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Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The Keep on The Borderlands is an inspiring sight in the summer. Away from the indigo skies of Aviona and just far enough from the forests to avoid any tree cover, the courtyards of Fenrift Keep were filled with men, halflings, elves and half-men training in the broiling heat. Those in heavy armor cursed their choice of heavy hot armor and those in light cursed their own clothing's inability to block the sun. The water barrels were refilled every hour and often needed it by the half hour.

Nevertheless, the people of the Avionan military were generally in good spirits at the keep. Their wars were simple, with tribes of creatures whose morals were unquestionably bad, and (other than the occasional wood elf raid) generally were outmatched by the military far more than would be seemly in a proper war. The recruits at Fenrift were mostly young and inexperienced, filled with vigor and readiness to show the enemy their mettle. There were veterans, but they were vastly outnumbered and their wisdom often ignored by the young recruits eager to live out the fantasies of the stories told by their fathers and grandfathers of the glorious wars of old.

The Keep sits atop a hill, overlooking the farmlands below and sheltering the humans and elves living average lives in their cottages from the threats of the world. Made of dark blackened stone and constructed in the Hill Dwarf style (Nothing taller than two stories will stand in a real siege) the Keep squatted like a miser above his coins.

Each of you has been summoned from your duties or leisure time by Podrick, an aide, to the office of Major Vedil, one of the higher ranking people in the fort. You've been told only that you will be assigned to a new unit, under the Major. As each of you arrived you have been asked to wait in the spartan waiting room, surprisingly cool and a pleasant respite from the heat outside.

Please give me a description of what your character was doing when he got the message, and a description of your character as they arrive, as well as your characters thoughts on the others.

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

The day's heat reached even into the storage areas of the keep. Minuraieth's slender form is bent double in the small room, her attention focused on the task before her. An irritated hissing sound writhes over the stone walls. The brightly coloured serpent, no longer than 6 inches, in her hands is spasming with anger. Min's hands hold the creature over a glass bowl wrapped in thin sheep's leather milking the weak venom from it. Everything seems to be going well until the door to the room creaks open behind her. Min jumps at the unexpected sound and the bowl clatters to the table, spilling the few precious drops she had gathered onto the floor while Sarah slithered away and back into the safe confines of her cage.

"You bloody snake, Don't think this means you get out of it so easily. I'll take care of you later!" She turns around, the scowl on her face quickly replaced with a neutral expression when she sees who's behind her.

Min salutes, the rusty looking claws at the end of her fingers making a clack in the near silence of the room. "Sir! Good afternoon."

Min listens to Porick's orders and simply nods, quickly securing the small cage and heading to Vedil's office. The trip isn't too far since the keep isn't too tall and she had been in a closet on the top floor already.

The spindly archer is the first to arrive at the waiting room. It seems that Major Vedil is not yet ready for her, so she takes a seat on a dark wooden bench against the wall. The dark wood mirrors the blackened stone of the keep. Never one to waste too much time idling, Min spends the few free minutes to polish the engravings along her crossbow.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Dotted -- I'm really excited to have another Kirthfinder PBP going on!

Male Hill Dwarf Fighter 5

Kelgan sifts through the ashes of the small fire, picking choice bits of charcoal out while the still cools. He cleans his hands then finishes carving, not wanting to get soot on the white wood. Satisfied with his work, he pops the teeth in to check the fit. Not bad.

He looks up at the sound of footfalls. Podrick, one of the Major's lackeys, strides over and sniffs his disapproval at the copper contraption. I never liked him that much, Kelgan thinks. What sort of man doesn't like to drink, anyways? He stands, squinting against the sun, and snaps a lazy salute.

"Major wants to see you. Now."

Kelgan nods, then mouths an insult as Podrick walks back across the courtyard. This causes the teeth to fall in the dirt, and he curses bitterly as he washes off the ashes. Stowing the still safely in its crate, he heads upstairs.

Glaring briefly at the major's closed door, he slouches into a chair and gives the waiting elf an appraising look. She's a tall one, for sure. Nice piece she's got, too. Wonder what Vedil wants with her?

Not wanting to be rude, he fishes out a flask and waves it in her direction.

"Awfully hot out, innit?" He flashes her a smile of straight, white teeth, hoping she can't tell their true nature. "Want sommat t'drink?"

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1
Kelgan Cragbelly wrote:

"Awfully hot out, innit?" He flashes her a smile of straight, white teeth, hoping she can't tell their true nature. "Want sommat t'drink?"

A well-trimmed claw pushes a pair of black metal frames up her nose. Min arches an eyebrow at the dwarf and glances toward the Major's door. She takes a moment to respond to him, her head tilted slightly in consideration. "At this time of day? Before a meeting? I wouldn't want to give the Major a poor first impression. I apologize, but I must decline as much as I'd love to partake in what I'm sure is fine dwarven liquor of some sort."

