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Baeldwyn considered the apprentice's words of advise and then said slowly, "She's right, but wrong too, our memories make us who we are, and you might change, but you will keep those you have made as well." Baeldwyn pulled Emalliandra into a hug and said, "Regardless your family will be here for ya Emmie, and don't think for a moment that won't be the case." He gruffly growled then, "And if any of them aren't I'll introduce them to torment like they have never experienced before!"

"Excellent," Baeldwyn said, "you do have a brain after all." He began to pace back and forth as he spoke, "If Emmie chose to lose those memories, and subconsciously wanted them gone, then there is little that the divine could do since they have significant trouble f%&!ing with free will."

He stopped pacing and looked at both ladies as Baeldwyn said, "Now a psychic might be able to do it, if she's strong enough, but it will help if you want to remember now Emmie."

Baeldwyn gave a laugh at the girls reply and said, "Yeah, could be, but let us assume the best possible match for removing such a condition, why would a psychic succeed where said god wouldn't?" He reached out quickly and thwacked her on the head firmly. It wasn't enough to do any real harm but definitely got her attention, "Us your head girl, prove you know how to think."

Baeldwyn listened to what Medrinnah said and nodded sharply, "A good hypothesis but how do you account for the fact that divine intercession has already failed? Why would this work if that didn't?"

Baeldwyn looked at the door in a hurry and nearly lobbed some fire at it as Medrinnah entered, only Ema's arm knocking his aside stopped him. He glared at her and said, "What's the big idea ya fat, adle-pated, cow?! That could have been an enemy come to kill us by surprise!"
He turned his glare on Medrinnah and demanded, "Didn't no one teach you not to sneak up on wizards when they were wizarding you lite brat?!" he looked her over dismisively before saying, "Need ta grow up some more before you start hit on her, and I'm not interested in little girls so shoo," he made a flipping gesture with his hands. Ema just looked at Medrinnah carefully and watched how she reacted, for now.

Baeldwyn just laughed at all that was happening for a moment before he collected himself and siad, "You've become an ill tempered nag Emmie, maybe if you washed that mouth out with some soap you'd have better luck."

Baeldwyn turned to Victrix and said, "Yeah, you just might be able to break me into more than two pieces at that Wench!" He looked at Ema and said, "I like this one Emmie, she's got spunk."

Baeldwyn wrapped Ema in an embrace and squeezed her hard in a bear hug, "It's good to see you again Emmie, been too long girl." As he hugged her Baeldwyn squeezed hard enough there was a slight creaking of Ema's ribs before he let her go.

After Ema stepped back Baeldwyn watched her cast a spell to clean herself off and said, "Hah! Still the prissy b$&&~ aren't ya?! Can't handle a little nature getting on you." He laughed in amusement and rattled off a few more insults at her, pretty vile ones at that, and laughed hard at her return salvo before he said, "I know the Fop there," he pointed at Valentin, "But who's the ugly Green S+#& and the Pretty Blood Whore?" He looked straight at where Victrix let the stalker feed from her and seemed to recognize the significance of the mark.

It was right then that a gruff voice called out in a rude and heckling tone, "I see you're still a shameless slut ya Cow!" The sound of foot steps could be heard, a broken gate that couldn't belong to a normal person and as it approached a rather unpleasant odor was blown toward them on the wind. The figure was a...human man? It was hard to tell beneath the grime and the fact his body was twisted and deformed. He had a hunched back, his eyes off set slightly, his limbs disproportionate with slightly too large arms and too small legs, though both had a wiry muscularity about them.

The ugly little man looked Emalliandra over suggestively, all but stripping her with his eyes, and then seemed to dismiss what he saw in the beauty before him and said instead, "You've gone and gotten fat Ema," paused and then said insultingly, "Your brains getting soft too if you think I have an interest in this dump."

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It almost feels weird adding this since I know you're aware of most of it but here it is anyway. I've been playing primarily Pathfinder for the last 10 years or so and some 4.5 before that. I've GMd my home group at times and do so at Gen Con, and sometimes Origins now as well, over the last six or so years. While i tend to be a bit on the slower end of posting I do try to keep up and am good about letting people know when I will be absent for more than a couple of days.

Sample Game:

I admit it might seem like flattery but the linked one is.
Rise of the Runelords
This has been one of my favorite games I've been in and it is the longest running PbP game I've ever been in by far. Only problem is it's run by some Shadowyguy? Not sure what's up with that. ;-P You've done great picking it up and with Tyrant's Grasp so most any game you run I'll be up for.

Here is Drogeney's submission. I retooled the character as he didn't get selected in a different campaign. Fortunately the changes were easy to make.

good luck all.

