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I am trying to compile a list of all the named NPCs that can be recruited to the PCs caravan in Jade Regent, as well as their basic info (alignment, gender, race, class, level, and whatever caravan jobs they qualify for). I'll try to list where they are recruited for ease of reference.

I'm mainly looking for the ones who are written in the AP to join the caravan, but as a separate section I'd be happy to list any of the normal Jade Regent NPCs not normally recruit-able whom you and your players added to your caravans.

I'll also have a section for third-party plugins, as I read a few exist for JR.

Here's what I have so far...

Original Caravan Group:
Sandru Vhiski (NG male human rogue (swashbuckler) 4)
- driver, guard, passenger, trader, wainwright
Koya Mvashti (CG female human cleric of Desna 4)
- fortune-teller, guard, healer passenger, spellcaster
Ameiko Kaijitsu (CG female human aristocrat 1/bard 3/rogue (rake) 1)
- cook, entertainer, fortune-teller, guard, passenger, spellcaster trader
Shalelu Andosana (CG female elf fighter 2/ranger 4)
- guard, passenger, scout
Bevelek (no stat info, Varisian)
- driver
- brother of Vankor
Vankor (no stat info, Varisian)
- driver
- brother of Bevelek

Other NPCs That Officially Join:
Brinewall Castle -
Spivey (GC female lyrakien azata cleric of Desna 3)
- can be guard, healer, spellcaster
- does not count against traveler total
- does increase consumption
Kelda Oxgutter (CN female human barbarian 3)
- driver, guard, scout
- free of charge for a few months, but may leave at Kalsgard

Ulf Gormundr (CN male human ranger (guide) 5)

Helgarval (Cassisian Angel helmet)

Forest of Spirits -
bonsai tree kami guy

Official NPCs that I've Read Creative Players Have Got to Join:
Brinestump Marsh -
Walthus Proudstump (CG male halfling ranger 3)
- 3 swamp vipers
4 Licktoad Goblins (We Be Goblins)
Skitterfoot (CE male ratling)
- taken as a familiar

Brinewall Castle -
Flatbelly (NE male ettercap)
- giant hunting spider companion
Zaiobe (CE female harpy oracle 2)
Slugwort (CE advanced ogre)

Kalsgard -
Wodes (NE advanced awakened raven druid 5)
- taken as a familiar

3rd Party Plug-In NPCs:
Miriya (no stat info available to me, from Legendary Games - Under Frozen Stars)
*There are also 3rd party plug-ins for relationship options for Kelda, Helgarval, and Spivey, I believe

Honorable Mention:
Hirelings: Into the Wild (IMHO, these guys are perfect for a caravan)
Naleksa Vijic (CG female human adept 1)
Anza the Jay (CN female human expert 2)
Jacobi (N male human commoner 1)
Anando Veresiri (LN male halfling aristocrat 2)

To Be Continued...

Entymal wrote:

For the darklands stuff, in my campaign I added a dungeon under the old sycamore, specifically from the whiptail centipede's deeper crevasse. When the players met some Duergar from the 3.5 module I tucked down there and started making demands, I had the duergar counter that they had other clans at their beck and call, yada yada, posturing and threats. Now, it links to the Darklands. It's a good, deep location.

Which module are you using for the Duergar? A deeper underground complex would fit perfectly there in my campaign.

Sandpoint is probably the most iconic setting in Pathfinder for me. I think it is by far the most fleshed out in terms of information and gaming material. It's in the comics, the Beginner Box, multiple APs...and I want to drop it into the Stolen Lands. Considering the whole of the Sandpoint Hinterlands map fits inside a single hex with room to spare, this should be easy.

My current plans are to replace Nivakta's Crossing with a slightly altered version of Kassen from CotE, and replace Fort Serenko with Sandpoint (with a lowered population). The character's earliest adventures will take place in these two towns, eventually earning enough notoriety to be noticed in Restov and receive the bandit charter.

As the campaign progresses, Sandpoint, being on the frontier and always somewhat independent minded, might declare for the PCs kingdom, especially if the PCs open up the Shrike for trade. Depending on the relations with Restov and Breovy's Noble Houses, this should play into the GoT political theater either in the background or otherwise, if the PCs take an active role.

