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Are you still looking for a group?

While the basic idea is cool. It seems if they are just like playing cards they are going to move around a lot with even slight movements to the table or minis. I would prefer something heavier.

Yep, took off half-Thursday and all Friday. Gearing up for my campaign starting next week.

Hello all,
I'm doing some fund-raising for the American Diabetes Association via Tour De Cure. This is actually my final day for this fund-raiser.

If you are interested in learning more or making a donation, please go here:

Actually the Glory domain is in the SRD (under the Additional domain section, not with all the other domains).

SRD wrote:

Glory Domain
Granted Power
Turn undead with a +2 bonus on the turning check and +1d6 to the turning damage roll.

Glory Domain Spells
Disrupt undead
Bless weapon
Searing light
Holy smite
Holy sword
Bolt of glory
Crown of glory

I'm not sure it is worth it. GameMaster has been part of the gaming universe for a long time. It ties in with their Gamemastery line. If it fits your group to call it DM, nothing is stopping you.

I am staying close to Sykala and between her and the Girallon. If the Girallon is within striking distance, I will strike him. Otherwise I am reading an action to hit him if he comes to me.

Raging, overhand chop (1d20 8=20, 2d6 11=16)

GenCon was a blast. I highly suggest it for anyone who has not gone. My buddy that tagged along and I have both gamed since the early 80's and this was our first. You gotta go at least once. My GenCon notes are at: otes&page=1#697821

GeraintElberion wrote:
How many pages are these (thinking about printing pdfs)?

15-17 pages. Three of the pages are cover, title page and scenario chronicle

I agree, Silken Caravan should be the last one. It was brutal for a lot of groups at first level. The others were about the same level of difficulty

I'm eventually going to blog and flesh this out...but here are some notes before I forget if you are interested...

After settling into our hotel my buddy, Ray, and I headed into the city to grab some food at the Old Spaghetti Factory, but after parking we noticed all the GenCon bags roaming around. Realizing we were close to the Convention Center and freebies might be lingering we popped over and were able to get some administrative stuff out of the way (like picking up my badge and tickets and grabbing some generic tickets) and grab a bag off goodies. The goodies bag included a GenCon 2008 die from Crystal Caste and a random Q-Workshop die, some coupons, a deck of magic cards, and some other stuff I am sure I am forgetting.
We then decided to walk over to a party that had been posted on the Paizo boards, After walking around for an awfully long time we decided we really needed to get food. We were heading back to the Old Spaghetti factory when we changed our minds and dipped in to a Sush restaurant to drop some cash and grab some sushi and saki.

We decided to make one more attempt to find the party, so we picked up the car, armed with a GPS and finally found the hotel. We had actually been no more han 20 feet from it earlier but had turned around before we caught sight of the sign.

We got to the room which was packed by at least 30 people (more were in the lobby and halls) and were immediately greeted by the hostess Nam who invited us to a game of Heroscape. I’ve seen this game in stores but never played it. We were pretty loose with the rules and we gradually rotated people in. I started with a faction of magma men. Since I didn’t know what the hell I was doing I managed to start on the furthest point from the most strategically advantageous point on the map for me (the volcanic area). I tried to build an alliance with Ray’s dwarven army (since he had also not played the game before) figuring Nam’s angel troops were going to kick our butts otherwise. Well it worked briefly when Ray decided that he wanted more of his guys to attack and he couldn't reach Nam’s forces. Trapped between Nam and Ray, I built an alliance with Nam (we had beat each other down pretty severely) against Ray. A fourth player popped in at this point and started snipping all of us. I ended up surviving with one creature while Ray and Nam’s forces were completely destroyed. I found myself at the most disadvantageous spot since he was across a lake actually better in the water than where he was) and well Water is my weakness. He also had ranged attacks and I did not unless I reached the Magma fields which meant that I had to head into his firing. More players started joined in as well as Ray and Nam with new forces. The factions consisted of everything from a mighty barbarian, a dragon, gunslingers and lost more stuff I can’t remember.

While they were battling I was just trying to elude them and get to the magma fields. We ended up getting kicked out of the room before we finished, so I had the only starting character that survived.

We headed back to the hotel room around 11pm
GenCon Day 1
I started my day off at the Pathfinder Society Scenario The Silent Tide. I’m not going to include any spoilers so feel free to read on.

