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Full Name

Amadar Tranes


Male Elf / AC17 / HP -3/42 / Fort:+10. Ref: +6, Will: +9 / Init. +1 ? Lis +10 / Spot +10


Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 1








Neutral Good


Elven, Common, Druidic.

Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 15
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 17
Charisma 10

About Amadar Tra'Nes

Amadar Tranes
Elf of Ti ri Kiror
Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 1
Neutral Good
Initiative +1, Senses Low Light Vision Listen +10, Spot +10, Sense Motive +3
Speed 30’

HP = 42
AC= 17 (+1 Dex, +4 Scale Mail, +2 Heavy Wood Shield), Touch 11, Flat Footed 16
Fort - +10
Ref +6
Will +9
+2 All Saves vs. Magic
Immune to Sleep


Melee +3 – Sickle 1d6 (x2)
Quarterstaff 1d6 (x2)
Ranged +4 - Spear 1d8 (x3)


Alertness, Endurance (+4 Con bonus in certain scenarios), Fast Wild Shape, (Next Feat – Level 9 – Natural Spell)


Proficient with All Natural Attacks, Light & Medium Armor (non-metal) Shields (non-metal), Weapon Proficiencies - Club, Dagger, Dart, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Sickle, Short-Spear, Sling, and Spear.

Racial Ability

Secret or Concealed Doors Pass within 5’ get automatic check.


Concentration +10 (8)
Diplomacy +2 (2)
Handle Animal +9 (9)
Heal +2 (5)
Knowledge Nature +8 (6)
Listen +10 (3)
Search +2
Spot +10 (3)
Survival +6 (1)

Special Abilities

Nature Sense (+2 Know Nature & Survival),
Wild Empathy – Improve attitude of animals – d20+5 (magical beasts +1)
Woodland Stride
Trackless Step
Resist Nature’s Lore +4 saves vs Fey abilities
Wild Shape (2x day) – Small or Medium Animal, Humanoid (6 Hours Per Day or Until Change back)

Wild Shape Rules:

Official wildshape rules

For a number of times indicated by your class and expanded by MMF and Nature’s Warrior levels, as a supernatural standard action, you assume the form of an small or medium animal or of any additional types or sizes which your levels in a prestige classes like Master of many Forms (MMF) allow you. You must be familiar with a race to take its form. The assumed form can’t have more Hit Dice than your level in the wildshape class (e.g. druid) plus any MMF and Nature’s Warrior levels.
Your may not take the form of a creature advanced in size through additional racial Hit Dice, or with a template. The actual rules do not forbid incorporeal or gaseous forms. The change lasts for a number of hours equal to your wildshape class level plus any MMF levels. While wildshaped, you have a moderate aura of transmutation magic.

Your gain:

the size of the creature, and if it has it, the aquatic subtype
the Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores of the new form, including their modifier and all the related effects, with the exception that changes to Constitution do not affect your Hit Points: Your HP are still determined by your original constitution.
all extraordinary special attacks possessed by the form. You do not get the extraordinary special qualities possessed by the new form such as darkvision, low-light vision and so forth, unless you reach MMF level 7. At MMF level 7, you also gain the so-called type and subtype traits written under Extraordinary qualities, like the immunities from plant traits.
You don’t get any supernatural or spell-like abilities.
natural armor bonus, movement modes, natural weapons (such as claws, bite, and so on) including the form’s attack routines like 2xclaw or 8xtentacle, and any gross physical qualities (presence or absence of wings, number of extremities, and so forth). You do not get racial bonus feats or racial skill boni. until you reach MMF level 7. The Official Game Rules FAQ notes that racial feats and skills are extraordinary qualities, so you get them when you each MMF level 7.
lost hit points as if you had rested for a night

You retain:

your own alignment and your HD with everything related to your HD: number of racial HD, LA, class and PrC levels, base attack bonus, skill ranks, base saves and all class and PrC abilities. DCs from extraordinary abilities are based on your HD, not the creatures.
your own hit points, but modified by healing (see above)
your own mind, including your own Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores
all extraordinary qualities of your original form, but no extraordinary attacks
all supernatural abilities of your original form except for breath weapons and gaze attacks
all spell-like abilities of your normal form
the ability to speak intelligibly only if a member of that race can usually speak, too. If you are an MMF, you can speak in any form.
any spellcasting ability you had in your original form, but can use verbal components only if you can speak in this form (see above), and can only use somatic or material components if you have limbs capable of fine manipulation
your subtypes
your type abilities and vulnerabilities: Even when wildshaped into a different type like animal, you are still vulnerable to spells that target your original type like hold person if you were humanoid, and still can use items that only your original type or race could use.

You lose:

all extraordinary special attacks not derived from class levels
your old natural attacks, if you have any, and your other old natural armor and movement modes
any item you carry melds into your form and becomes non-functional. Exceptions are items tied to a wildling clasp (Magic item compendium, 4.000 gp). Items tied to such a clasp remain active and change size to fit your new size.

You can designate the new form’s minor physical qualities (such as height, weight, hair color, hair texture, skin color etc) within the normal ranges for a creature of that kind. If you use this spell to create a disguise, you get a +10 bonus on your Disguise check, and are not tied to the other disguise modifiers from the PHB.
Any part of the body that is separated from the whole keeps its new form. If slain, you revert to your original form, though you remain dead. True Seeing spells or effect reveal your true form.

