Paizo PFS PbP S05-01 The Glass River Rescue (Subtier 1-2) (Inactive)

Game Master Beckett

30Aug2013 -

NPC Gallery PICS

Map Key:
E1 The Grey Revelation Inn's Front Gate
E2 The Courtyard
E3 Common Room
E4 Kitchen
E5 Guest Den
E6 Single Guest Rooms (Locked)
E7 Fine Guest Rooms (Locked)
E8 Inn Keeper's Rooms (Locked)
E9 Lavish Guest Room (Locked)
E10 Baths (Open)
E11 Stable Workroom
E12 Individual Stables (only C, D, E, and I have horses)
E13 Back Gate

The Game Master has not yet connected the recruitment thread for this campaign.