This was one of the two slots, Ray and I would be teaming up.. I was playing a spiked chain fighter and Andoran exile, Fyodor Hobbes. In case you are interested here’s Hobbes’ story

We grabbed some lunch at the Old Spaghetti factory which was a place I discovered when my wife and I went to Sacramento earlier this year. Great deal, you can get an bread, entree, salad or soup, drink and dessert for $10. That made up for the sushi and saki dinner the night before. 
We took a look at some of the vendors which had everything from rows of dice to some incredible furniture and art. I saw the dude who played Chewbacca but didn't go get his autograph, because well...come on...if you’re Chewbacca all you had to do was be tall and run around in an ape-ish costume. Beside I am sure I heard he died a few years ago and by the looks of it I'm not so sure he didn't. In any case, he was scary in a homicidal muppet sort of way.
I found a gaming table by Geek Chic that I really like for only $10,000. I was planning to build one for $200 so now I have to reassess because after all I must have the coolest game room in the world. Honestly, it was nice and functional. It was built for wargaming in mind too, so it is not optimized for role-playing in my opinion. Plus it’s 10 grand...ridiculous.
I bounced around the Paizo booth quite a few times which is strange since I pretty much already know their product line by heart and own most of their products. I picked up a few missing items like the module, Into the haunted forest, the print edition of the Pathfinder RPG beta rules, Rise of the Runelords dice set, and the Limited edition cover of Pathfinder #13. Good thing I grabbed the Beta Rules when I did since they sold out quickly. They were also making it available as a free download and 1000 downloads occurred within 1 hour.
There was a chic in a chainmail bikini; I believe she was one of the actors from the Gamers:Dorkness Rising movie. She was pretty much all over me until some epic-level geek (there is irony there but you won't get it unless you are in fact versed in geeky ways) came by and tried to get her to remember him from another conference years ago. Like the chainmail bikini chic is going to remember one geek of the thousands that fondle her every years. Anyway Ray was taking a picture of the chainmail bikini chic all over me but he didn't get the picture, the uber geek comes and screws up my game and then Ray snapped the picture. She was all over me...Really.
Ray and I went to the Paizo delve which was a scenario where you and three other adventurers are trying to survive for 15 minutes while waves of undead come to destroy the village of Falcon's Hallow. You gained keys through three goals: Find a sacred book, survive for 15 minutes and find hidden villagers. You lose a point if one townsperson dies and all your points if more die). The particular undead you are fighting was determined randomly, so we ended up fighting 12 zombies and 6 cult adepts. I was actually pretty confident since Zombies are slow and I had lots of turning. I expected if we could wipe out the cultists, I could destroy the undead easily. Well didn't really need to worry about that since our Seoni's well placed fireball hit all our enemies and easily destroyed all the zombies and caused havoc on the cultists. At that point the fighter (Ray) and the rogue ended up wiping out the enemies while I kept my channel ability going to keep them alive while causing a little damage to the cultists. In any case we were the first to win all three keys. Out of all 12 keys (three per party member), only one of mine opened the Paizo treasure chest. I ended up winning a map pack. I tried to give it to the MVP of our team, but she didn't want it so I kept it for myself.
While wandering around I met Wolfgang Baur. I have been intrigued by his open game design line which is a throwback to the old days when people wrote books because people sponsored them. In this project, you contribute money to help advise on the development of a publication. Typically only the sponsors get the book (or the full book or get it exclusively for the first few years or something). Anyway we chatted for a bit and he seemed like a pretty cool guy. I need to pop back to get one of my books signed.
At about five-ish we headed over to a seminar on writing for Paizo which was a bit less informative than I expected (glad I didn't pay). It could have been summed up with: We are not ready for submission, but things are coming.

GenCon Day 2
I knew this was going to be a hell day. I had events scheduled from 8am Friday to 1am Saturday.

It started off with Murder on the Silken Caravan. (Still no spoilers coming). which was definitely the toughest of the scenerios. We barely avoided a TPK partly due to tough opposition in one battle and party due to a utterly stupid mistake on my part which knocked me out the first round.

Browsed more of the vendor area, I checked out Wizards. Crystal Caste, Hirst Arts, the art show, Dungeon Forge, Fat Dragon and quite a few third party publishers. I was still tempering myself so I didn’t over-purchase. I will say there was probably about $400 worth of minis I wanted, a few hundred dollars worth of dice about $150 of Hirst Arts molds and maybe $1000 of Dwarven Forge stuff.

I also headed over to see the movie the gamers, but the movie schedule was all screwed I ended up ducking into “A Great Disturbance” which was a mockumentrary following five Star Wars fans around a convention. Hilarious. One of the funniest things I’ve watched in a long time.