She folds her legs and rests the crossbow against the floor, leaning it against her leg. "I wonder if you're here for similar business. Podrick said something about assigning me to a new unit. Any chance you're involved in that and know anything more than I do? Oh, and I'm Min, by the way." Min flashes the dwarf a smile and extends her hand for a handshake.

Male Hill Dwarf Fighter 5

The flask disappears back into the pocket from whence it came as Kelgan also glances at the closed door. A sour expression wrinkles his face for a moment, then smoothes itself back into a grin. His handshake is firm, and the stains on his fingers are set too deep to smudge.

"You c'n call me Kelgan. Fair nice piece o' work you got there." He studies the crossbow while he ponders her question. "Far as what Major Vedil wants, I've not a clue. Sent for me too, since you asked. Maybe he's looking to give me my fair shot at a decent job around here. Hope so, anyway."

male Human Druid 1

After patrolling the surrounding forest for a few hours, a „job“ he was already doing for some weeks, Valan made rest at the forest border.
Since the weather was clear and still warm, he saw no need for a fire and just searched for a tree with lots of grass and moss below it. He set his staff and backback aside and sat down with his back leaning against the old bark.
Not far behind him a big dog was following in his track slowly, sometimes stopping to listen for a small animal that decided it was wise to flee from the potential predator.
From the distance it could have been mistaken for a wolf searching cattle to feed on, but this dog was not of the kind to hunt game bigger than itself. Hares and other small animals were enough of a battle for him.

Shortly after Valan sat down the dog ley beside him, poking the man in the side until he finaly started to run his fingers through the animal's grey-brown fur.
When the dog seemed satisfied, Valan took some beef jerky out of his backback and threw it on the ground beside the dog while getting some old bread and freshly gathered berries for himself.
The dog threw itself on the meat swiftly, while Valan muttered more to himself „easy boy, you don't want to get fat, no?“, at the same time searching for some water to make the rest perfect.

With his furry friend's head on his lap and the sun shining through the leaves on his face, Valan fall asleep for a short time. His sleep was short since his dog's barking woke him up when someone was approaching.

„Shh Gordis, don't make a ruckus“ Valan muttered while swiftly standing up and looking towards the direction of his visitor.

When Podrick emerged from between the bushes, Valan greeted him formaly, and after listening to the man's complains about his habit of camping in the wild, he accepted his new orders, assembled his stuff and went straight towards the keep.
Podrick accompanied him a little while but went his own way shortly. He wished the man a good day and wondered what company he has to endure in the near future, after all there were some strange folk roaming the keep.

At the destined building he was stopped by some rude man, who reminded him once again the dog was to be left outside, which apparently didn't please Gordis. But he listened to Valan and sat himself to the left of the building's door, watching all the young recruits practicing in the yard, while hoping go get some food from anyone who passed by.


As he enters the room, Valan is surprised by the unexpected pair sitting on the bench there.
„Well, i suppose you two were summoned here on behalf of the Major as well?“ he asks with a smile after a moment of consideration.
„My name is Valan and i'm pleased to meet you in that case.“
He nods his head slightly, then walks towards the bench, leaning his staff against the wall on its side and sitting down.

„Of course i'm pleased to meet you even if you were not summoned for the same cause as myself.“ he adds after considering his words again.

Noticing the strong tabaco smell coming from his neighbour he moves a little to the side and starts to watch the door in anticipation of additional unit members.
Hope Gordis doesn't scare anyone that walks by with food in hands – he could eat all day and cost me my last gold piece – well silver piece rather.
At this thought a slightly stupid looking smile appears on Valan's face and he lets out a rather loud sigh.

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

She lets go of Kelgan's hand and glances to the four and a half foot monster against her leg.

"Isn't it? It took my friend, Jack, forever to configure the bloody thing. I'd hold your breath at a decent job, unless they send us hunting wood elves. I haven't seen anything in at least a month that's worth dedicating the goddess."

Min tilts her head again when the newcomer enters and smiles broadly at him. Her grin reveals a set of perfectly white, pointed teeth.

Well doesn't he look quite ragged enough. I wonder if there's more patches to that bag than the original fabric...

"Hello, Valan! Welcome to the Majordomo's waiting room. Prime real estate, hmn? Ah, well. At least its not scolding hot in here. Do you have any idea what it is the Major wants, or are you as in the dark as us two?
Oh, right, and I'm Minuraieth [min-oor-ay-eth]. But everyone just calls me Min."

male Human Druid 1

"Oh well, i don't have a clue myself, just something about a new unit i heard.", Valan tells the tall woman, wondering about her fancy words.

Saying that, he let's out another sigh.

"Coulda just stayed under that tree when it's only waiting here as well - much more relaxing that way. But you got a point, the sun is rather relentless today."

