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Just saw the first few responses so if anybody already suggested this then my bad. Take a level of arcane spell casting. You now have spells and the first tier option works fine. Your DM will spend hours punching him/herself in the face with a +5 vorpal kitchen utensil of choice. Its super broken by its wording. Any smart DM would not let it happen.

lol. yes. the dragon might even make the humanoids nearby feed him for the sole fact of harvesting his poop.

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POOP. Dragon dung is probably fantastic for your crops and to a farming community it would be worth a fortune

I'm pretty sure there is already a samurai archetype that has an iajutsu strike, seeing as its an art form meant to settle disputes of HONOR. Ninja's weren't really known for their honor

as the name suggests-bar fights. Ill start.

1.) One of the PCs notices that a completely drunken halfling is attempting to pilfer his pockets. When confronted the halfling attempts to attack the PC but trips and beats one of 7 dwarves sitting next to the PCs in the back of the head

Is it just me or does the Aboleth feel, well, weak? And any other monsters you guys and gals can think of that give you the same feeling?

Have a fiendish red dragon attack the town screaming demands that her pet crow be returned to her at once!

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your well within your rights as GM (DM if you like kickin it old school!) for not allowing 3rd party content into your game. As for the players quitting he might have been mistaken about psionics but you were still with your rights to allow him an opportunity to present this so called lore he was babbling on about. Your actions are justifiable and you need not seek an atonement spell.

I really like making villains so I decided to ask what was your favorite homebrew villain you have made?

even do a dhampir only item where they can drink a "potion" of blood that acts like a mutagen from the alchemist class and can boost their abilities but afterwards leaves them fatigued like the barbarian rage power if they dont continue to imbibe

you could do like a oracle curse type thing where they choose from a list of negatives, but when they "vamp out" they receive the positives to balance it out.

Thats a neat concept. I definitely like it.

So sort of like a Shifter from Eberron? Just instead of shifting in to a hybrid animal form, more of a gothic vampire type deal? Cuz that would be pretty interesting i think.

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give classes to monsters. add templates. throw a dracolich bones oracle at them. also traps. i feel people give them a bad rap, but traps can turn an encounter on its head. yea most traps are kinda mundane and boring, but its up to the gm to make them interesting. glitterdust. Blind everybody followed by a black tentacles. Anybody can roll poorly and fail any check. Deafen them (bard is useless unless he's a booty-shaker type bard!)

660 is the price of the mill. Not the land to build it on, delivery services they need to invest in if they really want a good name, plus taxes. You can jack those prices way up. Plus what about logging rights? have them have to buy those. You can get pretty expensive the more you think about it.


how about a half-black dragon moss troll has taken over some ruins-only he isnt a bad guy. He just wants to be left alone except there are some panicked humanoids that live nearby and want him exterminated. he can become an unlikely ally for the pc's if they dont go in and kill guy

so im REALLY tired of sketching world maps out by hand and i was wondering if there is any programs out there that would help speed that process up. Preferably not too complicated.

F*** Ferngully

you only live once lol

an evil druid has rallied a local group of treants into raiding caravans that carry supplies to a forest-bordering small town that harvests timber that has hit on hard times as their water supply comes from an underground spring that turns into the river that carries the logs down stream and has been cut off by an earthquake caused by the druid. A wizard has been into the caverns beneath the town, attempting to use magic to redirect the sprig that fuels the river, but has not been seen in a week. He is presumed dead or captured by the druid. The party members have to locate the wizard and kill the druid. A noble has promised a great reward, possibly even a marriage into his line.

maybe do a system where when they take the feat it only applies to certain magic items and effects. Like you take the feat for armor, but you can only apply the energy resist traits to it. Or if you take the feat you take it for weapons and then you are only good at applying energy damage with it, not properties like ghost touch or returning. So in a low magic setting there isnt the 'ye olde magic shop' on every corner selling +4 holy burst battle axes.

awesome. Cant wait to see what she turns out like. you've inspired me to start making monsters for my own homebrew

These are pretty cool spiders. I use pretty close to the same character die rolling method. The saves are a little high especially cuz of the stagger condition, but i would totally use these in my campaigns. I generally have pretty strong characters so they would fair OK with these. Neat concept. Kind of like a Remorhaz with the internal heat and being next to them really sucks. I like these a lot. Do you mind if i used them? I LOVE spiders in my campaigns and these would definitely catch my meta-gamers off guard!

