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Aid Tokens:

Aid Tokens
Once per encounter, any character at a table can use an Aid Token to assist the group in one of five ways described below. Once a table uses an Aid Token, the token grants no further benefit until the end of the encounter, at which point one of the players can pass the Aid Token to a neighboring table for them to use. It is very important that the players remember that there are a limited number of Aid Tokens, and hoarding one means that somebody else doesn’t get to use it. An Aid Token’s benefits can take one of the following five forms.

Aid Another: Ralph gives advice via a sending spell to help you solve a puzzle, disable a trap, or accomplish some other task as if performing the aid another action for a PC. The bonus for this aid is +3.
Allied Offensive: Ralph happens to be in a battle nearby and spares a moment to direct a long-range magical attack on a creature at the same time as the PC, increasing the damage dealt by one attack by 2d8 points. In addition, after the attack, the target is momentarily disoriented and anyone attacking the target is considered to be flanking it until the beginning of the attacker’s next turn.
Burst of Healing: Ralph asks a nearby cleric to send a burst of positive energy through the token. This heals all of the PCs of 3d6 points of damage. Alternatively, Ralph can send one of these spells thorugh the token to one of you: neutralize poison, remove curse, or remove disease with a caster level of 6.
Spellcasting Synergy: Ralph sends a surge of magical energy through the token as you cast a spell increasing the save DC and caster level of the PC’s spell by 1.
Timely Inspiration: Ralph broadcasts the effects of a bard’s inspire courage bardic performance for 3 rounds. The competence bonus is +2.

Table successes: 22
The beast rider
Research Encounter: The sacred pools
The Serpentfolk guards
The Scales of Ydersius
Research Encounter: Festival Preparations
Temple attendants
Research Encounter: Words of a Dead God
Beasts of a Civilised Age
Scions of the Serpent God
Research Encounter: An Azlanti Perspective (double success)
Guardian Idols
Finding the Vault
Fate's Anchor: Gad Gemple
Fate's Anchor: Binui Skostravalus
Fate's Anchor: Romnus Vagarti
Fate's Anchor: Alrule Shahan
The Many Arodeths x 4
The Operations Center

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