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

When Podrick approached Bronn, he found the giant man chopping firewood. Bronn would grab a thick log, some more than two feet across, and wrestle them into place before splitting them with a single overhead blow from his massive axe. He hummed cheerily as he worked, and judging by the massive pile of split wood and the torrents of sweat dripping off his enormous shirtless frame, he had been at it for some time. There was a small group of children standing off to the side of the yard, watching him in amazement. It takes him a moment to notice the small aide standing behind him, and he nearly catches Podrick with the backswing of his axe. At Pod's yelp, Bronn turns towards him and exclaims in a thunderous bass, "Oh! Hullo little man. I didn't see you there." He listens to the orders Podrick has for him and says "Okay. Thanks." before walking over to where the children are standing and upending a water barrel over his head. The torrents of sweat, dust and water scatter the now screaming children. Bronn laughs heartily as he watches them scurry away. Little monkies.

The three in the waiting room can smell Bronn long before they can see him. An intense musky smell, like that of a hibernating animal strikes their nostrils and sets their eyes to watering as they hear a loud thumping noise coming down the hallway towards the antechamber.

The torchlight from the hallway is momentarily blocked out, as the massive warrior is forced to turn sideways to squeeze through the doorframe. The man now standing hunched over before them easily tops seven feet, and his shoulders are nearly twice as wide as the doorway. He is wearing a simple unlaced linen shirt, and knee-length breeches. His feet are bare and hairy, as is the rest of his exposed flesh. He looks dubiously at the benches along the walls, before settling down onto the floor and saying, "Hullo. I'm Bronn."

He studies each of them carefully in turn. As his eyes take in Min's claws and crossbow they narrow considerably. She looks fragile, and scary. He turns to look at Valen and Gordis and smiles broadly. Ooh, doggy! Finally he takes in Kelgan and an involuntary sneer crosses his face. Hill dwarf? Blech, devious little apes...

Apparently finished with his inspection, he asks no one in particular "Where's da major?"

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

Min sets her chin on one hand, resting her elbow on a knee. The hunter waits to spring his trap when all the prey are in the proper place She winks at Valan with one eye which seems to have turned darker than the other after opening. I'm sure the Major will bring us in when the stars align properly. Or, you know, when he feels like it. You won't catch me questioning an officer! ...Maybe. Or often. Hrmn.

When the large figure thumps down the corridor to sit on the ground, another sly smile flits over her face.
Well isn't this the peculiar assemblage. I wonder if they simply gathered all the misfits together in one place. Ah well, this ought to be interesting!

Her smile widens slightly, appearing almost predatory and she wriggles one, thin clawed finger at Bronn. Why Hullo there! I think I've heard of you before. There aren't many in the fort taller than I am. Why you look positively ah...effective at this line of work. I'm Minuraie-- ah, just call me Min.

I'm not sure if he has more hair than the dwarf or not...I wonder when the last time ANY of these three has bathed. Tsk. Soldiers.

The hint of a frown crosses her lips only to quickly flit away, replaced by a toothy smile. The Major appears busy at the moment. We were idling away the time as we await for him ourselves. Much better than being cramped in workspaces or slaving away under this sun, I'd say. So, Bronn, are you any more aware of why we've been called here than the rest of this lot? I'm mighty curious..

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

To be confronted by so many words seems to have taken Bronn momentarily aback. He blinks several times before answering, "Nope. I dunno nothing. Hullo, Min. You can call me Mountain or Bronn, both okay." he says, smiling. Maybe she's not scary afterall. Big words though. After replying to Min, Bronn cups both his massive hands around his mouth and shouts at a volume that leaves everyone's ears ringing, "MAJOR, WE'RE HERE!" at the interior door across the room.

I guess we're still missing one, but Bronn doesn't know that.

Male Human Barbarian 1

Uff, this weekend was busy and totally missed this out

Algar was outside running near the forest when Podrik found him to give the letter. Practicing to increase his endurance and showing respect to spirit of totem his tribe respected was basic.

Stopping and grabbing the letter from Podrik Algar begin to read but took painfully long to read it through as he spelled each word out like a child. Frustrated but not giving up he is able to finish the letter until it appears to his mind that he could just have asked Podrik to read it out for him. Still, it was in his best interest to at least learn to read properly.

Thanking Podrik and returning to his hut to grab his belongings Algar arrive after a while to the house.


Stepping inside the room Algar see others who have already gathered. A big giant-like man, a woman in black, a Dwarf and a another man who smelled funny.

Algar was clearly the last one to arrive to scenery and this was bad. Non fitting for a future chieftain. A clear frown appeared on his face but disappeared soon as he psyched himself up. He was tall one from others perspective but his body was build well to match his tallness to leave impression of warrior. Wearing some clothes and rags but most recognizable was the fur of wolves around his shoulder and waist. Sweat and a bit dirtiness was clearly seen but seemed like he was used to this.

