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I'm wanting to play a samurai, specifically a sword saint. I'm still fairly new to PFS. I'm continually hearing that samurai aren't good or easy to make viable. I'm building him for PFS so using the 20 point buy. I'm wanting to use a katana and have power attack and the step up feats. What do I need to do to make this guy fun and effective? Thanks for all the advice ahead of time.

I'm fairly new to Pathfinder and I want to make a samurai, specifically a sword saint. I've been told by numerous people that samurai are terrible over all and to not waste my time. I still want to try and make it work.

I'm interested in having a keen katana and having power attack and the step up feats.

Feed me some advice. Am I going about this all wrong or does it seem like this would work?


good info


sometimes nessissary

good idea

DonKeebals wrote:

I get a DIY feed on my Facebook page and found an awesome way to redesign RPG book covers.


Mark Moreland wrote:
Nice to get to know you better, Steve. I always find your contributions to the Paizo message boards positive and helpful, and am glad to see you featured here. Any chance we'll get to meet you in person at an upcoming US convention, or is that too far too travel?

Hi Steve

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I understand not everyone having a credit card. I don't have one myself, despite being a citizen of the U.S.A. you also not have an ATM or bank card? Either of those should be usable in much the same way as a credit card, though rather than being sent a bill and having to deal with interest, the money is just taken from the attached checking account.

If you don't have one... don't you have a bank? Can't you get one?

I ask not because I am trying to disparage you, I just really don't understand how you seem to be living in the modern world and yet are not experiencing basic modern amenities.

paypal would be awesome!

Steve Geddes wrote:

I use magazine boxes for all of the softcovers. The brand I use is perfect for two APs, two map folios and four player guides (which I get printed). I agree it's a little awkward to find a player guide, but I have them sorted and only keep a half dozen or so in each box (so all the "racial" companions together, for example.

I generally stack the hardcovers horizontally. I find that reduces the number of warped covers (something I have a problem with when it comes to paizo hardcovers stored normally).

Mine tend to stay in my bags unless I'm using them.

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Well yeah, no one cares about monks.

But, monks...