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Hello, I was wondering if vital strike:

Would work with master sniper: niper-combat

Regardless of yes or no, I'd like to know why please. Thank you!

Got ya. Cool. So what are the rules about firing around a corner? When I was trying to look up info on my own I kept seeing shooting around corners.

So how do I do this and stay hidden? If I shoot a guy and he looks back where I shot from then what do I have to do to make sure he doesn't see me? Fire around a corner?

Also, is there a way to feint with a bow? If I could manage that then I'd be just fine. I'm just looking for ways to get off sneak attack if I can't stealth.

I don't actually need to flanking bonus, I just need to be able to flank something to get off the sneak attack. I found this feat that seems like it will let me, but I'm curious to see if there are other ways.

Howdy everyone. I'm currently playing a Halfling Slayer (Lvl 1), and wanted to find a way to flank with my bow if I could for the sneak attack damage. Does anyone know what feats there are that would allow me to do this?

Got ya. So I'm guessing it only works the one time right? It can't make a plus 1 into a plus 2 correct?

Got ya. I'm not a magic user so I'm unfamiliar with the rules for all that stuff so thank you for that. So would you say this is really worth the spell slot?

Can some one please tell me if this spell us permanent and if it is does it just mean making masterwork weapons and tools only take a hour?

Well he just wants to fight with axes currently. This being his first character ever, he just seems to want to fight stuff and have fun. He doesn't know too much as for rules and how things work yet but he's with people who do so nothing should be too complicated to explain and we're only using Paizo stuff for sources.

Hi everyone. I've got a new player who wants to be a hobgoblin fighter and wants to fight using two handed axes and throwing axes. Unfortunately I myself have never really played a weapon based melee fighter before so I'm not really thinking of anything useful. Help with this would be appreciated.

Yes, does anyone know of a feat or archtype that would allow my monk to use fighter levels as monk levels at least for the purpose of feat effects?

Thanks everyone! One last question, does anyone know how much it would cost to get an item with unlimited haste uses on it? Or if it's even possible?

Is there a way to add my wis mod to my damage in addition to my strength mod? I'm currently a level three unchained monk with a Suli race.

Sorry for taking so long to reply everyone. The monk I'm making is a Suli Monk of the Four Winds.

Thanks everyone for the help so far!

Okay so I know about the bracers of protection, the amulet of natural armor, and monk robes. So what else is there that I can use? I don't mind taking feats to increase it but if at all possible I'd like to avoid it.

Got ya. Sorry, hit dice has always confused me. I appreciate the help everyone!

Oh, so if I level up to level 8 I'd get 9 free skill points from this feat?

So basically I gain one extra skill point every level up and one when I take the feat right?

Can someone explain to me how this works? I'm not entirely sure exactly. Also if anyone can post the text for it word for word that'd be great. Need it for my DM and we can't afford the book just yet.
My character is a Suli monk of the four winds. Level one.

Is there a place I can find this feat? Like d20pfsrd?

Got ya. Thank you kindly for the help. I do have one last question. Does anyone know of a fear or something that gives four or five ranks (specifically ranks) in perception?

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So flat-footed is when they haven't taken an action in combat correct? Pretty much meaning anytime before their first turn right? Also I'm a bit confused about that part about the successful sniping attempt. How does that let me have a full attack? Thank you for being patient.

Thank you all for the help! Now one last question, it seems I can't take a full attack action and gain sneak attack on each one unless I'm invisible. Is that correct? Is there another way to accomplish this?

So from what I'm seeing I should either change classes to this Zen Archer type or take this Master Sniper feat and get a greater invisibility ring?

Hi! I'm attempting to make a Slayer Sniper class. I was thinking about using a Halfling as the race because I can get an automatic -10 to the sniping stealth roll starting out. I'm curious if there's any way to gain additional attacks on the one attack action I'm allowed while sniping? Is there anyway I can get a full attack action and be stealth at the end of it so I keep getting my sneak attack bonuses when I attack? What should an average attack turn look like for this character? I'm still pretty green so any help would be great. We're not using 3rd party stuff.

Level one, 10 point buy I think it was called, and nope.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my group is using Pathfinder.

This worked out really well for my monk post, so I thought I give this a shot. I always hear fighters suck, everyone seems to dog on them for some reason or another. What's a good longbow fighter build that will shut people up?

Yes thank you very much. I do have one question. How do I get more flurry of blows attacks? I don't really understand it's new wording.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm trying to decide an interesting race to use as well. I'd like to have a bow to use if close range isn't an option.

I was wondering what a good build for an unchained monk is. I'm wanting to stick with just punching stuff and hopefully make as many attacks as possible.

Alright, thank you very much.

I'll look into that, thank you. What are some of the enhancements if you don't mind my asking?

There is one last thing I'm curious about. Are there any bow special abilities or enchants that get passed DR? Like wounding bleed damage on melee weapons?

Cool, thanks all.

Alright. Thank you. Are there things that can increase AoOs range?

Okay, so I'm wanting to make a monk of the Zen Archer variety. What I want to know is this, are there any ability or feats that will ad attacks to my flurry of blows and also would the stats be better on flurry of blows or just using bow feats?