Nodding to the others and talking with clear voice Sorry for being late. Seems like I am the only one or maybe there is still others? Had some... training to be done and finding me was quite hard. I am called Algar. Possible to know your names? Algar asks as he goes through each participant and measures them up, especially taking just more than a glance at the woman

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

Bronn stares at the newcomer curiously. Nice axe. Hmmm...this one okay. after a moment of staring, he smiles broadly and holds out a ham sized hand "I'm Bronn or Mountain, both okay." he says. "Don't worry Algar Little-Axe, you not late. Da Major is still hiding in his room." Bronn forgets he was supposed to be shaking hands, and points at the door across the waiting room.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The Major's door opens and he steps out, carefully closing the door behind him. "Well I had hoped to finish these damnable after-action reports but I doubt I'll get anything done with the combined smell out here. Don't any of you men bathe?" Major Vedil himself was a thin, wiry half-elf with an immaculately trimmed beard and short cropped black hair. "Come inside the office." He invites, waving a hand and following after all have come in and stood in front of his desk (there is no chair).

"I'm sure all of you are confused as to why you've been taken from your unit. Well I'm the Major for Special Operations here at Fenrift Keep and I'm sorry to tell you that you are no longer a part of the units you were before. You are now a part of one of my units, under the command of Lieutenant Cragbelly here." He gestures to the hill dwarf. "You are going to be one of my troubleshooting teams, stamping out the problems that crop up from time to time here on the frontier. For instance, here." The Major pulls forth a map of the frontier, with a small mark on it near the only decent road between North and South Estren. "Here, we've had seven reports of caravans being attacked by Goblin tribes in the past month. 3 caravans have fully disappeared, and who knows how many that weren't scheduled might have had problems. The goblins have always raided a bit, but this is far too bold of them. We need to find out what is causing this raiding, and stop it, including stamping out the tribe if necessary. I expect a full report sent by messenger, magic or hawk within the next two weeks. Has this briefing been understood by everyone? Do you have any questions?"

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

I bathed just before coming inside! Can't help it that pappy was a giant.

Bronn stands at attention the whole time the major is talking (if the ceiling is high enough). Bronn's eyes go wide, and flick to Kelgan for a moment when he hears that he will be under the command of the hill dwarf. But he's so small, and the hill dwarves always cause trouble! When the Major finishes his briefing Bronn will snap off a smart salute and say, "Yes sir!" Turning to Kelgan he simply stands there staring at him, apparently waiting to be told what to do.

Male Human Barbarian 1

Algar grunts at this and nods his head to the direction of hill dwarf but remain in same posture. Taking a small sniff at himself and face like question mark wonders what Major might have meant by that but obediently wipes little bit his skin with wolf fur.

Ok. Get there, kill the buggers, get the stuff or something like that. Okie dokie Algar asks

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

A thin hand slaps into a smart salute when the Major opens the door. After his comments, it slips down to her mouth to hide a smirk. The Major is a mind-reader, after all

She follows the others inside, standing to the side of Bronn and looking over the heads of the others at the Major. Tsk, this room is smaller than I would have expected. Her eyes flick to Kelgan, one darkening and the other paling to a light green.

Lieutenant? Ah, it seems you outrank the rest of us, hmn? Congratulations on the command, Lt. Cragbelly. Min looks down at the Major and nods slightly.

You mentioned that three caravans have disappeared, but there have been seven reports of caravans being attacked by Goblin tribes. Does that mean ten caravans have been attacked? Have all of them been from the same area? What were each of the caravans carrying? Was there any difference between what merchant groups sent the three that disappeared and those that were attacked? Or between the ones that have been attacked and those that haven't? Wa--ah..

Min smiles again, showing full rows of pointed teeth. Sorry, too many questions at once. I guess I'd just like to know what else you could tell us about the caravans, sir.

And message by hawk? Ooh, I wonder if they'll give me a messenger hawk of my own if I ask... Oh and uhm...Sir? If you provide us with a messenger hawk, I'd be happy to keep the Keep informed of our progress.

male Human Druid 1

As Bronn and Algar entered the waiting room, Valan waved them hello and told his name, but the appearence of the two warriors took him by surprise and so he waited mostly silently until the giant made his heart almost stop with the sudden screaming.
Hope the major doesn't just throw us out thanks to that "mountain's" rudeness.

When the major calmly invites the strange group inside though, Valan feels relived but slightly offended about that bathing comment, takes his staff and follows the others inside the room.

After hearing out his assignment and the walking muscle-pack's instant salute, Valan looks once again at the faces of his "companions" and speaks up: "Major Vedil, don't you think a well organized squad of soldiers would be better suited to attack goblin tribes? We five haven't worked together before, throwing us onto an unknown number of aggressors could result in disaster."
After a short while he adds "I'm not really a people person anyway and was quite content in patroling the woods, but if you insist i will follow along."