Add some poisonous plants and some diseases. Bacteria is huge in a tropical environment. Also shake things up with giant insects. Spiders and centipedes and beetles can be cool. And im pretty sure either the core rulebook or dm's guide would have rules on heat exhaustion.

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DM Under The Bridge wrote:
Does he know he needs aquarmarine not quartz?

classic noob mistake

And actually a few of the party members were made in to villains via being corrupted. It was pretty interesting cuz it was basically a party of min/maxers so i didnt even really need to think too hard on making them difficult lol. I just gave them better gear. It was cool for the party to fight their former characters

Your villain is pretty close to one i had made. I went with the theme that the party did fail at killing him and there was a demonic take over, and the PCs made new characters which were the sons and daughters of the former PC's characters and now lived in a world controlled by demons( 3.5 to pathfinder switch over). The undead thing could go pretty sweet if you made a couple captains or something underneath your Blackest Knight dude and in order to fully end the undead apocalypse they would have to go around and shwack his captains too. If your in to long campaigns. And maybe theirs another artifact that the Blackest Knight is looking for/maybe already has and is guarding it because its the key to his annihilation.

Ok so I have this pretty in depth homebrew ive been working on for like 2 months and i have run into an idea. I was making different kinds of elves and dwarves and humans and orcs etc., as playable races when i had the idea of instead of different races, just have a lineage that takes the form of alternate racial traits for all the races im using. You can still choose to play the standard race from the books if you so wish, but i think that ALL dwarves and ALL humans and whatnot have the exact same racial traits is boring. Humans on Earth arent even like this. They adapt to their surroundings. Eskimos are better for living in arctic conditions, whereas an Aborigine is better suited for Australia or New Guinea or wherever they live, and if you swapped the two it would be catastrophic. Bottom line is i didnt want the differences to be purely aesthetic, like how the humans are in Golarion. I wanted the choice to actually affect gameplay mechanics. Do you guys and gals think this is a good idea or just stupid?

Get rid of him. Ive had to kick people out of my groups too. Some of them friends. I had a guy go out and buy quartz crystals to carry around in his pocket so he could capture dragon souls whenever he found one and killed one. IN REAL LIFE. Dude was not kidding either. Some people cant handle RPGs man. He is just going to continue to drag your games down every session until nobody wants to play anymore, and your going to turn people off to RPGs altogether. Eliminate the player. If he tries to come back explain to him why he was kicked out and if he starts pulling those shenanigans again he will forever be exiled from any game you guys pursue in the future.

I design a pantheon of gods first and give them substance. Like where did they come from, what they do, how they interact with mortals and so on. Then i figure out where my material plane and other planes comes from. After that i make a pretty rich history that walks through the first rise and fall of a couple of civilizations and what advances they made and their downfalls. I usually try to work with a different kind of world, not just one that that mimics our own. Im working on one right now where the world (im calling it terra for right now until i can find a better name) has been blown up by a war fought among the deities that released a cataclysmic energy. The world is starting to reform, but half of it is still floating around in the void, some pieces as big as continents, while much of it are just island sized. But then i decide on which races i have and make a new one if i have to. Like i just made a half troll which is actually pretty balanced from the advanced race guide race builder rules. But after I have a good foundation with enough NPCs already in place like rulers and organizations and those kinds of things i just throw my players into it and for the most part the games are pretty well received.

You inherit a bag of pipe weed called "crazy casper". You are affected by a Greater Invisibility spell for the next 24 hours. However every round you are also affected by a confusion spell with a caster level 15.

Ok so i was just in another thread involving inventory slots and it brought up a question in my mind about mundane gear so i thought i'd throw this out and see what people thought. So heres the question: would you play in a game where your mundane items such as rope and mugs and shackles and trail rations etc., were affected by damage? Cus seriously how does a silk rope carried by a dude into a dragons lair not get annihilated by dragons breath, or a poison bottle not shatter after a cone of cold and the fighter decides its time that pesky spellcaster gets a noogie? And this may be taking it a bit far but what if a critical hit also damaged something on your person? like a cavalier rides you down while your running and completely obliterates you with a critical attack with a lance, it seems it would probably punch a gaping hole in that backpack you were wearing as well. Maybe this is just looking too far in to things?

