Saturday afternoon, 2017

Event organized by Paizo Seminar

Creating Welcoming Game Spaces

Saturday afternoon, 1:00–2:00 pm, 2017 • Olympic 3

Fostering a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive gaming community isn’t always easy. Pathfinder Society veterans and gaming professionals share techniques to help you make sure everyone has an awesome time at your next game or event.

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Event # 94529
When PaizoCon 2017:
Where DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Olympic 3
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188
Category Seminar
Speaker Judy Bauer, Tineke Bolleman, David Montgomery
Age Rating Family Friendly
Complexity Not Applicable
Experience Required Not Applicable

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Hi, as one of the speakers at this panel, I wanted to kick of the discussion thread.

Are there things you hope are going to be discussed here? Let me know!

Grand Lodge

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We're all hoping that you'll be awesome and give us Stroopwafels. That's welcoming, right?


(Why yes, I am awful!)

I think that some of what I would love to see covered in this panel is how create the culture that you want to see in a gaming venue. Bret and I had to kickstart a venue that had lost its organizer, and what at first seemed like a problem actually was an opportunity, because we got to start over and create the culture that we wanted. We greeted everyone by name, welcomed them individually, and began recruiting GMs from the get-go. And that was great... but I want more ideas. What can we do better?

We have a warm and friendly space that is currently low on female players. How can we attract more women and add a bit more diversity to our culture? What can we do to improve? We're coming to this panel in hopes of some more ideas.


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On the flip side of the above question I'd love to know ways to properly turn around toxic gaming spaces without entirely having to avoid certain shops and venues. Unfortunately in my home town there is quite the backwards notion that women and girls either shouldn't be involved in gaming or should be make out as objects in such circles. Been put off dozens of games due to other players and even Gms tolerating or perpetrating such behavior.

So I suppose the hard question is whether or not anything can be done to nudge (or forcibly shove) these games or cultures in the correct direction?

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I second Aeolus's question. I happen to be president of an RPG Club at my college where we have a few highly reactionary members. I try to promote a safe space for everyone (though as one of three GMs, there's only so much I can police), but I know it's a mixed effort. My position of fake power in this club does give me more leeway than most to shut down s*+@ty behavior, of course.

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Covering mistakes made would also be good.

There are a lot of different ways to approach problems. I'm looking for new ideas for preventing problems and approaching people in a way that keeps them involved and interested.

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These are great—and tough—questions. Keep 'em coming! We'll also set aside time during the panel for additional audience questions if folks think of anything else at the last minute. ^_^

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I recommend cloning HMM and having her as official PFS/SFS ambassador at all venues. I know an alchemist...

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Looking forward to it. Topics I'd enjoy hearing discussion on would include how to normalize asking folks what their preferred pronouns are and the consequences of artwork on gaming products that send a strong message about who they are intended for. It's an unfortunate vicious cycle when companies assume that women won't buy the product anyway, so they might as well market to dudes and dress all the women in really stupid boobie armor and bikini bottoms. And then they wonder why women nope right out of the culture, don't go in the shops and don't buy the products. It's good to see some companies like Paizo bucking the trend, at least some or most of the time, but overall the culture still has a ways to go.

Thanks everybody and especially thanks to Paizo for working so hard at being inclusive! Much respect and appreciation.

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