Min's post went live while i was tinkering with mine ^^

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

Min looks at Valan over her glasses and arches one eyebrow. You'd question the Major's decision-making capability so soon, Valan? My, you are brave. I had thought we were only to investigate these..ah..disappearances and provide some intel. I don't know about you, but I'm dreadfully bored of waiting around the Keep and sniping at the occasional tattooed barbarian or dirt-covered bandit.

She pauses and tilts her head, pushing her glasses back up. A faint frown scrawls across her lips. No offense intended, of course. I meant just er..the Keep's enemies. She nods once to Lt. Cragbelly and to the fur-covered latecomer.

male Human Druid 1

When Min states so openly what she thinks about his words, Valan grows a little worried about the Major's response and tilts his weigth from one leg to the other and looks closely at the man's face for some sign of anger.
"Just stating my thoughts, no offense meant on my part as well."
A hawk huh? nice idea girl.

Male Hill Dwarf Fighter 5

"Understanding the whole plan to this: we find the goblins, we convince em to leave off with the banditry, or else we kill em all." Kelgan listens while his new team discusses the assignment. "Been through a road ambush or two in my day. Goblins is shifty little buggers. Best way to draw em out is put a nice bait for them to bite. Can you spare a wagon and a pair of mules, Major?"

Looking at the rest he asks, "what do each of you do best? Min, I can tell you're an archer, what else can you do? Bronn, you obviously hit things. I'll put that to good use. Algar, how well do you use those axes? Well enough I bet. And you Valan, are you a scout of some sort?"

Male Human Barbarian 1

Looking a while at woman who was called Min Mhm, no offense taken but Algar is not tattooed. Tattooed are stupid, scars more manly or skins of your enemies around you and grins at her

Listening the Cragbelly who seemed to be his superior now Algar sighed Enough well. When I get angry, it hurt more... enemies particularly. If its small it flies, if its big, it chops. Dwarf knows what speaking. Good sign for leader nodding at him although little bit disappointed for not being the leader. Nevertheless, was good chance for him to learn trick or two of being leader

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

"I can do other stuffs too. I don't really like to hit things, it's not nice. But, there are so many bad men that make me hit them by doing bad things. I like to sing songs, see, listen." Bronn tucks his elbows in at the waist and holds his hands outward like little wings before launching into a song...
Perform (Sing) 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (5) - 2 = 3

"I'ma bee, I'ma bee, I'ma I'ma I'ma bee..."
A he sings he flaps his hands up and down and rotates in place by prancing on his tip-toes
"Bee bee, buzz buzz buzz.."
On his second rotation he slams his head into one of the ceiling rafters and his song comes to a screeching halt with a loud exclamation of "OUCH!" He gets a pouty look on his face, and looks at Kelgan like a child who expects to be scolded.

male Human Druid 1

As Valan opens his mouth to answer the dwarf, he is interrupted by the rather "interesting" song and his face is forced into an involuntary grin.

After the buzzes and bees have stopped, he looks at Kelgan and explains:
"Not a scout, no. But i'm quite at home in the wilderness and understand the land well. I'm not much of a fighter and prefer to spare those goblins if its possible."
After a little pause he adds:
"I can contribute with some nature magic though, if that helps."

Kelgan listens to Algar and says to him, "good, good. Sure and you'll get a minute to show me your prowess soon. Dangers aplenty besides goblins out there. Ever fight a bear?"

He hurries over to Bronn after the premature end to the song and checks the giant's head for injury.

Heal 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

"Easy there, big fella. No harm done. Best leave the singing for outside, though. And I meant hitting things earlier, breaking rocks, cutting trees, clearing the land. We'll need shelter out there."

"A nature mage, you say? Could be quite helpful. Neither do I have a liking for bloodshed. I intent to reason with them, if I can. Those two look intimidating enough to scare some sense into any foolish goblin we meet. On the other side, I'm not going to let them keep robbing travelers. And if they've murdered the missing caravans, they'll pay in blood." He watches Valan, gaging his reaction.

"And me'self, I'm a medic. Reason I'm a lieutenant and all. Well that and some many years of service. I don't hold my nose up, and I'm not deaf. Anyone has a good idea, I want to hear it. Anyways, I'm a field medic so I'll be up front in the thick of it, same as you."

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

Min traces one finger along the snake tattoo circling her eye and gives Algar an amused smile. No offense taken, of course She looks down at Kalgan an frowns faintly. I'm still not convinced this is the work of goblins. Seven reports seems high of caravan attacks, but disappearing wagons? Since when have they taken the entire caravan? It could be they're being framed for something. Of course, annihilating all of the little buggers is sure to be entertaining. Her eyes narrow and she smiles a predatory grin.

I'm a hunter, Sir. If you need me to hunt something, track it, or scout it, I'm your woman.

