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HP/SP: 22/21 | EAC/KAC: 17/19 | Fort: +4; Ref: +5; Will: +1 | Init +2


English, French, Italian, Japanese, Lakota, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish


TN Android Mechanic 3 | Theme: Roboticist

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 11
Charisma 8

About Archeron

EAC/KAC: 10 base +5/7 armor +2 dex
BAB: 2

Speed: 30'

1) Rifle: +4 to hit EAC; 1d8+3f damage; 120' range
2) Tactical Pistol: +4 to hit KAC; 1d6+1 damage; 30' range; analog

*Computers r3 +11 | +14 w/skill focus
*Cultures r3 +7
*Engineering r3 +10
*Intimidation r3 +2
*Medicine r3 +10
*Perception r3 +4
*Physical Science r3 +10
*Profession (Software Engineer; int) r3 +10

Theme Features:
*Theme Knowledge (reduce engineering DC by 5 for identify creatures and technology. Computers is a class skill; if it's already a class skill, gain a +1 bonus to computers checks)

Racial Features:
*Constructed (+2 racial bonus to save vs. disease, mind-effecting effects, poison, and sleep, unless they specifically target constructs. Additionally, androids do not breathe or suffer the normal environmental effects of being in a vacuum)

*Flat Affect (-2 penalty to sense motive checks, but the DC to make sense motive checks against them increase by 2)

*Xenometric Android (Gain blindsense: vibration 30' and limited telepathy; replaces Upgrade Slot and Exceptional Vision)

Class Features:

*Custom Rig


*Weapon Specialization

*Artificial Intelligence (Exocortex)
- Combat Tracking (as a move action, target a creature; bab from mechanic levels equal mechanic level; proficiency with heavy armor and longarms; weapon specialization with long arms)
- Memory Module (1/day; reaction when not in combat; reroll a failed recall knowledge check; additionally, gain skill focus: Computers as a bonus feat which is disabled when combat tracking is enabled)
*Mechanic Trick
- Hack Directory (when a failing a computers check to hack, immediately become aware of any countermeasures that were activated by failure. Select one of these countermeasures and attempt another computers check with same DC. If the second check succeeds, prevent the countermeasure from activating, as if there was no initial failure. Any other countermeasures still activate)

*Amplified Glitch (standard action; 1 creature/level, no more than 30' apart; DC 15 +1/target +1.5x the highest CR of all targets; success shakens them for 1 round, +1 round per 5 by which dc is exceeded; after check, targets are immune to feat for 24 hours)

*Extended Telepathy (extend telepathy range to 60')

*Skill Focus (Computers)

*Synaptic Accelerator Mk I (Dex) +2 -1400

*Golemforged Plating, II (+5/7 EAC/KAC; Max Dex: 2; ACP: -2; Speed: -10'; Upgrade Slots: 1; Bulk: 3) -1610

*Azimuth Lazer Rifle (1d8F damage; targets EAC; range 120'; Critical: burn 1d6; cap: 20 charges; usage; 1; Bulk 1) -425

*Semi-Tactical Auto Pistol (1d6p damage; targets KAC; range 30'; special: Analog) -260

*Spare Standard Battery x2 -120
*30 explosive rounds -60
*Industrial Backpack -25
*Everyday Clothing -1

99 credits