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"preferably (before) priceless documents"

Hopefully the Dark Archives are up to something beyond proving their worth.

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Merry Christmas.
Thanks for the hard work.

10 new classes appeared in the ACG.

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Does the Undersized Mount feat (ACG-159) remove the requirement of the mount evolution (APG-60) that the eidolon must be one size larger than the summoner to ride?

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FYI: From Wikipedia: "Giant rats, known as Rodents of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.), are a running gag in the 1973 novel and 1987 motion picture, The Princess Bride." It took me a minute. For context with the blog, they live in Fire Swamp, named for the spurts of fire.

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Come up with some good names for the upcoming Pirates AP, taking place in the Shackles. The working title is Skull & Crossbones but their has to be a better, less generic, name.

1. Plunder of the Pirate Queen.

2. Rider's of the Eye

3. Sea Reavers' Flag

4. Rise of the Cursed Pirate's Council's Dark Carrion Kingdom of Fiery Jade Serpents