have never been seen again. The fate of Dammerhall remains a mystery.

What is no mystery is that for the last two hundred years, dwarven fortune has been in steep decline. With their capital destroyed the dwarven city-states fell to squabbling over who was the true heir of the high king. A dozen lesser dwarven kings declared their right to rule. The dwarven nation was split. So fractured, they became easy prey for enemies. Half of the surviving city-states would be destroyed within a century of the fall. Some were overrun by orcs. One was destroyed by a dragon. And most disgracefully, a few were destroyed by other dwarves in brutal civil war.

The surviving city-states turned in desperation to the kingdoms of men. These lesser dwarven rulers signed treaties of mutual defense and, in all but name, were annexed by the human realms. The kings of men were glad to have them. Dwarven craftsmanship, battle prowess and tenacity were legendary. Over the last century the human kingdoms have overrun the dwarves, not through might of arms, but through numbers. These days, men and dwarves live alongside one another. The dwarven city-states are all but gone. The dwarven tongue is rarely spoken. Dwarves are often regarded as another kind of man.

There may come a time in the very near future, where dwarves simply cease to exist as a separate people and are completely integrated into human society. Perhaps this is for the best. Perhaps dwarven glory is a thing best relegated to the past. Perhaps the future of the dwarven people is alongside the tribes of men.

There are a tiny handful of dwarves who cry nay! They see this integration as yet another defeat. There must be a new dwarven high king! But how can there be? The secret of forging true mithral has been forgotten. The regalia of the high king is lost. Dammerhall is destroyed. There is only one answer. Dammerhall must be reclaimed!

Another dwarven expedition has formed. They are not trying to enter the city from above. Instead, they have heard rumors of a seventh way into the city – a secret way. Dammerhall did not just trade with the surface. It also traded with the realms below. Find the dark road into Dammerhall and the dwarves may yet reclaim what has been lost. They may yet find a worthy high king who can reunite the scattered dwarven people and build a new kingdom over and among the bones of the old.

As for character creation, well, there's a lot to that.

Character Creation Info:

Character builds are with 25 points.
Race: I'm looking for a majority of dwarves, and things are going to be biased towards dwarves ruling. So at least 2/3rd of the PCs need to be Dwarves. If you have a concept that is not a dwarf, then I'll consider it, but competition for those 'slots' will be more fierce so I'd advise you make up a dwarf concept along with it just in case someone beats you out.

Of special note are traits (For Dwarves only) that allow you to modify your ability scores so you don't have to have the standard +2 Con, +2 Wisdom and -2 Cha. This makes the race more versatile and hopefully will encourage the dwarf focus.

The flavor text is meant as just that, so don't feel too pigeonholed. For example, If you want to make a scholar with the standard dwarven modifiers instead of using 'Scholar of the Ancients', don't! It will save that trait slot for something else.

Clever Hands
{I]You are born artisan, cunning and quick with your hands and mind. Whether you have chosen to use these gifts for noble pursuits or becoming a thief does not matter, you are mistrusted regardless by your fellow dwarves.[/I]
Benefit: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma

Respected Speaker
You are a rare dwarf who is both eloquent and a born leader. Your words are given extra consideration amongst your people. However, by dwarven standards you are physically inept.
Benefit: +2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength

Scholar of the Ancient Ways
You are a learned dwarf, well steeped in the ancient lore of your people. However, all this focus upon book learning has kept you away from more physical pursuits. You are thus small and sickly by dwarven standards.
Benefit: +2 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution

Trickster and Singer
Dwarves have a reputation as being a stolid, humorless people. But there are few dwarves, usually fine singers and storytellers, who are given leeway for being charismatic and quick of hand and wit. Of course, these brash tricksters are still often in trouble,
Benefit: +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom

Warrior of Legend
You were born for war. No one matches your prowess in battle, nor your personality, but alas also no one matches your recklessness.
Benefit: +2 Charisma, +2 Strength, -2 Wisdom

Classes allowed: I prefer Corebook, but I'll consider any 'official' class and/or archetype and trust you to an honor system not to abuse my ignorance too much :) I will say this adventure seems to shy away from Gunslingers, and so do I.

Divine characters will likely be asked to follow a "Patron", your celestial benefactor/god who will be designed by the group.

Druids and other nature lovers will likely want archetypes that focus on adventuring deep beneath the surface.


This campaign runs with a house rule that gives everyone two more skill
points per level. The PCs will often be on their own in the underworld for much of the campaign and will have difficulty relying on others for skills. This house rule will make them more self-reliant.
Campaign Traits:
Okay, in addition to the ability traits above, there are some more options provided by the book. A few are, in my opinion, a touch silly, others not so much. I also will be offering a few traits that are associated with homebrew "High Clans" if you so choose.

More on all those later if you're interested.

Starting Wealth: Average Wealth for Class

Now, in this early stage, a lot maybe subject to modification. So please let me know what you think, and any questions you may have.

It's been awhile since I've glanced at Dwarves of Golarion but it never seemed to really confirm if there were "High Clans", "Noble Clans" or just plain honored bloodlines. There were certainly dishonored bloodlines, the 'slag' descendents, so I figure the reverse must also apply.

So I'll probably be making my own, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any official ones in the setting? There's little point in reinventing the wheel if I don't have to. :)

Most of my gaming gets done in play by posts, so that maybe skewing what I'm seeing a bit, but there are times there seems a dearth of certain classes when recruitment starts up.

Of course, it varies depending on the Adventure Path. For example, Carrion Crown gets a fair share of clerics, and Skull and Shackles pretty much warns off any LG types so Paladins tend to be out.

But that sort of thing aside, I've noticed that rogues, fighters, and clerics seem out numbered by other classes that fill similar niches. One AP recruitment I saw had 6 Oracles, 3 Druids, and one Healing Patron Witch vs just one cleric. Another campaign had 5 barbarians submitted to one fighter.

So I was just curious if I'm seeing patterns that aren't there or not. Seeing as I'm still but a lost child in the Pathfinder Wilderness compared to many here, I thought I'd ask:

What are the most popular classes the players pick in the APs you run?
Which are the least popular?
And does it make a difference if it's your 'usual' gaming group or more open?
How much does the specific AP itself seem to change the odds of this or that class getting picked when it might not normally?

Do you think any particular classes deserve a little more love or attention in any future Adventure Paths?

I hope I've put this in the right part of the forums :)

Ok, I'm pretty new to Pathfinder, but I now have Andoran "Spirit of Liberty" in my hands. I love the feel of the country, but (and I know there is only so much room per page) I was wondering about the University of Almas.

It mentions lessons in bladework and callisthenics daily, but I have more questions. I'm assuming that it teaches philosophy, political and economic theory, perhaps the natural sciences, that sort of thing.

1) Does it have the University District all to itself, or are there more academies and the like sharing that same district with it?

2) Does it teach magic? The dueling blades and the like seem to indicate more martial than magical training.

3) Is the dueling encouraged by the university, or simply something that has occurred on the side? Are their paper tiger rules against it?

4) How much would tuition cost?

5) Beyond the knowledge itself that might be learned (A prize to be sure), are there any other benefits in Andoran society from having attended? Is it expected of those who wish to join the political process?

I realize the answer maybe "Well, you're the GM, do what you WANT to do with it" but if there is official mention in other sources about same I'd love to hear it, as well as just opinions of those who know the setting better than I and have already used it in their games.