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I submitted an order (during this sale) and the payment request is in my bank account's Pending Payments queue. However, my Order History shows 0 items and a Status of Completed. It also states both that the $25.76 payment has been authorized at the bottom whilst the Order Total is $0.00 in the order section. Like the thread Order 9113387 (for a separate customer), my cart was left with my items still in it after I processed the payment so after a couple of minutes I removed them; when I later checked my Order History was wrong. :/

Can someone confirm that my 7 items have been ordered or if I have to re-submit? If required, I saved a pdf of the Order History page when it showed the correct information, (which has proven prudent). Any help will be much appreciated!

EDIT: I also have an e-mail confirmation of the real amounts.

Order of the Amber Die

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So great to see your name on the cover, Adam. This sounds like an awesome low-level jaunt with lots of variety, and whether as a standalone or the beginning of a new campaign, Roderic's Cove will be added to my list of places to visit in Varisia!