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Here is Baeldwyn, let me know if there are any issues with the build. I know not bumping dex up is a strange choice but I was going for flavor over function on this. For those familiar with the Belgariod and Malorian yes this is an attempt at a character is inspired by Beldin.


human male kineticist 1
CG medium humanoid (human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +4

AC 13, touch 10, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +0 Dex)
hp 15 (1d8+7)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0

Speed 30 ft.
Melee kinetic blade +3 (1d6+1+3)

Ranged kinetic blast +0 (1d6+1++3)
Special Attacks ability 1 (uses per)
Spells (CL 1; concentration +4):

Str 16, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB +3;CMD 13
Feats WP: simpl; AP: light; toughness (1st), improved unarmed strike (hbf)
Traits time lost, mathematical prodigy (engineering), reacctionary
climb +7=+3+1+3
intimidate +3=-1+1+3
knowledge (dungeoneering) +6=+2+1+3
knowledge (local) +3=+2+1+0
perception +4=+0+1+3
sense motive +1=+0+1+0
stealth +6=+0+1+3
Background Skills
knowledge (engineering) +7=+2+1+3+1
profession (architect) +4=+0+1+3
Languages common, terran, dwarven
SQ burn (,) gather power
Combat Gear studded leather; Other Gear gear 1
Misc Gear backpack, belt pouch, blanket, trail rations (5 days), waterskin, artisan’s clothes, mess kit, traveler’s clothes, architect’s sketchbook (re-purposed spellbook), two sticks of charcoal, 2 gp
Special Abilities

Element Focus (earth) Kineticists who focus on the element of earth are called geokineticists. Geokineticists manipulate the earth itself, and they are masters of defensive techniques.
Class Skills: A geokineticist adds Climb and Knowledge (dungeoneering) to her list of class skills.
Earth Blast
Element(s) earth; Type simple blast (Sp); Level —; Burn 0
Blast Type: physical; Damage bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing
You shape earth into clumps or shards and send them flying at a foe.
Time Lost +2 Init


Kinetic Blade
Element(s) universal; Type form infusion; Level 1; Burn 1
Associated Blasts any
Saving Throw none
You form a weapon using your kinetic abilities. You create a nonreach, light or one-handed weapon in your hand formed of pure energy or elemental matter. (If you’re a telekineticist, you instead transfer the power of your kinetic blast to any object held in one hand.) The kinetic blade’s shape is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the damage dice, critical threat range, or critical multiplier of the kinetic blade, nor does it grant the kinetic blade any weapon special features. The object held by a telekineticist for this form infusion doesn’t prevent her from using gather power.
You can use this form infusion once as part of an attack action, a charge action, or a full-attack action in order to make melee attacks with your kinetic blade. Since it’s part of another action (and isn’t an action itself), using this wild talent doesn’t provoke any additional attacks of opportunity. The kinetic blade deals your kinetic blast damage on each hit (applying any modifiers to your kinetic blast’s damage as normal, but not your Strength modifier). The blade disappears at the end of your turn. The weapon deals the same damage type that your kinetic blast deals, and it interacts with Armor Class and spell resistance as normal for a blast of its type. Even if a telekineticist uses this power on a magic weapon or another unusual object, the attack doesn’t use any of the magic weapon’s bonuses or effects and simply deals the telekineticist’s blast damage. The kinetic blade doesn’t add the damage bonus from elemental overflow.

Wild Talents:

Basic Geokinesis (Sp)
Element(s) earth; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0
You can move up to 5 pounds per kineticist level of rocks, loose earth, sand, clay, and other similar materials up to 15 feet as a move action. You can search earthen and stone areas from a distance as if using the sift cantrip.

Description and Personality:
Baeldwyn is a short human man with a deformed body leaving him gnarled and hunchbacked. He has messy brown hair and muddy brown eyes. What he lacks in dexterity due to his deformity he makes up for it in strength. And intelligence.
Baeldwyn tends to be rather dirty with horrible manners enjoys a good fight and is incredibly rude. All of that leads many to dismiss him as a freak and treat him badly. Baeldwyn doesn’t care what they think of his looks, he knows he is hideous looking and so doesn’t care about his outwards appearance. He never carries a weapon instead relying on his fists and control over the very earth in a fight.

Despite his rude and cantankerous exterior Baeldwyn is very bright with a natural head for numbers. He has a mind capable of great creation and carries around a book that he draws designs in for different buildings he would like to one day build. He is also actually a caring person deep down, though he shows his affection crudely like so many things.

Baeldwyn was born in a small town in some country or another. He doesn’t really know nor care where it was as he ran away from an uncaring place when he was twelve. He ended up on the streets of Riddleport where he remained independent of the gangs and was generally left to his own devices after he showed them he wasn’t someone who would be an easy target.
Early on he showed great promise at mathematics but Baeldwyn’s attempts to join the Cyphermages never worked out as they wouldn’t take someone as hideous as him. He eventually began to draw, fanciful building, and then figured out ways to make them work. In the end he became something of an architect and builder, particularly once he began to find control over the earth, and started to make a bit of a name for himself.
Baeldwyn eventually was hired by a man in Roderick’s Cove to design a new a statue. His reception wasn’t great, which was normal, but something else felt off as well. There were things about the place that were familiar to him but he was sure he’d never been there before. The whole thing was rather disconcerting and he was about to leave commission or no when something happened that would draw him into a rather strange adventure that may lead to the answers and recognition he secretly seeks.