The hagspawn winces at the terrible singing giant. Oh my..well you--Oh! She winces again when he slams his head on the ceiling. Urgh..that has to hurt. I've got some skill in first aid and know a few tricks, if you need any help in that department, Kelgan.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"Ten reported, scheduled caravans yes. All between here" The Major points on the map to the start of a leg of the road that borders the mountains, then to the southern edge of the same area. "And here. They were from different areas of Estren and each carried different cargo. The three that have disappeared didn't seem to have any particular anomalies, though I can't be certain." Vedil grins at Min's eagerness. "Sorry Private, the messenger hawks are in short supply at the Keep. Buy one from the Quartermaster or pay to borrow one from any of the towns near your area of operations."

After hearing Algar's and Valan's words the Major chimes in, "Private Minuraieth has it right, this is a mission of diplomacy. We do not want to start further hostilities with the goblin tribes. The wood elves have been watching us walk on eggshells since those damned Northwinders killed the Blackbirds, and if we launch a full-scale extermination it will pull men from the much bigger threat." After Kalgar chimes in the Major nods approvingly. "Looks like I gave you the right command Cragbelly. Dismissed."

At Bronn's bee song the Major looks a bit alarmed at the ceiling, but unamused.

Bluff DC 12:
The Major's lips twitch several times. It is obvious he is hardly holding back his amusement.

Knowledge (Lore or Warfare) Or Streetwise DC 10:
The mention of Blackbirds and Northwinders refers to an event a dozen years ago when Queen Kacia, former Queen of Estren and it's surrounding areas and widow of Elf-King Talvar I the Conqueror. She was challenged to a duel by a Wood Elven noble, and magically imprisoned below the earth. In her absence the Wood Elven tribes became extremely agitated and many made unwise attacks, leading eventually to the hiring of a legion of mercenaries from Northwind, who fought off several tribes and exterminated every member of the Blackbird tribe as an example.

Male Human Barbarian 1

Bluff detect 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (7) - 2 = 5

Why not laugh. The mountain man is funny but maybe bees and flowers are for later hm... would be interesting man for the tribe Algar notes to himself

Streetwise 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (13) - 2 = 11

As the discussion comes to end Algar is clearly trying to recall some historical information from his tribes lores. Haah, elves and their problems. If they just know how to hit and spend not so much time with their woods and forest animals everything would be fine. Now goblins does what they want[/i] Algar sights in the end [b]Not my problem. You tell, I do. Algar is learning here

male Human Druid 1

Knowledge (Lore): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17

When the Major makes it clear the group's buisness here is finished, Valan swiftly leaves through the door.

At the first opportunity, he turns to the dwarf in a quiet voice:
"Kelgan, you heard the man, the wood elves surely wouldn't like to be reminded of slaughter. Killing tribes with kids and women, ugly thing the northwind lads did there. I sure don't want to be part of such things. I put my faith in you, keep the axe-wielders under control."
He pats his new boss on the shoulder, nods ones with a stern face - in Valan's eyes a sign of respect - and then adds with a smile:
"You seem like a man i can take commands from without regret. You care for your teammates."

Then he picks up the bag he left in the waiting room and heads slowly towards the door.

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

Min salutes the Major once more and strides out with the rest of her new unit. Once outside, she looks around at them. Lt. Cragbelly, when do you want to head out? I'll stop by the Quartermaster and see what the aviary has to offer for messenger birds. Would you like me to inquire about a wagon while there? I only have a few coins on me, so if we have to purchase our own gear, we'll be at a loss. We may be able to pick up animals and a wagon in one of the towns near the border road though. I think we should probably do that anyway. We'll want to investigate the area for signs of the vanished caravans. We may find signs of which goblin tribes are raiding so heavily or find signs of something else's involvement. Anyone know what other people live in the mountains near that road?

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

Bluff (Sense Motive) 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (1) - 2 = -1
Knowledge (Warfare) 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Uh oh, da Major didn't like my song. Bronn meekly follows the others outside, once there he stops and asks, "How did the north wind kill a blackbird? Why is that bad? How come the wood elves don't want us to kill the goblins?" He looks thoroughly confused. "What you want me to do Lt?" He asks looking to Kelgan for direction.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"One more thing, there's already an agent in the field on this. He's been conscripted and will be joining the military at the rank of Sargent but he's a bit of an oddball. Has good intel though, he'll meet you on the road when you get there." The Major then firmly closes the door, leaving the group to it's own devices.

Anyone can feel free to make a Streetwise check to get a favor out of someone near the mountains.

Male Human Barbarian 1

Streetwise1d20 - 2 ⇒ (4) - 2 = 2

Algar follows others but keeps silent when the dwarf gives orders. First time he is so close with other people... Why they are not afraid of me... well, the mountain little bit more stupid but good. Smell too much? as he takes a sniff again but I took bath just couple weeks ago... maybe the look, that must be it. No one ever approaches Algar because how scary he is hehehehe

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1
Ryuko wrote:

"One more thing, there's already an agent in the field on this. He's been conscripted and will be joining the military at the rank of Sargent but he's a bit of an oddball. Has good intel though, he'll meet you on the road when you get there." The Major then firmly closes the door, leaving the group to it's own devices.

