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I've found that my favorite RPG adventures involve cinematic scenes and I was looking for inspiration from any media source that other people have found to have great cinematic scenes. What are your favorites and why do they stand out to you?

(please, don't criticize other people's choice of favorites, let's just talk about what we like)

Would anyone have an extra spot in their car for a fellow gamer going to Portland, Oregon on Sunday? I'll contribute $20 to gas and match your schedule for departure.

As someone relatively new to both RPG Superstar and Golarion, I had a question regarding factions that I wanted to save until after the entries were complete for round two. In an effort to be prepared for round two, I read the Faction Guide cover to cover and one thing jumped out at me that I didn't understand; why is there a huge void in factions in the southern continent of the Inner Sea Region? I see both the Shackles Pirates and Red Mantis along the south west islands and the Risen Guard in Sothis just south of Absalom, but nothing in the rest of the southern lands. I thought Katapesh was the second largest city in the Inner Sea Region, yet is has no factions? Both Merab in Thuvia and Azir in Rahadoum looked like potentially viable faction locations as well. Is there some history that I've missed? Maybe this is explained in other books? What other reference materials would you recommend for someone seeking to learn the realm of Golarion? I do have the Inner Sea World Guide, Faction Guide, Cities of Golarion and Guide to Absalom. Thanks fellow gamers, all insight is welcome. Cheers!