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From award-winning RPG podcaster John Grana comes a new supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: a sprawling goblin warren and the tribe that inhabits it, fleshed out in full detail and turned into a campaign setting for goblin player characters.

Within Bloodmoon Goblins is all the information a gamemaster needs to bring a goblin campaign, full of action and intrigue, to life:

  • Cast of Characters: A detailed dramatis personae with artwork, descriptions, and stat blocks for the tribe's most influential goblins. Each of the goblins' personalities and schemes are laid out in detail, allowing your PCs to enter a boiling cauldron of friends, enemies, and intrigues from the very first session of play.
  • Arnak: Maps and descriptions of Arnak, the goblins' underground home. Masses of dirty goblins stomp around the feeding pit in the Common Warrens, while the clerics scheme to control the tribe from the Temple. The rogues in the Workshop conspire to keep their knives at the backs of friend and foe alike, while treasures and dangers lurk underneath the goblins' very feet...silently, for now. Each of Arnak's chambers has its secrets, perils, and opportunities.
  • Goblinmaster's Guide: Additional information for turning the people and places of Bloodmoon Goblins into a vibrant and living campaign setting. This section includes information on the demographics, religion, culture, history, and ever-plotting factions of the Bloodmoon tribe. Other practical notes of game-running advice that did not fit neatly into any other section are also collected here.
  • Into the Depths: An adventure for Bloodmoon Goblin player characters, set in the undead-infested ruins buried beneath the goblins' home. The goblins' flourishing presence in Arnak is no coincidence or accident...but can the PCs defeat the hidden necromancer who considers himself their secret master? Or will they be slain by his horrific minions...and then reanimated to join them? Recommended for four to six characters of around fourth level.
  • Attacking the Warrens: a guide to using the Bloodmoon Goblins as enemy NPCs, and making an adventure out of attacking their filth-strewn caves. If you don't want to run an entire campaign of weakling goblinoid characters but want your players' next dungeon target to be a fully living organism that quickly and deviously fights back, this chapter is for you. Recommended for four to six characters of around sixth level.
The warrens of the Bloodmoon Goblins shudder and convulse with the schemes of over two hundred goblins, driven by everything from the crass appetities of the weaklings all the way to the perils faced by the goblin king. Will your players seize control of one of the tribe's factions? Dare they attempt to take—and keep—rulership of the entire tribe? Can they defend the tribe from external threats while keeping their backs safe from the knives of their goblin rivals?

Good fantasy requires the heroic triumph of an underdog. So give your players some rotting leather armor and chipped daggers, and make them fight enemies twice their size who know how to forge steel and read scrolls. Give them Bloodmoon Goblins.

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