I ended up having to head back to the hotel room since I forgot the tickets to Ascention of the Drow. This also meant I missed one Paizo Seminar: “Sticking with 3.5, and the future of Paizo”.

I got back to the Con and went to the Paizo room. Ascension of the Drow was a semi-LARP/semi-Tabletop RPG with 126 people playing different characters in a one night battle to crown a new king as demanded by the patron Demon Lords.

Possible very minor spoilers (I really don’t know):


I was assigned the character Shaddrack of House Azranae. He was a spiked chain fighter who had just returned from a pilgrimage to test his mettle in the surface world. He was considered the most powerful warrior in the city of Drow. Asranae was one of the greater houses but within our house their was a faction of lords and the young up and comers. I was a member of the latter. The head of the house was a lich. I had some pretty hellacious special abilities including the ability to intimidate an entire army or completely control an army of House Asranae. I was also able to call upon a special force of Asranae to do my bidding and finally I had the ability to succeed at any one knowledge check of any DC. Because our estate was the most defensible and the fact that we had the single most powerful caster and single most powerful warrior, I did not fear an attack from another house. My bigger threat was the lord of our house who I was trying to overthrow. In the end I got the loyalty of a majority of the house, but still needed a good way of taking down the lich. My plan was to let him deplete his energy and make a deal with the House of Assassins to eliminate him. Using my knowledge check to figure out a riddle I took possession of his phylactery. In the end that didn’t work because I could never contact my contact within the house of assassins (who I was going to make queen). Instead Shadrach’s brother, ended up destroying the Phylatchery and giving me sole control over the armies of House Asranae. The lich was wreaking havoc on other houses but I had to keep an eye on him, because he was in possession of a powerful book that might end the conflict, he didn’t know what it was though. I certainly didn’t want another house to get it. In the end I was double-crossed by a Half-drow in my employ who stole the book. House Asranae (minus the lich) sought vengeance and destroyed him. While we were gone the House was attacked and the lich went to defend it and defeated the oncoming forces. Another house came to attack us and I eliminated the army through an intimidation so it ended being just player on player. Then before the first roll a king was crowned.

The event was incredibly chaotic (some ways good, some ways bad). There needed to be better reconciliation of how alliances and battles were done, because the character sheets was actually pretty useless during most of the game. Our GM (Clinton J Boomer, one of the RPG Rockstar final four and a contributor to Pathfinder Campaign Setting) was INCREDIBLE. He was the best DM I played under and hopefully that will help me become a better one. In the end I had fun and hope the do it again. Got to the hotel around 2am.

GenCon Day 3
I was up at my Pathfinder Society event at 8am as usual. This time we played the Hydra’s fang Incident. This was my third session without a cleric so it was getting brutal.

I chilled a good part of the day and took pictures of some cool costumes. Finally went to the movies to catch “Gamers” but it had not started yet, so I stepped in to the room anyway and caught the tail end of a workshop where they were doing voice overs for an anime scene, They were using people from the audience and played the entire scene at the end with the audience’s voices. Pretty cool. Finally I got to see the “Gamers: and really was not impressed, especially after “A Great Disturbance”.

I also headed over to Chessex and after struggling with what dice set I wanted for a few days, finally pulled together my new game dice set. All black dice with either Gold, White or Red numbers. The Gold and Red set included one d20; one d12; two d10’s, one percentile, two d8’s, six d6’s, and two d4’s. The white numbered die have an additional six d6’s. I also got one white yes/no die. I actually have two more dice to finish this collection, but I am going to need to have the custom designed. This set was decided on because of ease of readability and the fact that the d4 has the number at the top of the die insted of the bottom. The regular sized dwarven metals also has this (but the small ones and Crystal Caste die have their numbers on the bottom of the D4). I also think the dwarven metals were too heavy; not to mention Iw ould have had to pay $250 instead of $25 to constuct this set. Can’t imagine the cost of getting customer matching dice.

I also spent a good amount of time hunting down autographs from paizo guys. I have a good number of them in my Campaign setting book.

Then I headed to the Pathfinder Preview seminar. Lots of good info. Lots of spoilers. The Paizo guys also solicited info from us regarding Psionics and Epic rules. Went to hotel around 7pm and chilled.

GenCon Day 4
This was a pretty light day. Once again, up for the 8am Pathfinder Society session (this time The Frozen Fingers of Midnight). My character had leveled up and, as had thee of my five party members. We also had a cleric and I had saved enough for some magical armor, so I expected to cruise through this one. The GM mentioned it was running a little short and said we should feel free to role-play more than we usually do. It was a great group dynamic and actually probably my favorite of the scenarios.

