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Cart become full when ordering, so I split the order into two separate orders. Both orders are checked out and paid.

Please optimize the shipping for the orders, as they are now separate. Altogether the shipping was bit of weird, for example sending two copies of the same book as separate packages. Please try to get the shipping price down by optimizing packages if possible. Reimburse my card for any applicable savings gained from optimization.

If no savings are possible, that is fine as well even though the shipping cost more than the products combined.

The orders in question are 7913853 and 9914897 (as in thread title).

Sovereign Court

Also please apply the "holiday20" discount code to the merged order, reimbursing my card the discounted amount.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Markus,

I have refunded the overcharged amount for shipping due to the fact that we could not get to combining the orders before they already shipped out. This is a common issue when you submit orders you intend to combine. For the future, move items from your cart into your "Saved for later" and continue filling your cart and saved for later until you are done shopping, then let us know you need your saved for later and cart combined. This can ensure we can make all necessary changes to a combined order before it ships out.

Unfortunately I cannot apply the Holiday20 code to this order. One of the requirements is that that discount can only be applied ot orders submitted on December 14th through January 31st. Because these orders were submitted before December 14th in order to take advantage of the Black Friday discounts (which are not intended to overlap), the system restricts the use of the Holiday20 code.

Regardless you should still see the about $75 refund for the shipping overcharge. This items will still be coming in multiple packages, but this should make the shipping as cheap as it could have been if all items could hae been broken up into the most cost effective arrangement. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

Sovereign Court

This is good, thank you very much for service!

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