Echoes of the Sephira

Game Master Red Velvet Tiger

Epic heroes chosen by fate stumble across an ancient secret and unknowingly become gods. Their actions will determine the destiny of the multiverse itself.

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Planes of Existence:

The Material Plane- The mortal realm.
The Plane of Air- Plane of elemental air.
The Plane of Earth- Plane of elemental earth.
The Plane of Fire- Plane of elemental fire.
The Plane of Water- Plane of elemental water.
Faraenyl: the Feylands- The ever-changing homeland of the Fey.
The Loom of Fate- The plane where the fates of all beings, mortal and immortal, are woven.
The Far Beyond- The edge of the multiverse where the forces of Law and Chaos wage their war on a level at once physical and metaphysical. In this place, reality and sanity begin to break down and the basic building blocks exist without reality's impositions.
The Seven Heavens- The ultimate plane of good. The sacred mountain serves as the home to all creatures of good, regardless of their allegiance to Law or Chaos which is irrelevant to the highest powers of the plane.
The Eleven Hells- The ultimate plane of evil. The unholy pit serves as the home to all creatures of evil, bound together by their own wickedness into a cagey cohesion.
The Shadow Realm- The dark realm that exists between the mortal world and the Feylands. This world is an afterlife, of sorts for things that never lived; memories, regrets, or dreams never realized all collect here, ambrosia to the Shadow Fey who plot and scheme against the realm's other inhabitants, which include the Kytons and Moon Daemons.
The Underworld- The bleak realm of the dead where all souls linger until claimed by the agents of good or evil, law or chaos. The inscrutable Psychopomps rule this land as dispassionate as the grave itself.
The Casino- A small demiplane situated between Law and Chaos. Ruled by an incomprehensible being known as Fortune's Fool, despite being ostensibly being ruled fairly by the Dual Emperors, The Casino is a place where fortunes may be made. Sums of money that could bankrupt kingdoms are won and lost here every day and sometimes stranger things are betted at the tables: souls, divine power, memories, a person's own mortality, a person's potential, or any number of things.
The Evermaw- A demiplane next to the Eleven Hells from whence the corpse god of famine rules. Undead live side-by-side with the living, along with fiends who were cast from the Hells. The bleak city of Vultures Beyond rests at the center of a desert formed from dried blood.
The Marketplace- A demiplane of commerce created by the Mercane and the Numistians. In this realm, nearly any commodity in the universe can be had... if you're willing to pay the price, which is not always in coins.
The Plane of Spears- The realm of war where all are welcome to participate in glorious battle. Not all battles are physical, a danger few realize before coming to the plane.
Rusty Gears- The strange clockwork realm of Law, named for the cogs that ever turn. Despite the plane's name, many of the cogs are in good repair, as only those closest to the realm of Chaos show signs of corrosion. The plane's Inevitable guardians ensure that no one enters Fate's Thread, a portal to the Loom of Fate.
The Plane of Radiance- Also known as the Tree of Life, this tenfold realm's radiant roots run through all of creation, the wellspring of life itself in which new souls are born. Each of the ten Sephira are home to wondrous creatures and awe-inspiring landscapes, both as deadly as they are beautiful. These realms test the ten virtues of creation within the bodies, hearts, and souls of travelers.
Avidarel- A dead plane that was once the sun god of the same name. Forgotten by it's worshippers, it died, taking millions of souls with it. All that remains of the sun and the adjacent planet's former inhabitants are undead shades that hate both light and life. But memories of light and hope both stir within the dead star, ready to be rekindled.
Carrigmoor- A technologically advanced pocket plane within the Material Plane formed by powerful machinesmiths to preserve the last remnants of their culture in a world they destroyed. The culture still lives beneath a jeweled dome on an asteroid that circles the shattered planet it was once a part of.
Curnorost- A soul-crushingly melancholy plane where the souls of angels who die permanent deaths go. The plane was birthed by the first and only war in the Seven Heavens.
The Crystal Roads of Deleur- An entire plane of fabulous crystal nations suspended in a swirling, cloudy void. This is the true home of the Xorn, who take a very dim view of miners.
Dendri- A mist-shrouded realm connected to the rest of the multiverse by only a few portals, Dendri is a world where insectile humanoids, such as the ant-like Formians, the Aranea and the bee-like Thriae hold sway.
The Mountains of the Five Winds- A demiplane near the far beyond where a cloud of chaos and madness encroaches on 5 mountains upon whom cities of order were built.
The Ten Courts of Hell- Pocket dimension near Hell where souls are sorted out to be punished. Some of the unluckiest and mist wicked souls face the torments of the Yama Kings, the rulers of the pocket dimension
The Plane of Dreams- The realm where dreams and nightmares form and are given physical substance.