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Captain Battletoad wrote:

While that's definitely the case for people who mostly derive their enjoyment from min-maxing (not saying it's bad since I love to do it, just talking specifically about the sub-set of people who primarily enjoy that), it's not a property inherent to the game. Pathfinder is not (for the most part) a competition. Because it's not a competition, there's no major driving requirement that you do the utmost damage/CC/whatever possible with your character unless that's just what you desire. If you're content with doing a bit less damage with X weapon or spell because you reeeeeally like the thought of your character using X weapon or spell, then the game very much is rewarding you by having that option that you want available.

Here, let me make it really simple for thee: read this Post, and allow its glorious wisdom to seep into thine mortal mind. If'n thou doth still object to the notion that relative power betwixt Pathfinder characters ith significant, please respondeth further in light of the knowledge thou hast gained.

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137ben wrote:

EDIT: And swordsage'd by Ashiel

Another Sign of their Divine Power!

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What is thine favorite starting level in Pathfinder?

Unrelatedly, hast thy magnificent mind utilized Spheres of Power yet? What doth thy think of it?

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Ashiel wrote:
I'd just like to say I love you Wraithstrike. My clerics will protect your pilgrims. :)

Indeed, we will:)

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Ashiel wrote:

I'll definitely agree that dodge bonuses need to be few and far between, or at least carefully weighed to determine cost vs benefit of them, since they do indeed stack across multiple sources.

I'd probably include a note in any new spell effect that said something along the lines of "this dodge bonus does not stack with any other magical effects that grant a dodge bonus, such as the haste spell or whatever the name of the spell we intend to add will be". :)

Ashiel wrote:
Though we might make it a luck bonus instead. Those are few and far between and a spell or thing that makes you more lucky would be appropriate.

But lo, I hath nothing more to add to thine Posts, excepting to say that thou doth spake truly, for so it ith written.

And NOW methinks it is ACTUALLY time for mine eyes to close in slumber, for it ith late.

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The Sword wrote:

Sorry Naeryn but quoting a section on character creation to justify nullifying the effect of a cursed magic item is what this discussion turned into. That was the point to which I was referring, it has been discussed in several posts further up and is not a straw man.

Before that it was about whether turning to undead was a forced alignment change. The reality is that undead are not a player race so if you want to play one it is stepping off the reservation rules wise. Ashiel has GMs that will let him play that, so it's not a problem. Period.

Lo, the Divine will of Lord Ashiel is hard to discern, perchance I shall strive to enunciate it for thee. When thee, The Sword, hast thine alignment warped unto Evil, the holy Smiting of Lady Ashiel shall harm thee moreso than one of Neutrality. Thy actions shalt not be warped, so hast Lord Ashiel specified. Until thou hast had thy alignment change back, thou shall suffer the game effects of an Evil alignment. There ith no negation of effects, merely an alignment altering Curse shall have only those effects proscribed unto the change by the rules.

Mayhaps I hath spake falsely, for true prophecy of the Will of our monarch is uncertain and not for those of minds, but methinks mine words shall ease thine Understanding.

Ashiel wrote:

Thanks! <(^-^)7

You're my only hope. :D

I might be anxious to see the new Star Wars... >_>

No, there is another.

And another.


Ashiel wrote:
bookrat wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

Ashiel is a Him, not a Her, btw.


Thank you. I think I get that wrong a lot. Sorry, Ashiel.

No worries. There's nothing wrong with being a girl so I've no problems being referred to as one (:P). I'm comfortable with whatever pronouns people want to refer to me with since it (shouldn't) have any impact on the validity of our shared discussion. :)

Also, thanks for the kind words earlier. (^.^)

For lo, the divine Ashiel is above mortal gendered pronouns!

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Cap'n Yesterday, Evil Overlord wrote:
Oh come on! I'm a way better dictator then her :-)

Nay! Our Queen shall strike down the false gods such as thyself!

Possibly with a Planar Binding.

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Ashiel Cultist wrote:
137ben wrote:
And I have now hit exactly 1000 favorite posts due to Ashiel's awesomeness!
Lord Ashiel is always the best choice for favorites!!


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theblackcoffeegamer wrote:
50. Gah, this self-argument is giving me a headache. Maybe some new players will have Black Coffee, that usually helps.

You could join the Cult. We guarantee Headache Removal!

Speaking of which,
51. To bring the unenlightened into the Glorious Cult of Ashiel.

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Ashiel wrote:
I see tacticslion's doin' the tacticslion thing. Any comments Mr. Lion? :P

No he isn't, it is I favoriting all of thine posts!

Actual comment coming when it isn't really late at night.

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wraithstrike wrote:

This is Lord Wraithstrike and I expect to be called "Lord Wraithstrike" or something equally respectful such as Wraithstrike the Magnificent Overlord.

That is all. I now return this forum to you lesser beings.

Bah! I bow to no False Overlord! Only Lord Ashiel deserves such respect!

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Wraithstrike Minion #1 wrote:

It grinds my gears that the omnipotent Lord Wraithstrike is still not acknowledged as supreme glorious leader of all!!!


No! Lady Ashiel is far superior!!!

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Ashiel Cultist wrote:

By the way, if you join the Cult of Ashiel today, we'll throw in this nice avatar of Seoni, for free!

** spoiler omitted **

I wanna join the Cult of Ashiel!