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This came across my desk today, it seems pretty right on in my opinion. What do you all think?

"The fact is, there are millions if not hundreds of millions of people in the Arab world who share the vision of Osama Bin Laden.

No matter how many times you apologize to them, no matter how many idiotic diplomats you send over there who think they're so wonderful because they went to Berkeley, one thing is clear: They only understand power, and they see that you're weak."

A German daily paper writes today:

"Three years after Obama's speech in Cairo which was supposed to initiate a new beginning in the Middle East, the United States now has even less support in the region than before.

"Naked hatred is raging against the country that millions of people regard as a symbol of freedom.

"When U.S. flags burn, embassies are vandalized and diplomats are murdered, it is an attack on the West and not just America.

"We rooted for the demonstrators at Tahrir Square, and many of us have longed to see democracy in the Arab nations. But democracy includes honoring the lives of fellow humans."

But we know those people can't honor the lives of fellow humans, especially infidels.

They used Obama. They used Hillary. They used the ambassador to get where they are.

And then they killed him."

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I'm following her to her next job! Get in line behind me fellas! LOL.
Booty call, booty call, boot, boot, boot!

Sun-Times article. This is what is happening in my town, how about yours? Can the police be allowed to do their job? The community has failed to keep violence down. I support stop & frisk.

Hey has anyone seen this flick? What did you think of it?

I don't like your politics.

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I agree with the article that gang bangers should be treated like terrorists. Living in Chicago I'm on the periphery of the violence but not out of the line of fire.
This conversation got derailed from another thread and hope to get some good back and forth dialogue.

Scarface & Communism

Everyone has seen the Scarface shirts and the mythology built around the character in hip hop culture. How many remember this scene and its message?

Ness & Mounty are Paladins, Malone is the Inquisitor

I recently saw this scene and it reminded me of some memorable encounters in our games.
The guy was already dead for those who did not know.

My falcion weilding Shaitan bad ass scored a crit on the party 1/2 Orc Barbarian Tank. I'm thinking about creative ways to replace his hand without using a regeneration spell or the like.
I was thinking something like Army of Darkness! Dwarves could construct a bad ass replacement of some kind.
Do you guys have any ideas?


Channeling positive energy coming soon! ;)

I encounter this question when I have flying creatures 10ft off the ground. Can you hit something that is 10ft off the ground with a non reach weapon?

Players say "well I'm 6ft tall and my arm is 3 feet long and my weapon is another 3ft so its logical I can reach"


What are your thoughts?

From the dragon and dungeon mags? I loved his sayings.

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Taylor Rain.

Your thoughts please.

Thank you!

Just reaching out to see if anyone knows about Greyhawk material that has been updated to 3.0/3.5.

I would love to run Vecna lives or Rary the Traitor to name a couple.


My D&D meetup group had a discussion about this. We are all in our 30's and 40's and grew up on the old game.
Not many younger people we meet have played 1st & 2nd edition and we are concerned that this could translate into the designs of what Pathfinder puts out. Does Pathfinder have their collective finger on the pulse of the "old school" gamer demographic?
I appreciate the feedback.


D&D/Pathfinder is not what it used to be. Players don't respect the DM like they did back in 2nd edition. Game Rules/mechanics debates at the table take the life out of the game
For now I'm thinking about just sticking with the Core book.

I took many of these online alignment tests and had different results. Mostly Neutral Good.

The economy, race relations, foreign affairs just to name a few have seriously gotten worse under his watch.

People are talking about topics that distract us from the real problems facing our nation.

President Obama in my opinion cares more about his re-election than doing the right thing for the USA.

Where are you Mr. President? We need a statesman NOT a politician.

A first generation American citizen.!

Sounds good so far.

Two questions.

"This spell has an alternative version that you may choose when casting it. A magic circle against evil can be focused inward rather than outward. When focused inward, the spell binds a non-good called creature (such as those called by the lesser planar binding, planar binding, and greater planar binding spells)"

How long does it take to prepare this? Can you do it while in combat? Or do the RAW just assume a caster would do it before summon spell.

2nd question is when a creature is trying to break through the protection. Does the mage add spell penetration & greater spell penetration to over come the SR?
Example would be if a Water elemental attempts to break through the magic circle centered on the wizard.

So is this spell like Web in the sense that if the tentacles do not grapple you the first round that you are in them you can move through the area unhindered, aside from the difficult terrain?

The 1st level spell Stone fist bypasses hardness but is it considered magic when confronted with DR/Magic?

I was wondering if a magic weapon/item is dispelled for the 1d4 round duration it can latter be shattered.

From what I read the item loses all magical properties for the duration. If it is not heavier that 10 lbs per caster level I can see it getting shattered on a failed save.


I was just watching the clip from LOTR.
Whats was going on here in game terms?
The Balrogs flame blade got sundered on a globe centered on Gandalf. The Balrog was not able to go forward.

My mage took damage while casting and I was told the +4 to concentration only applies while grappling and casting on the defensive. Is this right?

