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Onishi wrote:
Ryan Dancey wrote:
You move from point to point within a system in EVE via uninterruptible (mostly) FTL flight. You don't fly point to point manually. The ships would take MONTHS to fly between in-system locations via manual piloting.

I get you I think

So if I'm interpreting this right symbolizing fast travel with -'s and slow travel with .'s

you can't necessarily go
but you can reasonably go

Or if you feel like spending a few months
A.......................................................................... ..L

Is that an accurate interpretation of it?

mmm no, mr. Dancey said about traveling it system (unvirse=alot systems), you can just use you warp, and fly billions of kms just in second.

Nihimon wrote:

I may not have explained it very well. I just went over it again with a coworker that played Eve for several years (and never once got ganked).

When you jump into a system, you end up at a random location within a sphere around the jump gate. You are invisible for a limited time (not sure exactly how long, but plenty to fully load in and look around before anyone sees you).

In order to make another jump inside the system, you must have a destination, and get your ship pointed at it. Generally, if you're worried about bandits, you will select any destination that's generally in front of you. Once you begin maneuvering your ship for the jump, you lose the invisibility and are vulnerable. This is where ship maneuverability becomes important.

The initial invisibility is good (it may be better than any scanning tech, I'm not positive), but you're still in that space. If bandits are just spamming large-area smart bombs, you will take damage, and that might (can't remember) break your invisibility.

The key point is that you're most vulnerable at the Jump Gate, but there's a lot you can do to minimize your exposure.

If you got a big ship and pirates got taklers (little ships with special moduls that disrupts your warp, and slow you down.) you will not jump.

Ryan Dancey wrote:
uninterruptible (mostly) FTL flight.

Say it to pirates on camps) Just a joke.

I think one system in univese on Eve is not a value in most cases, the flight from Jita to zeros, to supply your allie can be interrupted. And this is what im talking about. It will be strange to have safe long range delivery, it will kill economics.
But in cases of safe zones, i think fast travel can be.

Nihimon wrote:
Fast Travel in Eve is from System to System, you still have to move around normally inside the system.

I think its cannot be called fast travel.

Jumpclones is other. You cant move an items with you.
And bridges is not avalible for any player.

I think there is an idea, to wait for xbox 720 sdk, then big devs like crytek and epic will release their new engines.
And about HeroEnigine. I was dissapointed in the result of Bioware work with this engine.

I'm against of any type of fast travel. I played alot of MMOs (UO, AO,EQ,EQ2, VG, now i got several active EvE accs), and i think its rather harmfull for the integrity of the world. It seems that dev's whant to have somthing like Eve transporting system,that will interact with the economics, so we can't have any fast travel, it will be absurdly.

Sorry for my english, im from russia.