Fake Healer does bring up a good point but more than likely if someone is looking that far ahead they probably are power gamers and even if they hadn't added the NPC class by the time they were high level would most likely already be on the verge of a walking apocalypse anyways. Strangely ive never had anybody do this. Powergamers are going to exploit the system no matter what. So maybe you could talk to your players and see what they want to play before deciding to do this so you dont have ridiculously OP PCs. And even if it ends up that way just design some serious baddies and let the damage flow.

when designing stuff you gotta think like a character. Then and only then can you plan for characters.

Also if i was playing i wold just use my slots for bags of holding. Therefore rendering slots completely useless. So you would have to ace those out of the equation as well.

considering most people outside doing serious things, and not going to high school, would carry a rucksack and not a back pack. I have carried rucks weighing upwards of 60 pounds. An adventurer with an average intelligence score would know how to pack one (the heavier stuff goes on top so you dont slip a disk) especially a character with a background in some kind of military. Im just saying using a backpack as something an adventurer would have is just silly. Even though i know thats how its listed in the core rule book. Just use encumbrance rules, since its already a system in place. If they want slots, just have backpacks can hold 50 pounds of gear seeing as there are endless possibilities on how to pack one. If they want the "realism" of having limited supplies, make sure no one can cast create food/water, and then only have a backpack hold 15 handheld items or 50 pounds, whichever comes first. Seems reasonable. Then ask how characters deal with other things. Like for instance they can tie the rope around their bodies, therefore eliminating the need to place it in the rucksack, er, backpack. It seems like they want a lot of roleplaying. And then to really make things real have spells like fireball and shocking grasp and other evocation spells that deal damage to a character be able to effect gear. Cuz seriously, how does a flamestrike cast from a hopped up cleric not ruin someones mundane water skin? Or acid breathed from an ancient black dragon not ruin everything thats not magically protected and is mundane?

I do like DeathQuakers idea, but i would only do that for people that know a little more about RPGs, but i will definitely be doing this in the future and try it out. Seems pretty solid.

you could change it so the girl has been kidnapped by a rival of some sort (like a rival merchant, noble, blah blah) and you have been asked to retrieve the girl and after some investigation you find where they are holding her and can go in and rescue the girl there or set an ambush at the location of a ransom drop off. That would be a little more kid friendly i think. And the reason the people that hired the PCs didnt go with someone with a reputation is because they have a reputation and the kidnappers would catch wind that they are searching, which would put the little girls life at risk. So they went with some nobody's cuz nobody knows them. still got some action with a somewhat interesting storyline, without the stigma.

yea that makes a little sense i guess. Even though bestiary 1-4 is chock full of demons and devils and daemons and all other manner of terrible creatures and there's a whole thing called the Worldwound that's the location of a demonic invasion, on tops of tons of cults in pathfinder it would make sense from an educator standpoint to not throw new players in to that. Maybe change the idea from a cult summoning thing to something else. It was meant to be a generic quest line but i have had to deal with that negative stigma a couple of times and it is very annoying seeing as D&D wasnt even a game involving that it originated from a war game. But yes i do agree starting kids out on a quest involving demons and cults would not help out at all against the unknowing.

personally i think the X/day is more balanced for gameplay, while an arcane pool is better off movie-like where sorcerers spend hours blasting each other with magic.