I'm playing an adjuration specialist and use this spell often. Question is this. When confronting summoned/called opponents can the spell caster corner them as long as they do not press the barrier on them. I know that a creature can break through with a successful SR. I'm imagining cornering them in a room for example.

Another question is no that the protection radius is 10ft from me my party members stay within that sphere while attacking opponents. Are summoned/called creatures allowed to strike them while they are inside? Can the PC's strike out from the protection spell?

Can the spell caster keep the protection up against called / summoned creatures and strike out at range? Can the spell caster use spectral hand and keep the protection up vs called/summoned creatures?

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,

I'm a 5th level Abjuration specialist with Enchantment/Illusion as my prohibited schools. What 2 spells & feat would you choose & why?

If your casting a ray or an orb do you need precise shot to avoid the
-4 penalty?

Unstable Bonds (Su): At 1st level, your touch can disrupt the bonds that hold a summoned or called creature on this plane. As a melee touch attack, you can cause a summoned or called creature to become shaken and staggered for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your wizard level (minimum 1). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier

So my 5th Wizard just touched an Outsider with this ability. Now it is Shaken and Staggered for 2 rounds. Next round can I touch the Outsider again so it gains the Frightened condition?

I'm playing Adellos Mayne, a bad ass 3rd level adjurer/banishment school wizard. He wades into combat with his mighty masterwork club and braces himself against the slings and arrows with Toughness!

While getting my butt kicked and giving a little back an enemy of the party became paralyzed. I'm adjacent to the foe, cast Shocking Grasp and go for a Coup de grac. The DM says NO WAY on the Coup de grac, its just an attack.

Now I believe I could have used the coup de grac with any spell, even a lowly ray of frost.

What do you all say?

Ancient Sensai you are my hero! Thank you for laying it all out and destroying the opposition. Liz Courts "big sister" shut the thread down b/c of it. Proves once again that at Paizo its bigoted or hateful only if the moderators don't agree with your views. I really wonder why she shut the thread down.

I like High on Fire to set the mood. Amon Amarth for battles and Homlet from Atari's Temple of elemental evil for traveling.


Let me get this straight. A caster can touch more than one foe in one round during his turn?

I like playing Humans for the feat and personality but it seems that the other races have more to offer a PC. Your thoughts....

I want to build a PC that is searching for insights about the great beyond. He might focus on the Divination school if hes a wizard. I'm looking at the Dark Tapestry for the Oracle as well. I vision the PC like a character straight out of H.P. Lovecraft many reads. So far I am coming up short on D&D solutions that translate Lovecraft. I had an idea about having the Codex of infinite planes be like the Necronomicon. Anyway that is background fluff, I would really appreciate any help. Starting at 1st level!


I'm reading this and I'm wondering if the temporary hit points go away if the Bard stops or changes his performance? Can the Bard keep performing every round to boost his hit points 2d10?

I remember DM'ing a low level game where the PC's infiltrated a Duergar mine as a distraction for a higher level party to infiltrate and take out a Beholder boss. There was a different adventure written for the higher level party and I'm wondering if it can be found anywhere. Not sure if you all remember but to get the adventures from the Living Greyhawk site you had to set up a game day or convention online so you can gain access to the adventures. Thanks!

Does anyone know how to access files that are from the old Living Greyhawk stuff? They were really good at fleshing out the environs, can be really valuable if they are used as generic settings in Golarion and they are pretty nice adventures. (long sentence)

What is your opinion on this. Do you allow one sneak attack even if the Rogue has multiple attacks? Is it fair to allow it/not allow it?

Takes one level of Sorceror just so he can cast Enlarge on himself.

Wondering if the Bard can use this spell to save his own butt?

After avoiding the Bard since 2nd edition I have been playing one now and at 8th level I consider him a hard core bad ass!

Introduction to Pike Macky the Savage Skald.

He's got an 18 str a 24 charisma. He can spring attack, inspire courage to pump his BAB bonus & damage an extra +2. He can Rage all spell casters with his skald ability in turn owning them completely.
He can Cacophonous call & Hideous laughter you effectively making you into a chump. Sound burst a group of Mages with +2 fort saves and their toast.
Suggestion? "Go get me a sandwich" Hold Person? "Makes my Bard into a killing machine.
Think of the guy from Dune and thats Pike Macky.
This guy has too many tools in the shed, I love playing him and my DM is scare of me!
Is the Bard the best Class to play solo? The hardest opponent to fight?

My group and I play every week and it seems like every time grapple comes up we have a discussion on what you can do if your the grappler, the grapplee and what each can do during the whole process. Now throw in Grab, multiple attacks and constriction and you can see how it might get confusing. Can some or has someone come up with a flow chart to illustrate and walk players through the mechanics of a Grapple?

I'm DM'ing a 11 level party. What can I and my players do to spead up combat? I really want encounters to go smoothly but we spend too much time getting bogged down in the mechanics of everything. Aside from obvious things like Roll to hit and Damage dice at once, what else is out there?

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