Anyone can feel free to make a Streetwise check to get a favor out of someone near the mountains.

Well that was vague enough. Sounds like we should head out soon then, no? Its not too late in the day. I don't think this place is that far away.


Survival check to see how long it'll take to get there? 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19
Streetwise check to see who in the mountain area that Min may know could give them more information about the carvans, the locations the caravans were raided, the locations of the disappeared caravans, etc.
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Male Hill Dwarf Fighter 5

Observes the Major.

Bluff(Sense Motive) 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (4) - 1 = 3

Knowledge(Lore) 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

"Acknowledged. We'll not cause an incident like that. The last fellow will have to meet up with us on the road." Kelgan salutes and departs.

"OK, I want to leave at first light tomorrow. Everyone get your things together and meet at the gate in the morning. We've got a few days of walking so pack light and bring plenty of water. I'll see you all then.

Min, its always good to have someone else with those talents. You have your herb lore? Stitching? Bone setting? Looks like we're on our own for this one. That means we'll have to forget the wagon and hoof it.

I don't care to stir up that hornets nest, Algar . Wouldn't want to piss off the wood elf tribes. We will try talking first, just keep your axes ready. Would be rotten luck for us to go try and stop the attacks and get ambushed and killed ourselves.

Let me know if you need some help packing your things, Bronn. I've also got some extra food and water; if you can carry them for the team that would be great. As strong as you look, you can help us set up shelter once we arrive. Something more substantial than a tent.

There's a limit to what we can carry, so we need to forage once we are in the area near the attacks. With your woodcraft, Valan, I will be looking to you to lead those efforts. Can you also tell me a bit more about the magic at your command?"

Kelgan will pack his belongings, taking everything he owns in this world and stuffing it in a beaten red-brown rucksack. He cleans and oils his armor, and applies another coat of sealant to the elaborately carved shield. Once packed he will carefully study the map of the area,trying to commit it to memory. He turns in early, ready to rise at dawn.

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

"No need LT, I can pack my own things." He says proudly. "I will carry whatever I can for you LT, no problem. See you in the morning everybody!" he says before snapping off a salute in the manner of an enthusiastic child and strutting off to get everything in order and tell his adoptive father about his cool new assignment. He will be ready in the yard an hour before dawn the next day, fully armored and geared up.

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

An old soldier friend taught me the basics, is all, Lieutenant. I'll see you at dawn.

Min spends the rest of the day alternating between arguing, berating, and flirting with the quartermaster to get extra supplies for this "special operation." She leaves and comes back several times to attempt new strategies, most bound to fail. At the end of the day, she'll turn in early and have one of the other privates wake her when Kelgan does so that she can rush out and get there at the same time or just before he does.


Diplomacy with quartermaster for extra supplies. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

In the morning, she'll be sitting just outside the entrance to the keep, organizing her bolts and settling the bags on her donkey.
All ready, boys? Finally something exciting around here! Am I right? Hm? If we keep our heads about this is bound to turn out okay. I mean, come on, its just a bunch of smelly gobbies, right? And if my suspicions are correct and its someone else...well, that's fine too! She grins her trademark predatory smirk and heads off at a steady pace.

male Human Druid 1

Valan turns to the dwarf again and speaks to him calmly:
"I can offer basic healing magic and some little tricks with plants and animals. I'm an initiate druid so you can't count on much - though the little i can contribute, i will. I can at least cover our need for water with some conjuration though, less stuff to carry around."

Then he waves goodbye to the group and swiftly vanishes in the door.

He picks up his dog, petting him on the head for dutifuly staying in the place he left him. Then he walks slowly towards the forest's edge, looks for some fresh mushrooms and berries for dinner, ignoring the mouse Godris tries to share with his master.
During the evening he also looks closely at the sky to figure out what weather to expect for tommorow.
He goes to bed early, laying to rest under the same tree he was eating lunch under, using his dog as a nice fluffy pillow.
Survival Checks:

Survival: Looking for food DC 10 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15
Survival: Predict Weather DC 15 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Waking with the rooster, he gets to the meetingplace way to early, using the free time to play and train with his dog in the surrounding area. When the others arrive, he greets them cheerfully, and shares his pretty accurate weather prediction with Lt. Cragbelly. whatever that may be.

Spells prepared:
0: Create Water, Detect Magic, Light
1: Calm Animals (just in case), Ray of Sickening

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The day is a good one for travel, lacking the fierce heat of the previous day while still being almost uncomfortably warm. Min is still annoyed at being turned down by the Quartermaster, though he seemed a pushover, it seemed he wasn't ready to let go of anything without a requisitions chit. The road curls ahead of you and each of you feels that 'first steps of a journey' feeling. You should reach the area within two days of travel.