Have you ever played Iron Kingdoms? They have this arcane pool thing and each spell costs a certain amount of arcane points to activate. With a lot of thinking you could turn spells from X/day into arcane points to activate, and then change how much damage things do. Like yea you can cast a fireball, but depending on how strong you want that fireball depends on how many points your willing to spend. And your allowed so many arcane points per turn. So whatever your casting stat is plus your caster level could determine your arcane points per turn and so on. Its a bit different but it works good in Iron kingdoms. I say arcane but you can use it for divine casters too. The problem with that is every round a wizard will just lob a crap ton of weak fireballs all over the place, or a druid will just stand back and chain lightning everything to death. Which is really what they end up doing anyways if they arent changing into some freakishly strong animal

I have actually done this in several of my games and it seems to work out nice. It makes the PCs starting at level 1 less of a total waste of an hour or so it takes to make a character, seeing as a well made barbarian with a good con can totally eat a bag of metal.....whoohoos...to like 2 or 3 arrows where one of them was a critical hit. Plus it adds more flesh to your character and really brings the concept of what they wanted to play to the foreground. I generally make people write a back story anyways and choosing an npc class along with that is just a nice touch. I generally am not out for blood when i Gm but i definitely make things challenging and interesting and i have on occasion wiped the whole party (mostly due to party arrogance or pitiful rolls that day). Its a neat idea and works out great from personal experience.

idea number 2. Dont have the PCs get to equip gear (like mundane stuff. rope, bedrolls that sort of thing). They wake up on a coastline that is unfamiliar to them amongst the wreckage of a ship. They dont remember where they were going or where they were coming from. With very simple looking about the items washed ashore they can deduce that this was a merchant ship carrying supplies for what seems to be a general store of some kind. They can find a survivor if you wish, like a firstmate or something, and he is wounded badly, with compound fractures in both of his legs and a broken arm, and it seems a fever is setting in. The wounds are inflamed and are starting to turn dark and stink. By this time it should be getting dark and the firstmate says that there were about 50 miles away from their destination (insert town name. The PCs have options. They can try to heal the guy and take him with them, or leave him or do whatever. Eventually the PCs are going to need to leave the area. Now once they make there way up the coastline, they start to notice that they arent alone on the beach and it seems that whoever is out there has greater numbers. They can continue along the sand or climb the cliff face into the woods, where they find signs of logging and deforesttion. Inside the woods they also find a dryad that has been staked down outside of the distance away from her tree and left to die. The PCs should find out theat there are a group of hobgoblins that are harvesting the forest for lumber to make spears and arrows and so on and so forth. The PCs can try to deal with the hobgoblins alone, or make for the town and warn them there about the hobgoblin attack. Take a little more set up but should be entertaining

the whole first half of the adventure you can do without any maps, and then just bring some grid paper for the cave network. Just a sheet could work fine

ok how about a little girl gets kidnapped by somebody, and some suspicious figures were seen slinking off into the woods (PCs learn this after some investigating) and they PCs track the people to a small cave network behind a waterfall where the little girl is to be sacrificed to conjure a demon or some kind of outsider by a profane cult. Fight a couple of cultists, maybe a wierd monster or something. Should take a few hours to play out considering these are new or newish players. Find some gold,a cool weapon for somebody, a piece of cool armor for someone else, plus if they are to continue these characters you can set it up to where the parents of this child have connections and get the PCs regular adventuring jobs. Then just scale encounter groups based on the number of players and what they are

summon monster taps work well too to keep the eidolon busy. Or anti-magic traps triggered by pressure plates and whatnot. And because of the large size collapsing walls or ceilings work. Everyone seems to be focused on negative energy, which is good and would probably have been my first answer too, but traps are satisfying, especially when your party has been steamrolling monster after monster. Oh and dragons. Dragons hurt a bunch if you play them right. Also maybe an enemy NPC hobgoblin gunslinger or like a squad of them. If your world allows for firearms that is.

TRAPS. I have noticed you don't have a barbarian or a rogue or even a ranger to deal with traps. Ive had a similar problem with my last group i played with except my main problem character was an orc witchdoctor. Brutally high saves and AC. Plus a fighter. However it seems that GMs get stuck on COMBAT scenarios to make a dungeons or encounters challenging. I threw one play session where they werent just dealing with enemy npc's but also quite a bit of traps (also a few huge plant monsters that swallowed melee characters). Im just saying sometimes its not whats in the room that hurts, but the room itself. There are tons of traps that can wreak serious havoc on a party, like isolating with pit traps that fall into a pool of acid and while people are scrambling to help out their buddy, throw in a few monsters that ambush from a secret door or something. War is Hell man.
Also i didnt take time to read all couple hundred posts so maybe this has already been suggested.