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So there's undead citizens, quick citizens, and then there's lunch. What is it like for the thralls? Are they indoctrinated to see their lot as some great honor? Is it like a caste thing, with the lowest going on the dinner table? I could see the Carter's Pharasmin connection as being some underground meal wagon and getting folks out whenever possible. This aspect seems really dark and I was just wondering how the game handles it.

Is it just me or is the font size for this AP really small?

New to the new system. Was curious as I saw the "only at 1st level" modifier, and was hoping there was a way around this?

When will the books be availalbe at "regular" bookstores, BN, Booksamillion ?

This will be my first Starfinder game and I'm looking forward to it. So far in the parter we have an envoy, drone mechanic, and solarian or soldier. So I thought i'd try an operative. Standard attribute alottment.

Spacefarer Operative (Explorer)
St 10
Dx 16
Con 12
Int 11
Wis 14
Cha 10

Basic concept is a freelance troubleshooter on frontier and remote outposts.

Just wondering if i've made an missteps or is this is a serviceable character.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

P.S. Avoid spoilers if at all possible.

Are there any pictures that show them in scale with other races? I just assumed they were small since they were all brain, but apparently their medium size and I was just wondering at the proportions. Would a medium helmet fit their big pulsating melon?

Can you make an illusion invisible, to like, fool someone with see invisible?

Chuffy shouldn't be proficient with the dogslicer, right? It's a light melee weapon and it's not listed as a rogue proficiency. As far as I can see, the only way would be to take the alternate racial trait weapon proficiency and then lose the skilled ability. But it doesn't look like they did that. Am I missing something?

Sodden Lands adventure, looking forward to it.

I'm interested in running a game on Skype for my fragmented old gaming group. As it's Pathfinder, my biggest hurdle seems to be the mapping. I'm not the sharpest dice in the bag and I was wondering if anyone knew of the most idiot friendly method of mapping for an online game. Doesn't need to be fancy or 3-d, just an easy way to keep track of characters and stuff for fights. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

How many paths are there to making a Red Mantis Assassin? I know there's the prestige class, but there's also a ranger fighting style, and a warpriest archetype...are there any others?

So I was just perusing the leprechaun stats for no good reason and i noticed they can use their clubs at a +7 (Dex+3, BAB +2, Small and +1 club), but a club is not a light weapon, it's a single handed melee. They shouldn't be able to finesse it. Is this a mistake or am I missing something?

Maybe not a GLARING omission, but I thought there'd be something. They are unique to Pathfinder.

Offhand there's the one on the Wormwood that's hiding in the cage with it's master's corpse, and then on Rickety Squibs, the guy that got killed by the wasp has one that you can encounter. Are there any others? Is there a Campaign Feat if you get them all, and if there isn't there should be.

Attached the relevant rules. This is my question. The Bramble Brewer Alchemist archetype modifies the tanglefoot discovery by adding their int bonus to the "entanglement duration". But going back to the base item, there is no duration to the entanglement, you can STR or cut your way out. Does this mean that you are entangled for that duration before you can attempt to free yourself? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tanglefoot Bomb:
Benefit: A creature that takes a direct hit from a tanglefoot bomb must save against the bomb’s DC or be entangled and glued to the floor as if it had failed its save against a tanglefoot bag. Creatures in the splash area that fail their saves are entangled but not glued to the floor; those who make this save are not entangled at all.

Tanglefoot Bag:
A tanglefoot bag is a small sack filled with tar, resin, and other sticky substances. When you throw a tanglefoot bag at a creature (as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet), the bag comes apart and goo bursts out, entangling the target and then becoming tough and resilient upon exposure to air. An entangled creature takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls and a –4 penalty to Dexterity and must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be glued to the floor, unable to move. Even on a successful save, it can move only at half speed. Huge or larger creatures are unaffected by a tanglefoot bag. A flying creature is not stuck to the floor, but it must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be unable to fly (assuming it uses its wings to fly) and fall to the ground. A tanglefoot bag does not function underwater.

A creature that is glued to the floor (or unable to fly) can break free by making a DC 17 Strength check or by dealing 15 points of damage to the goo with a slashing weapon. A creature trying to scrape goo off itself, or another creature assisting, does not need to make an attack roll; hitting the goo is automatic, after which the creature that hit makes a damage roll to see how much of the goo was scraped off. Once free, the creature can move (including flying) at half speed. If the entangled creature attempts to cast a spell, it must make concentration check with a DC of 15 + the spell's level or be unable to cast the spell. The goo becomes brittle and fragile after 2d4 rounds, cracking apart and losing its effectiveness. An application of universal solvent to a stuck creature dissolves the alchemical goo immediately.

Bramble Brewer:
At 2nd level, a bramble brewer gains the tanglefoot bomb discovery, but the entanglement's duration persists for a number of rounds equal to the bramble brewer's Intelligence modifier (minimum 1 round). Additionally, when a bramble brewer throws a tanglefoot bomb, it transforms all squares in its splash radius into difficult terrain that persists for as long as the bomb's entangling effect. Although these bombs deal no damage, for every 1d6 points of damage the bramble brewer's regular bombs deal, the briar bomb's splash radius increases by 5 feet.

Do you have a character concept that you're dying to use in an AP, but haven't had a chance to play yet?

I had an idea for Kingmaker, a human paladin with the fey foundlilng feat, and the fey background from Heroes of the Wild. Basically found in the woods as a child and raised by a cleric of Erastil. Potentially the wielder of Thorn.

I'd love to hear some other concepts.

Number crunching for a Giantslayer character. The Giant Blooded campaign trait halves the oversized weapon penalty. If my goliath druid w/Giant-Blooded uses a large sized club, is that just a -2 penalty. Also, if Shillelagh is cast on a large sized club, the dmg would be 2d8? What if enlarge person is cast, 3d6? I think that's right, but the weapon size core explanation confuses my fragile mind. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone complete the Giantslayer AP without slaying a single giant? The (merciful) gauntlet has been thrown down.

