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Ok I'm in an epic campaign and am curious about something. I am playing a mithral metal-clad obitu (yes a mithral, living skeleton) as per the metal-clad template. However I am well aware that mithral also has a hardness of 15.

As per these rules would my character also factor in his hardness with regards to reducing damage taken from normal melee sources (say 20 damage vs. my 15 hardness= 5 HP damage). In addition to energy damage being halved from the section on energy damage?

It's just that the template never mentions hardness ture/

Ok I've been bouncing an idea around for awhile and wanted advice.

I've always loved playing non core races ranging from wyvaran to obitu. And I had an idea, a kingmaker campaign where the party could only be non core races and the entire campaign would be based around creating a haven for such creatures and building a society around the unique interactions internally and of course the conflict externally (because what society wouldn't find that worrying?). And how the formation of such a place would effect and fit into the pathfinder world. I don't have DM experience and would honestly like to be a player in this and was curious what I could possibly do to cultivate interest in it/catch the eye of people.

avr wrote:

& the possible problem of eldritch guardian fighters arguably not having the arcane caster level required for an improved familiar.

The shrinking weapon enhancement only applies to melee weapons by RAW, but its existence should make it easy to convince your GM there should be a ranged equivalent. If they're OK with the other two problems it should be workable. Though it does occur to me that held/equipped gear usually changes size with you when you change size, so I'm not sure why you'd need extra magic for this at all.

Here is the description of reduce person

This spell causes instant diminution of a humanoid creature, halving its height, length, and width and dividing its weight by 8. This decrease changes the creature's size category to the next smaller one. The target gains a +2 size bonus to Dexterity, a -2 size penalty to Strength (to a minimum of 1), and a +1 bonus on attack rolls and AC due to its reduced size.

A Small humanoid creature whose size decreases to Tiny has a space of 2-1/2 feet and a natural reach of 0 feet (meaning that it must enter an opponent's square to attack). A Large humanoid creature whose size decreases to Medium has a space of 5 feet and a natural reach of 5 feet. This spell doesn't change the target's speed.

All equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly reduced by the spell.

considering that last line I would think any item be it armor, random item, or weapon would be shrunk

Avadriel wrote:
There is also the minor issue of the mauler archetype not being applicable to a improved familiar, since the mauler replaces speak with others of its kind, which improved familiars don't receive.

I think that can be circumvented by the fact the familiar I'm planning on using is a Rakshasa, Raktavarna that has the comprehend languages feat. So it does have the ability to communicate with other reptiles.

It seems though it would still be able to speak all it's other languages:

Languages Common, Infernal, Undercommon; comprehend languages

maybe just not to reptiles....not really sure but it can definitely talk to animals of its kind with that ability

Artifix wrote:

Well there is this table to help you craft a tiny one.

Also check the chart in the FAQ of Enlarge Person if you want to know what damage dice is next in line.

Yeah I also just realized mauler loses the deliver touch spell ability and whatnot so there goes that theory. Also I don't think eldritch guardian can cast spells. So the only way I see this working is via a wand of reduce person (if that's a thing). that I give it when it is medium sized and it just keeps and I'll have to keep charging it.

The craft thing could work but I don't think my DM will let me craft a Minotaur double CB. He's allowing me to eventually find one...maybe two which is why I'm working the reduction angle

Wait a minute...couldn't I flavor it, whenever the familiar is done with its battle form, via share spells and deliver touch spells, it could shrink itself down with the weapon via reduce human since it's allowed to do stuff to itself with those abilities that have a human body requirement?

Artifix wrote:
You can use the spell shrink item then get a wizard to put the permanency spell on it.

I could but instead of taking the weapon down to tiny, the weapon will shift between medium and fine instead of medium and tiny. I was thinking of somehow maybe linking it to reduce human, but it's a weapon and being held by a non-humanoid familiar

single bump because still curious

DM says he'll let it in tiny form wield a hand crossbow but if i can find a rule about how this could possibly work he'd let me shrink down her real crossbow.'s the situation. I am planning on crafting a weapon for my tiny Rakshasa, Raktavarna who'll be going Mauler, and ergo get the battle form where she grows to Man sized height. I'm giving her arms via familiar evolution so she can hold crossbows. My question is this though. I'm planning on giving her a heavy crossbow for her medium size battle form. Is there any rule, spell, feat, etc. that lets the weapon shrink down with her to deal appropriate damage? Or will she just need to use a light/hand crossbow in her tiny form?

For those wondering why I'd give her a crossbow it's because I'm going 5 levels gunslinger boltace 15 lvls fighter eldritch guardian...soo yeah crossbows and ranged teamwork feats ftw

First time playing a class with a familiar but here's the lowdown.

I'm going to be playing a mobile, stealthy wyvaran ranged dps build

Lvl 1-5 going gunslinger Bolt Ace so specializing in crossbows.
Lvl 6-20 I was thinking of going Eldritch Guardian.

Now here's the kicker. I was thinking of gettin improved familiar when I could and getting a tiny dragon familiar (pending how my character plays either shadow drake, tidepool dragon, or faerie dragon).

