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Research rules:

In the research rules, every library has two primary statistics: a Complexity rating, which reflects the intricacy or confusing nature of the library’s contents, and knowledge points (abbreviated kp), which are an abstract representation of the sum of the library’s collected information.

To research a specific topic or question within a library, a character must succeed at a Research check using one of the skills listed in the library’s stat block. A Research check is akin to a Knowledge check, though each library stat block lists the specific skills that can be used for Research checks based on the nature of that library’s collections. A library’s Complexity rating serves as the DC for Research checks that attempt to unravel that library’s clues. Some libraries grant a bonus on the Research check due to their quality or thoroughness of subject matter.

Attempting a Research check requires an uninterrupted 8-hour period of research, and a character cannot take 10 or 20 on a Research check. Each 8-hour period of research grants a cumulative +1 bonus on Research checks. If a researcher stops researching at the same library for a month or more, she loses any cumulative bonuses gained for that library thus far. Up to two additional characters can use the aid another action
to assist a primary researcher.

Succeeding at a Research check reduces a library’s knowledge points, similar to the way dealing damage reduces a creature’s hit points. As a library’s knowledge points decrease, it reveals its secrets. Characters learn information when a library’s knowledge points reach various thresholds, as detailed in each library’s stat block. The amount of knowledge points reduced on a successful Research check depends on the primary researcher’s training in the skill she used for the Research check and the type of library. A primary researcher reduces a library’s kp by 1d12 + her Intelligence modifier if she has 10 ranks in the skill used for the Research check, Skill Focus in the skill, or both 5 ranks in the skill and the skill as a class skill. She reduces a library’s kp by 1d8 + her Intelligence modifier if she has 5 ranks in the skill or the skill is a class skill for her (she gains no additional benefit if both conditions apply). Otherwise, she reduces a library’s kp by 1d4 + her Intelligence modifier.

In addition to these base amounts, for every 5 by which a Research check exceeds the library’s Complexity rating, the library’s knowledge points are reduced by 1 additional point. Rolling a natural 20 on a Research check acts like a critical threat. If the researcher confirms the critical hit by succeeding at a second Research check with all the same modifiers (this takes no additional time), the resulting knowledge point reduction is doubled. Conversely, rolling a natural 1 on a Research check automatically results in failure, and the library’s knowledge points increase by 1/4 of the library’s maximum knowledge points as the library’s complexity causes a researcher to follow a wrong avenue of investigation.

When a library’s knowledge points are reduced to 0, the characters have learned everything they can from that library and gain experience points according to the library’s CR. To learn additional information, they must visit another library and continue their research there.

Dreamlands excursion ritual:

School conjuration (creation); Level 5
Casting Time 50 minutes
Components V, S, F (a miniature staircase made of polished horn and ivory worth 25,000 gp), SC (at least 2 and up to 8)
Skill Checks Knowledge (arcana) DC 25, 2 successes; Knowledge (planes) DC 25, 3 successes
Range touch
Duration instantaneous; see text
Saving Throw none; SR no
Backlash All casters take 2d6 points of damage.
Failure An creature escapes the Dreamlands, and will almost certainly attack.
This ritual must be cast at night on the Material Plane. The casters begin chanting the incantation while they pass around the miniature staircase, feeling each of its 70 steps. With each passing, the staircase appears a bit heavier and a bit larger. The primary caster drops the miniature staircase on the ground as the incantation is completed.
Success opens a portal where the staircase lands, revealing steps leading downward from wherever the ritual was performed (even if performed upon a rooftop or the deck of a ship). The casters can step forward to descend this staircase together; doing so puts the Material Plane bodies of the casters to sleep and thrusts their psyches into the Dreamlands. Before the completion of the ritual, the primary caster can utter a specific string of words that allows the portal to open in a specific area of the Dreamlands. Otherwise, the portal opens at the Forsaken Caravanserai. In the Dreamlands, the casters manifest lucid bodies identical to their Material Plane bodies, but take the ritual’s backlash damage.

Any caster wishing to wake from the Dreamlands and return to her body on the Material Plane must succeed at a DC 25 concentration check to do so. This is a full-round action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. The DC of this check is reduced by 1 for every 2d6 points of damage the traveler willingly takes to her physical body as part of the full-round action (this damage can’t be reduced in any way). If successful, the caster awakens. The caster can try again if she fails her concentration check. A caster can use her character level + her Charisma modifier as her bonus on the concentration check if she isn’t a spellcaster or if that value is higher than her usual concentration bonus.

Belzoni: Lucky / HeWhoStartedInTheCellWithTheStartingCornerToo
Heinrich: Confused / Confusecious
Kyffin: Walter /
Tenebrynn: Gnome / the gnome who slew the doppleganger outside the cell with the starting corner / Halfsies
Tristain: Pudge / the man from the cell with the starting corner.

The survivors:

Winter Klaczka, a priestess of Pharasma who leads the group of survivors.
Airwynn Savoia (female human Kellid), was seen lying on a pallet with has her ribs wrapped in bandages, and one of her arms immobilized.
Baisily Harbour (female human Varisian), was helping cook.
Bates Yopchick (young male human Varisian), was the boy with many bite marks, who Confuscius was able to partially heal.
Brenton Lieklan (young male human Varisian), the boy clinging to a lantern, who's brother is missing.
DaNae Foulkes (female human Varisian chapel guard), an older woman who was cooking.
Denman Winoparess (male human Varisian), the twitchy many who was cooking.
Loic Ulsohnen (male human Varisian), a middle-aged man who was agitated and whom you tried unsuccessfully to calm down.
Maeve Kostenbau (young female human Kellid), the girl who was being distracted by the bookishly handsome young man.
Mura Yopchick (female human Varisian), the scowling woman who was sitting near the injured woman and boy.
Naysa Walika (NG female human Varisian), the full-figured beauty who was trying to calm Loic.
Tolman Leolies (male human Garundi) the bookishly handsome young man who was trying to distract the young girl.
Vaustin York (male human Varisian), the head of the guard.
Albert Hazred (male human Varisian?), an older guard who Winter says has proven himself a steady arm.

PC descriptions:

Belzoni is a mountain of a man at 6'7" and 265 lbs. His olive complexion, brown eyes, and black hair is offset by the flecks of gray starting to appear in his beard.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 126 lbs
Hair: Receding, brown
Eyes: Dishwater Gray

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 241lbs
Hair: usually cropped short, black, and usually under a white scarf
Eyes: black

General Appearance when equipped
Kyffin Rhees, a half orc, dresses in typical Qadiran garb, layering tunics, robes, scarves, and other wraps of fine linen and silk in blue and white, red and gold. He’s brightly colored, much like a peacock, and he knows it - even revels in it. Some light leathers underneath and an array of weapons at his sides (scimitar, morning star, dagger, crossbow) show him to be a military man however.

Height: 3' 1"
Weight: 32 lbs
Hair: gray, wisps of red throughout (back to a vibrant, tulip-red w/ a singular stipe of bleach-white when the game begins)
Eyes: gray (as with her hair, restored to a shining carnelian)
Skintone: ashen white (dusky pink now rather than the alabaster hue from when she was bleached)
Next of kin: none
Contact: none
Home: unknown/not given
Behavioral notes: subject's companions state subject has gradually become chronically lethargic and laconic, is now refusing food and drink
Diagnosis: Bleaching
Treatment: [[[illegible]]]

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 162 lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Complexion: Sallow