After that Ray and I went and picked up more stuff (combat maps and some minis for me) and about $200 worth of Pathfinder stuff for Ray (YAY!!! Another convert). Not much was going on so we decided to go head out, so we went back to the hotel and met up with my mother-in-law for dinner in Cincinnati before heading back to Atlanta.

It was a great time and a looong ride home. I am already planning to go next year and maybe grab more friends. A few things I will probably do different (1) GM instead of play, (2) Buy more stuff, (3) Get a hotel closer to the Convention center (we ended up paying 15-20 a day for parking anyway, not to mention gas and (4) bring more t-shirts or buy while I am there. I'll also take more pictures, go see more movies, and try to hook up with more evening games.

Things that worked out: (1) I picked out most of my must haves the first day, so I didn't miss out on anything and (2) had snacks and drinks in the backpack to reduce the amount of pricey food I bought.

Callum Finlayson wrote:

Taldorian bard --> skill ranks (4) + CHA (3) + skill focus (3) + performance artist (5) + masterwork hurdy-gurdy (2) = 17 = min 10gp, max 100gp, average 52.25gp

+4 CHA bumps the average to 56.75, 61.25 at 2nd level.

appears the masterwork instrument would not apply:

Day Job section of the Guide wrote:

Your roll may only consist of the following modifiers: Skill Ranks + Ability Score + any applicable feat bonuses.

Will the DMG Prestige classes be available as we advance?

How silly of me to doubt you. If I had one of Lilith's cookies, I'd offer you one...but I only have beer.

If people are Chelaxian,
And items are Chelish.
Are slaves considered "Chelaxian slaves" because they're people or "Chelish slaves" because they're considered property?

Azoun The Sage wrote:

Will I still be able to play this same character next year? If I can play the same character next year and am still lvl 1 will I be mixed in with a group of 3rd or higher lvl characters??

You will still be able to play the same character. If you didn't gain any experience between cons you would still be second level.

From the looks of it (I could be wrong here). The scenarios are built for two different "Tiers". For instance, if you look at the current scenario descriptions they are for Tier 1-2 or Tier 4-5 (probably by chaging some DCs and monster stats). So I expect you will be grouped according to the tier of an adventure.

Running into the same issue here.

Joshua J. Frost wrote:

Characters do NOT retire after the first year.

Characters retire at 12th level. The highest you could possibly be in the first year is level 9.

We won't give much thought to the exact nature of the character modifications that'll need to happen August 2009--we'll start on that about the time Jason finalizes the Beta rules into the final PRPG rules.

[Nitpicky]Shouldn't that be 10th level? 28 scenarios means you could ADVANCE 9 levels (with one scenario left over) Thus ending at 10th[/Nitpicky]

It is explained in the OP Guide. You can but there are some consequences to it including a loss of all your AP. I think there is a section call Changing factions in the faction Chapter...but I am not looking at it right now.

exile wrote:

Does anyone have any idea when event tickets go on sale again? Wednesday? Thursday? How flexible do you think the PFS events will be? Will it be possible to slip into one with generic tickets?


I believe you can start getting event tickets at 9 am on Wednesday.

Azzy wrote:
Bray Abbitt wrote:
Chapter 4: There are two step twos and no step three
That's because you do the two-step and then skip ahead to 4.

I don't dance the two step or anything else :)

I just downloaded the GenCon events list and here are the PF scenerios which still have open spots:

1pm Pathfinder Society Scenario #3: Murder on the Silken Caravan (8 spots)
1pm Pathfinder Society Scenario #4: The Frozen Fingers of Midnigh (26 spots)

8am Pathfinder Society Scenario #4: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight (20 spots)
1pm Pathfinder Society Scenario #2: The Hydra's Fang Incident (1 spot)

1pm Pathfinder Society Scenario #4: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight (1 slot)

8am Pathfinder Society Scenario #3: Murder on the Silken Caravan (12 spots)
1pm Pathfinder Society Scenario #1: The Silent Tide (11 spots)
1pm Pathfinder Society Scenario #2: The Hydra's Fang Incident (21 spots)

Chapter 4: There are two step twos and no step three

It's getting redundant, but thank you for all you do.

It just a big tease. Some dealers just like to play with the emotions of addicts before they give them their hit.