The main question is this. Is it possible for one of these tiny dragons to wield a hand crossbow given they would share all my crossbow feats? I know there are familiars with hands but to keep with the dragon theme I wanted to check if I could do this.

Imbicatus wrote:

The Minotaur Double Crossbow was released under the 3.5 paizo supplement Classic Monster Revisited. This version is missing the limiting language that was put in later reprints of the double crossbow. It's never been reprinted under the PFRPG rules, and like most things from the 3.5 era (looking at you, guided), it's overpowered.

If you can find a GM that allows it great, but I wouldn't count on it.

My GM is cool with it as long as my rapid reload fear and crossbow mastery I choose to both focus on the Minotaur double crossbow. That way it is like I am completely devoting my character to the weapon and the search for it

That is the only thing I found

Backlash3906 wrote:
The gastraphetes, from Distant Shores, with 120ft of range, 1d12 damage and 19-20/x2 crits (can be improved by crossbow training, gravity bow, and aspect of the falcon) is the biggest and baddest crossbow in the game now. You'll need crossbow mastery to bring down reload times, and either get used to shooting from prone (no penalty to ranged attacks) or carry an immovable rod to brace it, but you'll hit like several runaway ox-carts.

the best is actually a Minotaur double crossbow it is +4 4d8 each bolt doing 2d8 with a 19-20/x2 crit for the first of the two bolts. That is going to be what I am using. The trouble is going to be finding one. With rapid reload and crossbow mastery I can reload that sucker as a free action

My guy is going to have the loner and unlearned specializing in engineering and RPing him as a hunter who is driven to optimize his crossbow as much as possible.

I was thinking of using the tail in combination with two light crossbows so every round I can fire one light CB with one hand and reload with the tail and offhand. That way I am able to fire every round. Either that or to hold a double CB while both hands reload one bolt, halving the reload until I hit level five. I was just trying to find traits that could complement the crossbow, stealth/fly style of play. Besides default racials we are allowed two extra traits. I was thinking one could be silent hunter and the other prehensile tail.

One thing I have been wondering is if the tiefling prehensile tail racial would still be useful once I get crossbow mastery. Since the mastery would make my reload a free action, does that include retrieving the bolts from my bandoliers. Or would I still need to take the action to retrieve bolts between free action reloads? I was thinking of taking it as an adopted trait

yeah as a lot of you have said, stick with bolt ace for 5 levels and then switch over to a good class, fighter in most cases. With regards to what I'm planning I'm going to be going for a build maximizing double crossbows, specifically the Minotaur double xbow. With that being said I've mainly dumped most points into dex for my main attack stat. So maybe pick up weapon finesse for one of my fighter feats.

Also this would allow me to stealth fly with my wyvaran pretty well so I imagine I could be a mean sniper. What I may try and do is get some of those fears that the strix fighter gets for that mid flight combat utility.

Hey all,

I'm playing a wyvaran and was planning on going with the boltace gunslinger for all 20 levels. However I also ran across the crossbowman fighter. Which do you think could be more deadly or would you recommend a multi class of those two?

I was thinking of staying a slinger till I got crossbow mastery and then switch over to the fighter.

Haladir wrote:
Just dare to be stupid.

Oh I do. Without realizing it IC. At level 1 I got separated from the group chasing after a kyton augur. That was a helluva time. Couldn't hit the damn thing. However we wouldn't have seen it unless I had flown up onto the rooftops

claudekennilol wrote:

The advantages of being able to fly @ lvl 1 sir to pursue/ambush the baddies

Press X for fall from the sky and cleave a bandit in two with greataxe.

Press Y to equip The Great Pipe of Justice for nonlethal damage

Are we still talking about Pathfinder?

Yeah wyvarans from advanced race guide are a playable race p/wyvaran-17-rp

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
A noir with choppers? Clearly I haven't been watching the right noirs.

The advantages of being able to fly @ lvl 1 sir to pursue/ambush the baddies

Press X for fall from the sky and cleave a bandit in two with greataxe.

Press Y to equip The Great Pipe of Justice for nonlethal damage

Tormsskull wrote:
Agnaraed 260 wrote:
Thanks for the reply guys, this is actually my first game so I didn't know if artificial stat modification was even possible.

First game, wyvern barbarian. Interesting.

Agnaraed 260 wrote:
I wasn't about to complain about him allowing that.
Is your GM new as well? Maybe you guys should try something a bit more standard?

Eh he's been a few games before. And PF books are the only ones he has.

DM_Blake wrote:
"Mount" class feature means you belong to a class that, as one of its class features, it gets a mount (usually much more special than everyone else who just buys a horse). For example, the Cavalier class.

Would the mad dog archtype work for the barbarian?

Drejk wrote:
There is Animal Soul feat in Advanced Class Guide that allows you to be treated as an animal/animal companion/special mount when you want it (e.g. no vulnerability to effects you wouldn't like to be targeted with) but it requires you having an animal companion or mount feature. You could even keep your Intelligence score intact.