I like it, looking forward to the next installment.

Is there a way to get two traits from the same list? Two from Social, or two from Race, etc?

I was thinking Feast of Ravenmoor, Shore to Sea, and No Response from Deepmar might work in combination. All are on the west coast IIRC, are there any other modules that might fit in there?

Monkey Style and Vexing Dodger seems like a peanut butter and chocolate combo, or am I missing something? 3 levels of Monk and the rest in rogue. Interested in suggestions or slaps to the face to make me see reason.

I'll be joining a group that currently consists of a Celestial Bloodrager, Aasimar Inquisitor, Half-orc Warpriest of Cayden Cailean, and a human wizard. It seems we have run up and hit stuff covered. I was thinking Bard Archer for buffs and ranged. Do any of the board gurus have any suggestions?

The silver tongued trait gives you a +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy. Seems like it would help a "face" out, but do you lose that bonus using the versatile perfomance ability? Since it's now a perform check, do you lose the bonus from the silver tongued trait?

Sorry, maybe my search-fu is bad, but I can't see where this question has been addressed.

Monster has bite, 2 claws. If a pc triggers an attack of opportunity,(monster is chewing on friend and is trying to get behind to flank but fails) which attack can the monster use to resolve? A bite is easy enough, but this is a dumb critter who is already snacking on one downed pc, I figure it's more likely to lash out with the claw. As the attacks are listed, bite, 2 claws, but it's just an attack of opportunity, would that just be one claw attack, or does it get both, (but not the bite obviously as that would be a full attack action for all three)?

This question is not trying to call out on a plot-hole, just to fill in the gap in my own knowledge. Trunau and the other settlements went up while the Hordeline was still holding. Rich land and manifest destiny being the draw for people to live out in such a dangerous region. After the hordeline falls, everyone but Trunau flees.

It says in the player's guide and the Towns of the Inner Sea that some of the income Trunau generates is from salvaging items "left behind" at the abandoned settlements. My question is, how valuable would this stuff be? Mostly farming implements, no large towns were described, things still being sparsely populated due to the "Horde Shadow". If any magic item/treasure is out there, i'd figure it was stuff the orcs drug out of the dwarven cities. Or are there other ancient settlements still around that area from before?

Monster A and Hero B begin an encounter, there's no suprise and Monster A has higher initiative. Hero B has a reach weapon. If Monster A moves to attack B, does B get an attack of opportunity even though he hasn't acted yet?

Both provide a "roll twice and pick" mechanic for timeworn devices. If you take both the trait and the archetype, do you roll 4 times?

Without precise shot, firing into melee takes a -4 on the attack roll. If that roll is a critical threat, does the -4 make it not so? e.g. a 20 is a 16. Or a nat 20 is an automatic hit and in the case of precise shot the supreme awesomeness blows the fire into melee rule out of the water?

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If someone could please let me know if I'm handling this correctly.

A tiny creature is attacking a medium creature armed with a reach weapon. The tiny creature has to enter the medium creature's square to attack. It does. The medium takes a 5 foot step back. Now this is where it gets sticky for me.

As it is a 5 foot step, he doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity from the tiny creature. Also, he can't attack with his armed reach weapon either. Am I right so far?

Now, if the tiny creature wants to close again, can it take a 5' step into the medium creature's square without threatening an AoO?

I would like to punch a ghost.

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If Lamashtu ripped the beast domain from Curchanus, why doesn't she have Animal as a domain too? Or did she just rip it away from him, crush it against her forehead and toss it aside?

Good stuff! Looking forward to more.

Yay, Howard Jones, good stuff. I really enjoyed his last PF tales novel.

The armor option, does that mean one type like light, medium, heavy, or a specific suit like studded leather, etc. Compared to the regular armor expert trait, that kind of sucks if it's the one specific suit kind. And since trait bonuses don't stack you couldn't take both. Right?

I have an idea for a character, a Grippli Inquisitor of Gozreh and was wondering if he could take the Frog Domain from UM?

I hate being poor.

What's "-mdash"? At first I thought it was part of the character's way of thinking, but now I think it's some kind of formatting error. Good story though.

At first I thought he was a Haunted Battle oracle, but now I think maybe Bones...what do you think?

Very cool. I know some people dont', but i like when you can "see" the game mechanics in the fiction. Any chance of a book with this guy?

Haunted Battle Oracle? Love the picture, looking forward to reading more.

Did anyone run this with character's that weren't druids/ranger/barb uber-survivalists at the start? While it'd certainly make things harder, it would be cool to see how the challenges would affect the sub-optimized.

Does the cavalier make the attack and roll damage before the damage is dealt by the critting player? Or does the critting player roll their damage and then the cavalier goes after? Because the second doesn't really seem like Stealing Glory...

Are dinosaurs capable of being found anywhere on Golarion, or are there specific areas Mwangi Expanse, Hidden valleys in Mammoth Lord Domain, etc. where they are most common? Just curious how evolution and magic mesh up and all that. Starfall was too recent to wipe them out right? Without a similar catastrophic event as on Earth, did they die out at all? Are packs of wolves and velociraptors competing for the same resources?

I am replacing a switch-hitter ranger who was part of a TPK. Thinking about sorcerer since the new group will not have any arcane casting, but as i'm new to spell-casters (played a wizard once, didn't like it) let along building one at 4th level I thought i'd ask for some help. Arcane bloodline seems to be the way to go and since I don't want to waste the metamagic abiltiy, I was wondering which one would be good to start out with. Any other suggestions for a 4th lvl build would be appreciated as well.

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