The Reign of Winter

Game Master Nayr Trebrot


Travelling map

Wishbone Creek


Heldren Gazetteer:

1. Armory 6. Barber 11. Temple of Erastil
2. Isker’s Smithy 7. The Silver Stoat 12. Carpenter
3. General Store 8. Livery Stable 13. Heldren Sawmill
4. Town Hall 9. Town Square 14. The Butcher of Jalrune
5. Willowbark Apothecary 10. Ionnia Teppen’s House 15. Old Mother Theodora’s
Buildings not labeled or numbered are homes or businesses of common citizens. There are several homes which lie outside the confines of the town proper and are part of the border farmlands or woods surrounding the small hamlet. The Western Road leads to Oppara while the Southern Road leads to Zimar and Demgazi. The Eastern Road leads to the farmland of the Gilded Vale and the Northern Roads leads into the Briarwood.

Government: council
Population 171

Councilor Ionnia Teppen (NG middle-aged human commoner)
Elder Natharen Safander (LG male half-elf cleric of Erastil)
Soothsayer Old Mother Theresa (N venerable female human adept)

Base Value 500 gp; Purchase Limit 2500 gp; Spellcasting 3rd level

Broad-minded: The citizens of Heldren are open, friendly, tolerant and react positively toward visitors. Although suspicious of those of Qadiran decent, they are cordial and engaging.

Party XP:

Party loot:
From Massacre site:
Captain's breastplate
MW longsword
signet ring
Pair of earrings - 22 GP
pearl inlaid bracelets - 95 GP
assorted necklaces - 65 GP
sapphire - 52 GP

Ana: +2
Arsiel: +3
Ques: +1
Garland: +1

Ques +1
Arseil +1
Garland +3

Weather conditions:
This is 100% difficult terrain from here on out. Things you can not do in difficult terrain: You can not run, charge, 5 foot step or move at your full speed (unless you have said tool to do so). Your movement is reduced by half, unless you have snowshoes, then reduced by a quarter - " Snowshoes reduce the penalty for walking through heavy snow by 50%; for example, if moving through snow normally costs you 2 squares of movement per square traveled, snowshoes reduce this cost to 1.5 squares per square traveled."

Also, it is now snowing!!! That's right. You will forever now have a -4 to sight perception (while outside) and a -4 to all ranged attacks (including rays, while outside).

Lastly, the temperature here is cold; every hour spent in here requires a fort save to avoid taking 1d6 nonlethal. However, if you have cold resistance, and many do - you don't have to roll it

Character creation:
Level 1
20-point buy
Max gold
Max HP
background skills
2 traits (one is campaign trait)
Drawbacks are allowed, giving a 3rd trait
Feat taxes