About three hours after midsun, the group comes upon a wagon train travelling to the north, a group of garishly painted and quite loud wagons currently waiting on the side of the road.

Male Human Barbarian 1

Algar spent his evening sharpening both of his axes. Grinding with wet stones and practicing slashing until he is happy with the result. Reaching for his stock he grabs some materials for nights outside camping but is ready with minimal amount of equipments.

Appearing in the morning in front of others wearing full fur clothing of wolves with bigger axe on his back and smaller ones hanging next to his hips.

male Human Druid 1

The journey is quite enjoyable for Valan, with Gordis walking alongside him. He provides water along the way to whoever is thirsty with some swift conjurations - something he has to do quite frequently thanks to the heat.
When the group reaches the wagon train, he propably notices it pretty late since he is amused about his dog's pittyful failure of hunting a rabbit that foolishly crossed their way.

Valsan's Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4,
dog's perception:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9 - nice 1 doggy

When someone finaly points towards it, Valan speaks up:
"Well seems we found us a wagon that hasn't vanished yet. Let's see if we find goblins inside."

After a few seconds he faces Algar and adds in a stern voice:
"But don't poke anybody with your axe unless the dwarf says so!"

He assumes a battle-ready stance, but stays back a few feet behind the melee fighters - leaving the front to those with pointy sticks - and calls his dog to stay near him.

In case it is needed:
Initiative 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12; Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20; Dog's Initiative 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4;
Dog's Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

Tsk, Valan! Can't you see that they're just travelers? Listen to that noise! Min claps her hands together and looks around happily. We have to travel with them. Who knows, we may get lucky and come across clues to what we're looking for.

With that, she rushes off toward the caravan, dragging her reluctant donkey after her.


Perception for anything out of the ordinary. 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

If everything seems safe, she'll continue toward the caravan and start hollering. Greetings! What are you waiting at the side of the road for? There are plenty hours yet for travel!

male Human Druid 1

"Better safe than sorry Min!" Valan mutters into his beard, keeping his battle-ready pose.

He keeps his staff slightly rised and doesn't quite trust those "travelers" yet - till they are proven to be really travellers that is.

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

Time: Before we set out, an hour before dawn

When Bronn arrives at the meeting place to find Valan and Gordis already there, he is overjoyed to see the dog. He will spend the time waiting for the others petting him and playing fetch if Valan doesn't object.

Time: During journey

Bronn often sings silly little songs as they journey. Most involve animals and don't last more than one or two lines before trailing off into humming. Once they reach the wagons he will grin at the bright colors.
Was loud an adjective to describe the colors, or are they making noise? If so, what kind of noise?
He will draw his axe, and following Min say, "Heeelllloooooooooo there! Are you okay?"

Male Human Barbarian 1

As they travel Algar listens to Bronn singing and travels next to Cragbelly. Upon coming to wagons and hearing Valan´s words directed at him Algar sighs HUoh... silly man. Algar won´t kill. Algar asks and kills then... if they are rude or attacks me first. You reap what you sow we say while he picks up his hand axes and keeps circling them in the air.

Male Hill Dwarf Fighter 5

Kelgan watches Min and Bronn advance on the caravan. Interested to see how they will deal with them, he stays back and observes. He makes eye contact with ax-twirling Algar and loosens the strap on his rucksack, letting it slip to the ground.

Alert for danger: Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

When nothing obviously threatening appears, he gets out his knife and begins to carve a pattern from one of the wagons on the edge of his shield.

Female Hagspawn (High Elf, Night hag) Ranger 1

Min pauses in her steps and turns around, looking at her companions with both eyebrows raised. What are you guys doing? You look like bandits! A huge eight foot tall giant with an axe as large as a normal man and you! She points at Algar. Do you really think a fur-covered, ax-twirling man who hasn't showered in at least a week gives the image of someone who wants to talk?

Min throws her hands up in the air and then places them on her hips, turned so she can still keep an eye on the caravan.

Sergeant, HP 15 | AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 18 | F +5 | R +4 | W +0 | IN +2 | Init +2 | Per +6

Bronn shifts to holding his axe one handed behind his back, in a pitiful attempt to hide it. He smiles broadly and asks, "Is this better Min?"

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

As you approach the wagon the songs and merriment stop and coming around the corner there is a group of roughly a dozen men and women of different races and cultures in performers outfits, standing with weapons drawn in a circle around a trio of children. "Greetings to youselves, my fine fellow travellers." A quite dark skinned man holding a short blade and dressed in a bright red vest, black pants and a blue top hat from which his white hair hangs in curls. "We have stopped to break our fast, and who are you that you approach our homes weapons drawn?" He asks politely.

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