Favored Forms:

MMF level 1 (humanoids + animals, size M or S)

- black bear animal(MM; cf): a combat form with two claw attacks. 3HD, Medium Animal, 19str, 13dex, 15con, 2 natural armor

- bug bear (MM, af): While nothing special, bugbear form may nevertheless be interesting if your natural attributes are very low. 3 HD, medium humaniod, 15str, 12dex, 13con, at level 7: +4 Move silently

- dire badger (MM; sf): This form has a burrowing speed of 10, which means it allows a MMF to dig tunnels usable by others at a speed of 1 m/sec. Like a giant mole, this can be used to circumvent walls, opponents etc. You can gain familiarity from a summon spell. 3 HD, Medium Animal, 14str, 17dex, 19con, 3 natural armor, 3 natural attacks, rage, at level 7: LLV, scent

- dire hawk(RoW; sf, cf): This is a great outdoor form with superb dexterity. It has a fly speed of 80, 3 natural attacks. Medium Animal 5 HD, 12str, 22dex, 15con, and 3 natural armor. Thanks Todd.

- gnoll, flind (MM3, af): Nothing special, but strength 17 is nice as a starting adventuring form before you find something better next level. 2 HD, medium humanoid, 17str, 12dex, 15con, 2 natural armor; at level 7: DV

- legendary ape (MM2, af, 13 HD!): One of the few medium-sized form with strength 30 that can be disguised as human with disguise self effects. 13 HD, medium animal, 22str, 17dex, 16con, 6 natural armor, rend, at level 7: lowlight, scent

- leopard (MM, cf): Not as strong as a bear, but faster and able to pounce and start a grapple. 3 HD, Medium Animal, 16str, 19dex, 15con, 1 natural armor, improved grab, pounce, rake; at level 7: +8 jump, balance, climb, +4 Move silently, Hide

- merfolk (MM, sf): Merfolk breathe underwater and have a swim speed of 50 while still being humanoid. 1 HD, Medium humanoid, 13str, 13dex, 14con, aqzuatic subtype; at level 7: amphibious, LLV

Abbreviations: BoED = Book of exalted deeds rulebook, BoVD = Book of vile Darkness rulebook, CA = Complete Adventurer rulebook, CAr = Complete Arcane rulebook, CD = Complete Divine rulebook, CF = Complete Fighter rulebook, CotSQ = City of the Spider Queen rulebook, DR = Damage Reduction, Drac = Draconomicon rulebook, DV = Dark Vision, ECS = Eberron Campaign Setting, E5N = Eberron Five Nations, FB = Frostburn rulebook, FCS = Faerun Campaign Setting rulebook, FF = Fiend Folio rulebook, HoH = Heroes of Horror, LEF = Lost Empires of Faerun, LLV = LLV, LoM = Lords of Madness, MH = Miniature Handbook, MM = Monster Manual rulebook, MM2 = Monster Manual 2 rulebook, MM3 = Monster Manual 3 rulebook, MM4 = Monster Manual 4 rulebook, MMF = Master of many Forms PrC, MoF = Magic of Faerun, MoI = Magic of Incarnum, MONoF = Monster of Faerun rulebook, MotP = Manual of the Planes rulebook, OA = Oriental Adventures rulebook, PrC = Prestige Class, PsiHB = Expanded Psionic Handbook rulebook, RoD = Races of Destiny rulebook, RoE = Races of Eberron, RoS = Races of Stone rulebook, RoW = Races of the Wild rulebook, SaS = Sandstorm, SM = Silver Marches rulebook, SR = Spell resistance, SoX = Secrets of Xen'drik, SS = Savage Species rulebook, SW = Stormwrack, ToM = Tome of Magic, UE = Unapproachable East rulebook, UD = Underdark rulebook)

Improved Wildshape – Humanoid
Shifter’s Speech – Maintain ability to speak (including verbal components of spells) regardless of form. Communicate automatically with any form of creature she takes.


Gear Mundane:
Backpack – Waterskin – Silk Rope 50’, Torch (10), Flint & Steel, Antitoxin,

Gear Magical:
Cloak of Resistance +2, Everburning Torch,

Tracked Resources:
Wand Cure Light Wounds (47)

Gold: 10
Silver: 9


0 – 5 – Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds (x2), Guidance, Resistance
1 – 4 – Cure Light Wounds (x2), Entangle, Shillelagh
2 – 3 – Bear’s Endurance, Resist Energy, Flaming Sphere
3 – 2 – Water Breathing (cast), Cure Moderate Wounds.

Spontaneous Summoning

Animal Companion

Yamil (Owl)
+2 Bonus HD, +2 Natural Armor, +1 Strength & Dexterity, Link, Share Spells, Evasion, 2 Bonus Tricks (Seek and Track).

5’1” 120 lbs. Dark Hair – Hazel Eyes – Wears

Amadar has lived near the Blackfins his entire life (50 years). Once of age and as his training began Amadar has assisted with patrolling the Blackfins with his trusty animal companion Yamil.
He loyally serves Speaker Sellyria Starsinger (whose has become somewhat of a mentor to him)
Solonor Thelandira is the deity to whom Amadar looks in the elven pantheon.