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with the whole rune caster idea. what if in PF2E you go Ranger/MC wizard maybe you could mix your spellcasting with your snares. item creation is one thing i want to read up on when the playtest drops.

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so what i am getting from recent posts some one is mad cause you can pull off magus, slayer, brawler, warpriest, white mage, bloodrager, ect just using the core rule book.

I understand the worry they won't do those classes now. but i have a feeling some of them they will. simply cause class features are still a thing.

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this is kinda what i wanted I am going to make a Druid/rogue. animal order. flanking strikes with my animal companion :D

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to be honest was more hoping for multiclass info but this is nice too

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what i like about backgrounds is how fast you can house rule your own player comes with their own background

STR or CON, Robust Recovery, Underworld lore.

dex or con, athletic feat, lore urban.

STR or con, robust recovery, Alcohol lore

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these last few posts... are we assuming the levels in the skill section is reffering to the players cause i thought it is referring to NPC who made the challenge. trees would be a level 0 always unless an intelligent being manipulated it to be harder (whomping willow from harry potter)

so how i am getting this skill checks should mostly be used if criticals and failure outcomes apply. when you make the challenge you think of the lvl of the challenge (who made it ECT) then how hard it is to accomplish unmodified (if the party is just going bullrush it) if they can find ways to make it easier you can then lower the dificulty.

I like it

blope wrote:
The chart has a level 0, does that mean we will be able to make 0 level characters?

I don't think so i think that is just to reference a townsfolk level of task like collecting fire wood in a forest is probably survival lvl 0 tedious task cause wood and sticks are just so abundant.

well i made a crazy natural attack character. 1 level white haired witch/ rest armored hulk (barbarian). the RP to go down are beast totem and elemental rage. gear to look for tentacle cloak once per day 2more natural attacks, dreadwing fulplate 2 wing attacks and flight for half your armor bonus, and obviously amulet of mighty fists.

by level 10 with the items you are looking at 6NA when not raging, 9NA when raging, 11NA when using cloak

XD made a dumb drunk ragechemist. seeing how alchmist does spell casting with potions was super fun. kinda broken.

one of the titan archtypes (+1 size). tiefling with fiendish heiritage feat (may want to consult dm to see if you can skip the roll and just take one) to get you large limbs (+1 size) perminancy enlarge person (+1 size) impact (+1 size) this sets you up for 8d6 with mythic you can use enlarge person mythic to push it to 12d6 i recomend going with vital strike after all of this. best way to improve the damage for the build.

there is also an ion stone that trades exausted for nauseated

cord of stuborn resolve sets this up well. you vital strike for max. forced fatuege belt doesn't activate. forced rage for another maxed vital strike bringing in exaustion belt drops to fatuge. cycle

can any one give me a (why this would break the game/ couldn't work in a world of magic answer) cause when holy and all other forms of magic seems to stick to the arrows it is odd you can't swing on ghost touch. it doesn't even increase the damage just lets you deal damage

race skinwalker (wear bore) gore attack adopted trait, tusked trait
lvl 1 white hair witch, feat: multistrike <monster feat)
lvl 2 barbarian
lvl 3 barbarian, feat extra features "hooves" <skinwalker feat), rage power lesser beast totem

focus on barb tell lvl 11 then go into rogue (scout,thug) rest of the way for sneak attack. some point pick up a wyvern cloak gaining a stinger and by the end of this you will have 6 primary attacks and 2 secondary, you can charge the attack and still have full round attack charging a person lets you sneak attack start your attack with your hair so you can atempt to grapple

skinwalker wearboar gets you gore/ 2 hooves feral mutagin for bite and 2 claws lvl two looking at 6 attacks 4 primary 2 secondary there is an archtype to alchemist that replaces bombs for sneak attacks witch for this crazy amount of attacks can be worth it.

also if you want the claws and bite away from feral mutagen their is a race trait for orcs called tusked you can get it with the trait addopted then go 2 lvls of ranger for natural attack style it gets you 2 claw attacks

you could actually go for a skinwalker race. wear boar. this will give you 2 hooves. with a race feat you can get a goar. with adopted (by orcs) trait you can get tusked for a bite attack

2 lvls of ranger you can take aspect of the beast for 2 claw attacks if you still have the wings that will leaves you with 8 attacks at end game look for a wyvern cloak that gives you a stinger attack bumping it up to 9.

(this next bit depends if the dm considers no extra attacks count towards natural attacks)
depending on how your DM sees it he might alow alchemist tentacle discovery to give you more attacks. there is an archetype that replaces bombs with sneak attack so you can still work with that. that brings it up to 11 also with feral mutagen and vistigle arms depending on the dm you could get 2 more claw attacks bumping it up to a total of 13 attacks