Paizo PFS PbP S05-01 The Glass River Rescue (Subtier 1-2) (Inactive)

Game Master Beckett

30Aug2013 -

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Map Key:
E1 The Grey Revelation Inn's Front Gate
E2 The Courtyard
E3 Common Room
E4 Kitchen
E5 Guest Den
E6 Single Guest Rooms (Locked)
E7 Fine Guest Rooms (Locked)
E8 Inn Keeper's Rooms (Locked)
E9 Lavish Guest Room (Locked)
E10 Baths (Open)
E11 Stable Workroom
E12 Individual Stables (only C, D, E, and I have horses)
E13 Back Gate

A few things that may enhance the Scenario, specifically taken from the perspective of common knowledge about these groups/places/events. They are NOT 100 accurate, (which would involve knowledge checks in game later on), but rather what the common man "knows".

The Church of Razmiran:
Roughly 5 decades ago, a risen god named Razmiran appeared, claiming to have passed the Test of the Starstone and ascended to a true level of divinity. One that all of the other false gods have simply lied about, tricking the world into worshipping them for their own needs. At the time, the nation that would become the nation of Razmiran was in a devastating social and financial crisis, and very near destroying itself, but the "[v]living god[/I]" and his growing followers unified the land, and grew quickly from a small localized cult to a continent-wide, (although still fairly minor) church following. Not much is known about the actual faith outside of the rumors that the faith of Razmiran utilizes a sort of pyramid style process for progression. As one grows more strong in the faith, "the living god" shares more and more of his mysteries, elevating the individual to a higher rank, or "Step" within the organization. The faithful of Razmiran, extremely charismatic priests claim that all of the other gods are false, lying and deceiving humanity for their own ill purposes, and claim to hold the true power of miracles. Commoners generally view them as a little odd, but generally well meaning and friendly individuals who DO bring good fortune and prosperity with them.

Events in the world:
Not so long ago, the world changed. No one really knows what happened, the full extend, how, or why, but the entire Wardstone barrier, the nearly godlike artifacts that blocked off the corruption that had seeped into the world, the bleeding heart of the Abyss itself called the Worldwound. Entire cities in the crusader nation of Mendev have fallen, with countless dead. Hordes of demons are loosed upon the world, now free. Many of the nations of the world have begun to rally their forces, aimed to serve as reinforcements for the Crusade, lest the Worldwound spread even further, (and certainly for their own ulterior motives as well). This leaves the Pathfinder Society very much caught between a stone and a hard place, and they have officially and very effectively ousted themselves from he good graces of the faithful of Iomedae world wide, who also happen to be the largest overall faction within Mendev. (See Artifacts and Legends, the Thorncrown of Iomedae) Normally, the society would simply continue with their goals, as they always have, however, more recently they have discovered some lost secrets within the area, and also have growing interests that now need defending. The Society now has a very, very thin line to walk in the area, one that has never been particularly friendly towards the Society to begin with. For the most part, this is not so important to this scenario, as much as to give an idea canon-wise what is happeing in the world. This one does not involve Mendev or the Worldwound directly, but does involve some of the new discoveries and other new interests in those areas, indirectly.

Faction Goals Season 5:
These can be found on page 18 of the newest PFS Guide. I'll see if I can dig up the emails which went into a bit more detail and flavor.
Andoran: Root out corruption in Andoran and better understand others’ paths to liberty.

Cheliax: Secure important artifacts and sources of power to establish order in the Inner Sea region and strengthen the faction’s power base.

Grand Lodge: Ensure the success of the Pathfinder Society’s expedition to the Sky Citadel of Jormurdun.

Osirion: Contact the Jeweled Sages, explore their history, and extend the faction’s protection of history beyond Osirion’s borders.

Qadira: Establish a long-term trade deal with one of several possible trading partners.

Sczarni: Extend the Sczarni faction’s reach into central Avistan, and neutralize the faction’s rivals.

Silver Crusade: Aid the nation of Mendev in its crusade against the Worldwound.

Taldor: Assist Lady Gloriana Morilla in gathering forces to march to Mendev.

[dice=Daveak]1d20+4[/dice ]
[dice=Grundle]1d20+3[/dice ]
[dice=Jacen]1d20+1[/dice ]
[dice=Merisiel]1d20+6[/dice ]
[dice=Raul]1d20+2[/dice ]