Weeellll... Our setting is in a harbor town and our DM is going for the noir theme. So we are planning on in essence becoming a fantasy SWAT team. What we've decided is that I am going to act as the chopper/pursuit/breach roles while our tiefling ranger rides on my back, shooting things while I fly (and when convenient I drop from low altitude with my great axe power attack)... what is this mount class feature you are talking about though, it doesn't seem to be a feat of any kind?

KahnyaGnorc wrote:

See if you can get an "Enlarge Monster" spell created (similar to Charm Person to Charm Monster).

If you can use Dreamscarred Press's psionics, then you could get a dorje (wand) of Expansion and UMD it.

yeah he's only using the core books and some of the advanced books no psionics

Thanks for the reply guys, this is actually my first game so I didn't know if artificial stat modification was even possible. I actually assumed I wouldn't be able to use enlarge person due to as you all put me being a dragon and all, and when I asked about the animal growth he said I could use enlarge person since he thinks wyvarans count as humanoid since it's bipedal even though it is a dragon.

I wasn't about to complain about him allowing that.

For context:
I am playing a wyvaran barbarian and I asked my DM since I am a dragon type with regards to species would I be able to use animal growth instead of enlarge person.

His response was that animals are only creatures with a max INT score of two meanwhile anything higher is considered a magical beast and cannot have animal growth used on them. However he did say since I was humanoid, enlarge person could work instead.

So I am trying to find a way to for lack of a better phrase, "hulk out" by making myself much dumber temporarily for my raging so I could possibly stack animal growth and enlarge person.

(yes I realize this may be broken as hell but it would be a fun thing to whip out just for a BBEG)

Agnaraed 260 wrote:

2. I was looking at other feats to take and would like input on what level to get them/which to choose from:

-Improved Natural Attack
-Rending Claw Blade (in order to get rend)
-eldritch claws
-penetrating bite
-noxious bite
-penetrating bite
-natural weapon focus
the next few I cannot tell if its even possible to get on wyvaran
-mighty bite
-savage bite
-beartrap bite

Forgot to add rend and affiliated abilities to the not sure category of if possible

So here's what I am going for with this build as some of you may have seen over the past week. A dragon-themed barbarian that will be a pure natural weapon user. Now with the graceful help of you guys below is what I have so far put together.

Invulnerable Rager Barbarian / Eldritch Scrapper Sorcerer / Dragon Disciple

Current build plan
Race: Wyvaran

CL1 Brb1 Raging Vitality
CL2 Brb2 Lesser Draconic Bloodline [2 Claw Attacks]
CL3 Brb3 Improved Initiative
CL4 Brb4 Lesser Fiendish Totem [Gore Attacks]
CL5 Sor1 Extra Rage; Martial Flexibility
CL7 DD2 Extra Rage Power - Reckless Abandon; Power Attack
CL9 DD4 ???
CL10 DD5 Toughness
CL11 DD6 ???
CL12 DD7

By lvl 12 have

Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000gp)
Ring of Deflection +2 (8,000gp)
Amulet +3/+2 Furious (54,000gp)
Bracers of Armor
Amulet of Natural Fists (Amulet of Might Fists/Amulet of Natural Armor combined)
+1 Natural Armor - 2000gp
+1 Nat Armor; Furious - 6000gp
+2 Nat Armor; Furious - 12,000gp
+2 Nat Armor; +1 Furious - 24,000gp
+3 Nat Armor; +1 Furious - 34,000gp
+3 Nat Armor; +2 Furious - 54,000gp
+4 Nat Armor; +2 Furious - 68,000gp
+4 Nat Armor; +3 Furious - 96,000gp
+5 Nat Armor; +3 Furious - 114,000gp
+5 Nat Armor; +4 Furious - 150,000gp

Tentacle Cloack (14,000gp) [2 Tentacle Attacks]

Amulet of Mighty Fists (+4 Furious) so I get a +6 total Enhancement Bonus when Raging so I can get a numerical Enhancement Bonus above +5

So I pose a few questions to you guys.

1. What would you recommend as my starting stat balance keeping in mind wyvarans have +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Int?

2. I was looking at other feats to take and would like input on what level to get them/which to choose from:

-Improved Natural Attack
-Rending Claw Blade (in order to get rend)
-eldritch claws
-penetrating bite
-noxious bite
-penetrating bite
-natural weapon focus
the next few I cannot tell if its even possible to get on wyvaran
-mighty bite
-savage bite
-beartrap bite

3.I'm looking for a possible racial trait from the core rule books my DM will accept that I could get via the adoption method (he won't accept tusked) that would improve my natural weapon capabilities

4. If I'm missing something glaring or you see something that could greatly increase damage output go ahead and let er rip

So how many times do you all think I should sink points into Imp. natural attack feat?

Also what would you reccommend my starting point spread be for str, char, dex, etc?

Are there people here that host games over the internet? If so is there a looking for group function or is there another kind of site that does that?

Soooo.... Apparently the dm is not allowing racial traits due to people in the group being beginners. That sucks. This is kylar just changed alias