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I submitted an order (during this sale) and the payment request is in my bank account's Pending Payments queue. However, my Order History shows 0 items and a Status of Completed. It also states both that the $25.76 payment has been authorized at the bottom whilst the Order Total is $0.00 in the order section. Like the thread Order 9113387 (for a separate customer), my cart was left with my items still in it after I processed the payment so after a couple of minutes I removed them; when I later checked my Order History was wrong. :/

Can someone confirm that my 7 items have been ordered or if I have to re-submit? If required, I saved a pdf of the Order History page when it showed the correct information, (which has proven prudent). Any help will be much appreciated!

EDIT: I also have an e-mail confirmation of the real amounts.

In addition, I cannot add the same or different items to my Cart, with the attempt resulting in the message 'Your request produced an error'.

Paizo Employee Customer Service & Community Manager

It appears that this was resolved by Sam yesterday and shipped out today. If you are still having trouble wiht your cart, try logging out, closing your paizo.com window/tab and then relaunching the site. If the issue persists, please let us know.

If you haven't already, please review your recent order history to ensure we caught everything.

~sara marie

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