Thanks. I just got this Mac...I'm finding more small problems like this than I expected in light of all the fan advocacy over the past few years. Still a good system but not necessarily the improvement over windows I expected

Kerflop wrote:

I know there is talk of games at DragonCon but this is a totaly different request...

I currently travel to Hotlanta weekly and fly home for the weekend, so attending DragonCon is out. I stay in the Roswell area and can travel within a few miles of my hotel. Anyone interested in a couple times a month (maybe just one) getting together and playing PFS mods?


I'm looking to get together some people in the Roswell/Alpharetta areas for some PFS sessions. This little project got put on the back burner when I got hit with quite a few work projects, but I plan to pull something together soon after GenCon.

email me at bray (at) bray abbitt dot com if interested and let me know if you want to play/GM or both.

I found the problem..Apple Preview. I downloaded Adobe Reader and all is fine.

Hey guys the picture on Page 16 is surrounded by gibberish text which cuts off the text in most of the second column and above the pic in column one. I re personalized and re-downloaded it with the same effect. Is anyone else having this issue?

Nathan Nasif wrote:
I looked and could not find anywhere else this was mentioned, but on my downloads page there is no thumbnail for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. Should there be?

Yes, there should be. Two actually. One complete file and another split by chapter.

That's one of my favorite movies

Feedback: I didn't really like the idea of Rage points when I first read about them, though I understood the reasoning behind it. I think I was biased by the nomenclature more than anything. "Points" makes it feel very inorganic. However I could not find a suitable substitute.

Upon the first use of rage I have to say I like it. There is a good bit of control.

Though I did not use any of the rage powers it does give the player another dimension to consider. In my case, burning four extra rage points for powerful blow is a pretty significant investment. However if the battle would have worn on I would have started burning them to eek out any damage I could have. I love resource management, so this was a nice mechanic for my style.

One miscalculation on my part: Barbarian chew is not so useful with Alpha rules. I expect that it will need to be tweaked when the RPG roles out.

Tarren the Dungeon Master wrote:
Baas wrote:
A nice move away from the 'illiterate barbarian' character.

I always liked the idea of smart barbarians and dumb paladins. I'm not sure why.

Okay, I needed to catch up on some of the Alpha3 changes. I am firm on a 4th level Human barbarian now. I'll post up the history tomorrow but for starters he is a Shoanti exile who has spent most of his days as a mercenary of sorts to a family who collects antiquities.

Is the Golarian-specific equipment from the Adventure Paths available?

I'm looking at a Half-orc barbarian, cleric of Gorum or Barbarian/Cleric. A tribal outcast who has become a mercenary...more in a bit.

I'm interested

Cool. All interested parties please email me at

Carnivorous_Bean wrote:
I will support a company which supports American families rather than the People's Liberation Army slave-labor sweatshop factories.
roguerouge wrote:
Honestly, refusing to financially support companies that are invested in places like China (or S. Africa in the 1980s) is a perfectly legitimate rationale. I'd respect that as a reason not to play PfRPG.

When my mother was a teen, she lived on her own and worked in some of these overseas "sweatshops". I will admit some of them are nothing more than slave labor and there is a valid argument to companies utilizing those, but most are not. I think it is very important that we don't use hyperbole and lump these together. They may pay incredibly low wages by American standards, but they might not be that low in relationship to their country. Besides what do you think happens to those factory workers if there is no factory their at all? When my mother was a teen (and I believe to this day) the second largest industry was prostitution (right after the government).

You should also look at our stupid tax system which has done a pretty good job of creating inflation and artificially high wages which make it harder for the US to compete in world markets.

The Pathfinder Journal is actually my favorite feature of Pathfinder AP, which is strange since fiction in Dragon tended to my least favorite. It has made me excited about Pathfinder novels on the horizon. While I was a little disappointed at first to hear that the series will break away from Eando Kline, I am excited to see what authors will be able to do without this constraint. I expect they will each create a personae or a small group of personalities which they will be able to flesh out.

As the Pathfinder AP line matures I would like to see a tighter integration of the feature's topics like someone mentioned above. It seems this is occurring more frequently (not sure if that is purposeful).

The OP had nothing of interest for me,so I'll comment on his instead.