By adding in the various goblin tribes and the cult of Lamashtu (as well as the extra kobolds from the Darkmoon Vale series) to the north, there will of course be interactions with Monster Kingdom in RRR. I'm looking to strike a balance here, not overwhelming the PCs kingdom on two fronts during RRR. I'm planing to let the players run the We Be Goblins series as a break in between sessions, hopefully endearing them to certain goblins they'll meet as NPCs (meta, i know, but it'll be fun). I'll be combining the WBG goblins with Fatmouth's tribe from the Beginner Box. This should allow the PCs the chance to ally with at least one goblin tribe and one kobold tribe, and maybe even a fledgling boggard tribe, before Monster Kingdom kicks off. Of course, I'll need to write for the other option of the PCs missing plot hooks to rid themselves of the cult threat before RRR kicks off, or they'll be screwed.

More to follow as I flesh this out. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

Thanks, Entymal! The cultists of Gyronna are really a sub-plot I'd like to expand on given their later connection in BFB, and the fact the PCs capital will most likely end up being built on a site with ties to the deity. I'm planning on using ley lines here and a few other choice locals that fit.

As for Candlemere, I'm still not 100% sure where to go with it. I have three major encounter sites that need a home, all suggested on these forums for Candlemere, that I need to sort. My current thoughts is it will be home to the City of Golden Death, which I think will fit the most smoothly in terms of location and level. The other suggestions from these forums I'm considering are the asteroid strike from Second Darkness, which is going in somewhere for sure, and the Skinsaw Murder house, which could be relocated rather easily.

I've already been thinking about incorporating some occult rituals into the campaign. Some of my imported content into Kingmaker is from Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (a treat for a few of my older players), and I can use the rituals to break Strahd's power over the land. This also lets me bring in a roving band of Varisian (Vistani) gypies and a Madame Eva/Baba Yaga combo NPC who will be the key to many occult events I have ideas for in the campaign (hopefully including a side-trip to Mother Russia to face a certain Mad Monk).

Last night I found Phantom Phenomena, which looks to be a series of Occult low-level adventures, so I plan to seed a couple of these around, but my front end levels are already pretty loaded with extra content (Crypt of the Everflame series, the Beginner Box quests, some other Sandpoint stuff and the Falcon's Hollow chain). I'm definitely looking for more occult content to round out the mid to high levels.

For Psionic content, I'm really hitting a brick wall. While I know that DSP's system can be fit into nearly any PF module, there aren't any that are standing out that fit, even among third-party stuff. I'm aware of DSP's own AP, Third Dawn, and I might draw some of the dromite stuff from it, but it's not really what I'm looking for. I know they'll be a few Darklands related quests in my campaign, so a possibility is to just swap out some PF druegar for DSP druegar, but I really want something that has a focus on Psionics. A search for modules on several sites has only turned up three modules that seem to be specifically written for psionics, unless my google-foo is completely failing me: Purple Mountain VI, Silvered Skull, and another random one that seemed to be the 1st part in a 3 part series, with no 2nd or 3rd parts. I've seen references to a module called The Opened Mind by DSP but haven't been able to find it.

I am working on a Kingmaker campaign for my new group of players, some of whom want to use classes from Occult Adventures and DSP's Ultimate Psionics. I'm looking for any advice on occult or psionic specific scenarios, modules or APs that I can draw content from that would fit into the Kingmaker campaign. I'm willing to do a reasonable amount of re-writing to make it fit, as I'll already be doing so to add a ton of content from other modules and ideas I've read here.

I'd also love any advice from those of you who've used either system (or both) in your Kingmaker campaigns. Are their certain monsters you've swapped out to occult abilities or psionics? Have you altered any encounters to add more of an occult feel? How have elements from either of these systems affected your campaign?


Yeah, my GM is the one who told me that SLAs met the requirement. I'll show him that FAQ and see what he says. He has a few builds that he's working on that use SLAs as well, so it looks like it's tanking it for both of us.

The Fate Inquisition gives me augury 1/day, so that meets the divine requirement for Mystic Theurge. The Dreamspeaker racial gives me dream 1/day, that meets the arcane. The Psychic Mage archetype should give me the effective manifester levels for cerebremancer, as I read it, but I could use clarification in that.