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:
Here in China, we have no problems with printing, having, after all, invented ink, paper, binding, and associated technologies a thousand or so years before the first caucasian Americans were distributing smallpox and syphillis to the new world

Here's something interesting:

Wikipedia:syphilis wrote:

The Columbian Exchange theory holds that syphilis was a New World disease brought back by Columbus and Martin Alonzo Pinzon. Supporters of the Columbian theory find syphilis lesions on pre-contact Native Americans and cite documentary evidence linking crewmen of Columbus's voyages to the Naples outbreak of 1494.[7] A recent study of the genes of venereal syphilis and related bacteria has supported this theory, by locating an intermediate disease between yaws and syphilis in Guyana, South America.

That scenario was listed in their FAQs and they squashed that idea. There is no real loophole because WotC can take away the license at any time for any reason. So if hey don;t like some workaround you came up with, they can still forbid you from using it.

Is there going to be a Paizo presence at DragonCon?

I'm considering starting a Pathfinder-specific Meetup group (in addition to promoting it in the more general RPG Meetup groups). This is going to be mostly to pull together players and GMs for organized play, but could also be used for running any sort of group.

One subscription allows up to three groups to be organized. From past experience I don't expect to do more than one

If anyone is interested in splitting the subscription with me then drop me a line. The cheapest (and longest) subscription is $72/six months. so it would be $24/person (average $4/person/mo)

If you go through the Meetup directory you can see if people are waiting on a RPG Meetup group to start in the area. Note you only see this when you click through the links not when you do a general search.

Here's a shortcut:

Nicolas Logue wrote:
Bray Abbitt wrote:

I know the GenCon scenarios will be available to participating GMs a few weeks before GenCon, but will these be available for home play after GenCon or are we moving on to new ones?

Hi Bray! They will be available for homeplay after the con wraps! Yes indeed!

Edit: And there will be two new ones every month thereafter until Origins, at which time there will be another four-scenario release for that con as well! Rock!

Thanks Nick!

A followup question: Will the scenarios have an expiration date? I assume they must expire by origins, but can they be played anytime in that season?

Michael Brock wrote:
Man this really sucks. I live in Dallas, GA. The closest store to me is Newnan that is about 75 miles away. Savannah and Athens are out of the question. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed I can get a copy on Monday. It is already bad enough I am going to miss the con exclusive at Gencon this year. I have every other Paizo D&D module so I guess I'll be up all night Sunday to Monday morning to get my copy. Any idea what time they will be available for order Monday morning?

Another threadjack. Is it an issue of time or money with GenCon? Me and a buddy are heading up so at the very least we can carpool, might be able to split a room (got to check)...anyway if you are interested email me at the above address.


PulpCruciFiction will you email me at AtlantaPathfinder (at) gmail dot com?

PulpCruciFiction wrote:

I feel your pain. I'm considering making the trek all the way down to Newnan tomorrow just to see what's there, but it's disheartening. Though to my knowledge, downtown Atlanta has zero gaming stores and the metro Atlanta area only has four, and even that is only if you count Duluth as part of metro Atlanta.

I considered that too or heading over to Athens. I'm fairly certain the reason it is not being done is there was not a good return on investment last year. all the stores I know of just put stacks out by the front door and people gobbled them up in the first few minutes of the day. I was the only person I know that got anything because I was there at store opening. Everyone I spoke to noted the same thing except one store which limited people to two items.

In any case they could have made an event around it but it seemed utterly unexciting other than picking up free stuff.

My advice is to fudge things. usually not a big fan, but the story is more important especially for younger players. watch his hit points and make sure he just survives battles he would have otherwise fallen. The pseudodragon isn't a bad idea. Having a little sidekick is fine, just make sure the focus stays on the protagonist.

Hey guys, I am stepping aside from this game. It appears that I finally have players for a Pathfinder campaign. I'm sure you shouldn't have any problems finding a sub.

Just as an aside...everytime I tried to come up with a martial character I kept thinking of by-brother-in-law's character from my last Eberron campaign: Jax a amnesiac, narcoleptic, ascetic warforged monk. Sounds completely off but he was a hell of a lot of fun. basically I allowed him a couple of exalted feats with a single really bad flaw basically he would fall "asleep" whenever he rolled a one in combat. this happened far more than we thought and at the absolute worst times (especially after he got multiple attacks). It also gave me the opportunity to provide foreshadowing visions/dreams that also tied into his unknown past. Anyway hope you all have as much fun.

One of the best, and under-rated, features of Monte Cooks' Ptolus was the textbook binding. If you have ever seen how well good textbooks hold up under abuse (students treat textbooks much worse than gamers treat gamebooks in my experience) you can see the value of this.

I know the GenCon scenarios will be available to participating GMs a few weeks before GenCon, but will these be available for home play after GenCon or are we moving on to new ones?

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